Chief Elder Osiris : The Divine Value Of your Spirituality

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When one speak against the Spirit you display, is it because we do not know the value of ourselves and the life we have been given to live unconditionally or is it we just do not know the Divine True Meaning of our Spirituality and what it Truly consist of?

    Most Time when we discuss Spirituality we feel a need that religion is to be its caveat, for some reason we have been conditioned so well in the theology of religion until we now, many Time without us doing so consciously, use religion as our base for whatever the topic of discussion may be, in order to secure our point we are attempting to make, so that alone taints any point we might be attempting to make about any topic we are commenting on or raising a point of position about, especially when the topic is Spirituality.

    It is our Spirituality that reveal our life status in this world and it is our spirit that indicate what our thoughts are regarding every aspect of our lives, so to speak ill of your spirituality is to speak ill of your life and it is your life you have been given the responsibility to protect and serve for your self, beloved.

    So, what is the spirit of your life Being, other than your attitudinal behavior that you display in life and those life actions are the prime principles of which you are capable of revealing the quality of mind that is guiding your life, so if your spirit is of such, that you do not respect your life to the point you have allowed somebody other that your self to chart the course for your life to live, then you are no more than a believer in the way that has been prescribed for you to live your life and that prescription carry for your life a religious base, meaning you live your life with the spirit which that religion has cultivated within your Mind and it is religion that has the so call Black Afrikan life in the condition it is in today, which is a condition not to be desired if you love your life.

    So no, we as black People will never rise expressing a spirit that is against the life process that is determined by the way you use your Mind to develop and express your Spirituality and Spirituality can be of a Divine expression or it can be of a profane expression, depend on who it is that is in control of your Mind, which will determine the quality thereof.

    So when you are functioning in your Divine mind , it is your Spirituality which a Divine Mind produce that will not allow you to become idle and complacent with your life condition when it is in a state of misery and suffering.

    Your Spirituality when it is actively Divine, is the most potent weapon you have to use in the act of expression that is qualified in securing, when you are in a confined state that cause your life misery, its freedom.

    Can you understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind to your self.

    Chief Elder