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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What is all of this religious shenanigan that is going on about God Judgment Day and the Righteous being separated from the unrighteous so that they can feel God Fury, are Black people so entangled in the doctrine of religious fantasy to the point it has become our created Reality and we crown it with Lies about God being the author of this nonsense of absent minded belief?

    Tell me is Religion as it pertain to our belief, to be out of bound to the Divine Truth and must the Divine Truth become silent in the wake of all of the religious dogma and doctrines that are constantly crucifying the Mind of Black People in this evil world, even though it is by our consent, which serve as a sign that Black People are total out of focus about whom we Black People are?

    Should the Divine Truth secure a safe haven for the Greatest Lie ever to be concocted and packaged, and successfully sold to the Black World, and the world in general, yet my concern is only with the Mind of Black People, a Mind once use to be Divine, which served as a sign of being a well protected Mind from the Slick Tongue Liars and deceivers calling themselves ministers of God, they that came and confused the Mind of Black People about God, Universe, and our Black selves and the evidence of our mental imprisonment is the Devout submission we render ourselves to the doctrine of religion, meaning our Mind to the Evil of Religion of all sorts is a Mind that has been placed in Black People by the Human Being, the creator of Religion.

    The Divine Truth need not attack nor defend its action, it is to reveal that which is injurious to the Mind of Black People and it is the Divine Truth that do not take into consideration the false barriers the Human Being has established, saying that a man Religion is personal and off limit to be questioned, when in fact a man religion affect the whole of the Black World, because it was created by the Human Being for purpose to do to the Black World as you are witnessing the Black World action and response to the Human Being Religion today and because of the yielding response of the Black World to man made religion, you now have the opportunity to witness up close and personal the result that come to the Black World by such religious submission.

    Therefore I invite you Black People, behold the state of condition of the Religious yielding Black World, now in our religious belief, having no one of any influence and power in the world that respect the present attitude and behavior of the Black religious world, and you say that the Divine Truth should walk around in the Black World as if to be deaf, Blind, and Ignorant to the Evil and horror of Religion as it crucify the Mind of Black People, preventing Black People from knowing that the Mind we now carry is not the Mind our Ancient First Way Ancestors endowed us with?

    The Divine Truth inform us that our present religious activity serve as a sign as it pertain to the role it plays in a mental stagnant Black World, as we run around implying that God is a God that Judge and Punish, when in fact it is Man in all of our different roles we have chosen to play in Life, that serve as Judge and Jury over the world Life activity, so stop lying on God, claiming that a Time is fast approaching when God is to come to Judge the Quick and the Dead, a phrase of Religion,.an institution built upon the foundation of Lies and Deception.

    The Greatest Theological Teacher happen to be the Universe, so say our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors and because we Black People have lost our Divine Mind we now can not understand the Harmonics that flow from the action of the Universe, which reveal the Divine Truth concerning God, the Universe Action, and our Life Black selves, here we are now, as we now have lost our Divine Mind and now is steeped in the Profane Mind of Lucifer the Human Being, not Knowing What God Is, nor do we have a clue about what the Soul of Man is, nor of the Spirit of Man, as such delicate attributes have been made to become lies which confuse, by the Lying Teaching of the Human Being Religion, having the originator of Time, now not knowing what Time it really Is, in this evil World, Time being a concept of the Human Being..

    We lie or either we do not know about the Soul and what it Truly is, we lie about the Spirit or either we do not know what the Spirit is, taking our hint from the Religious teaching of the Human Being, they that have told you who they really are and they confessing to be Born in Evil and shaped in deception, yet and still, because of the wretched condition the Black World is in and now has been made to live a lie believing it to be the Truth, then I must say it is no wonder the Black World act and behave as we do, as we now are guided by a Mind that is not ours.

    What is the Soul other than the Center of your Life Being, that which give you the ability to cause your body to be in motion, the Soul being the Electromagnetic waves that flows through your body constantly, being active without your Life having any control over it, as the Soul Energy feed to your mind all that you are to know and is capable of knowing, having the power to role act in your Life as the Soul become the Mind entity of your Body action being no more than an extension of the Soul action, the Mind then become in an interaction with what we refer to as the body senses and from that combination the body life develop the ability to express itself by attitudes and Behavioral activities, as such action become the revelation of the Body Spirit, thus you have the body trilogy of Life, the primary principles, they being the Soul, Mind and Spirit, encapsulated in what we refer to as the body.

    So beloved, must I tell you again that the Human Being Lie, they lie about God and they Lie about what happen to the Soul when it is no longer present in the body, with such an action indicating that the body no longer is with Life, it is the Soul that exit the Body and cause the Body to cease from being in motion and that body is now without Mind and Spirit, such is what we call death, because in actuality the Soul, Mind, and Spirit is one and the same, Energy in action, therefore there is no need to worry about the Soul, because all through Life it is never in jeopardy, because it has no need to be saved or lost and the Spirit ride the Wings of the Mind and the Mind the Soul.

    SO you see, there is no Judgment day in the sense that religion has lied to you about and there is no Hell that await your soul, the Soul is the Attribute of that we refer to as God and that God Essence is in a state of inertia, forever to be throughout all eternity, representing the Majestic of Infinity,.

    Such is the Divine Teaching of our First Way Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, so what black People need to be doing is making preparation to get out of this Hellish condition that the Human Being has tricked us into, as we wait on a God that travel not and Judge not.

    Your Life Black Woman and Man is your responsibility to preserve and protect, such is the responsibility that come with the Gift of Life, a Gift that should be respected and enjoyed without interference by those that do not respect the Black Life, it having the very attribute of the Divine essence, The Perfect Night.

    The Divine Truth must do what it does and that is reveal that which is Divinely Real and Magnify that which is a Profane Lie.

    Let Those With A Desire To Reclaim The Divine Mind, Know and Understand What Has Just Been Shared With You!!!

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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