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    The Divine Theology Of Time

    By Chief Elder Osiris


    Today the phenomena of Time has us all in an excited spirit, as we contemplate the Imaginary time, 2012, a period of Life beings cycle, which we as physical Beings have created for our life, and the Universe to be measured by Man Humanity, using the birth beginning of a false Christ to be the beginning measuring point to get to 2012, but has no Divine verification concerning its implication, as so assigned and prescribed by the Life of the Being, and not by the Divine essence,(GOD)

    I know what I am about to share with you concerning an abstract we label to be Time, and it will not be accepted by you, because what I Divinely share with you, it serve to contradict what those people you have been conditioned to hold up in high esteem, you giving to them an intelligence you have been made to believe you can not measure up to, all because we have been made to equate Intelligence with Social, Economic, political, religious status, as if Intelligence come with Status within an environment, instead of about an Environment.

    Time is not a part of an Environment, Environment is a part of Time, because Time is an abstract Cyclical Infinite Happening, a Motion without a beginning or an Ending, so whenever you attempt to assign a beginning and Ending to Time, you have invaded the Divinity of that Cyclical Motion, and to have it to be what you will measure it to be, in an environment you physically, through the Social formation, has created, and now is defining it to be, for the Life of your physical self.

    You label such a false concept of Time to be Scientifically applicable to the Life Environment you so create, and the Time you use to measure your life physical movement., such serve to be an illusion perceived concept, of what you have label to be Time.

    Time is not Universal, only motion is, and you use Time objects to measure its relationship to Motion, and you call the end result to be referred to as Time Measurement, when it is object measurement to the relationship to Motion, and you label it to be Time.

    Motion determine the events of occurrence and it has nothing to do with the objects that occupy the Space of which Motion is an intricate action of, Motion is an infinite continuum of action, objects react to Motion and not Motion to Objects.

    So, whatsoever occur in the Universe of Infinite Motion, moving in Cyclical non-linear action, having no beginning and Ending action, such has nothing to do with when a Universal phenomena is to occur, such an action happen by its own Cyclical occurrence, having no prescribed Time to occur, but will occur at its motion of cyclical action, objects being or not being a part of its action.

    2012 is a perceived concept influenced by a created point, created by Life Beings, referring to themselves as Human Beings, they being a people that displayed no Divine Humility to a people with Divine humility with a mental energy that corresponded with the Divine Infinite Energy Intelligence, that which cause all things being Universal objects, that are seen and looked at, TO BE.

    There is much Talk that 2012 and how it may represent or could represent a period upon this planet to be a Time of destruction, of great magnitude, or it could represent a elevation of Conscious and we just assume that the elevation of conscious, would represent a Divine Elevation, well I am here to share with you the out of box Divine Perceived Conception of such a period, and a quality of action that could be the representative of such a Time that is referencing a condition of the Earthly environment.

    2012 could Divinely represent an elevation of profane consciousness display, because you must be qualified to Divinely see, the environment does in fact play a role in shaping your Cellular DNA structure, which play a role in determining the quality of phenotype of a Spiritual expression that you will reveal by your Body life action, and it is the body that is guided by the Mind, that which is shaped by your epigenetic body component, as well as by the environment you create for your body life, and by UN-Natural chemicals you insert into your DNA cellular structure.

    The World today is more profanely Evil that ever before, so 2012 could well represent a civilization well on the way of self destruction.

    So, by me being qualified to Divinely perceive conceptually out side of the Human Being box, what I see is an increase of life destruction to be caused by the Human Being created Environment, which we inherit without opposition, and it is all because we have lost all Divine Knowledge about the Universe, physical and nonphysical, and about the divine essence and Self.

    So, the question is, will there be a universal motion of destruction to visit our Solar System, well that is not being revealed to me to be the case, but acts of self destruction is, and will continue to be on the rise among the body lives of the Beings now referring to ourselves as Human Beings, we who will serve as our own self destruction.

    So, is all lost for the Life of body Beings claiming to be of higher intelligence over all other Beings of a different phenotype, no it is not, that is, if those people who were once Divine Beings would reclaim their Divine mind, and yes, there is a valid reference to the power of Mind, from which is displayed a verification of what is referred to as conscious.

    Conscious meaning thoughtful awareness or Believing informed, and the different quality of conscious of Mind will be the Spirit that which will determine the Body Life fate of the Beings upon this Planet, which we refer to as Earth.

    Our Earth it is, that is a part of a Solar System That is a Member of the physical Universe, which is fed its Energy by the Neutrinos of the Infinite Divine Dark Motion of Space, The Universal Darkness that has no Beginning nor an Ending, the Dwelling Reality of the Divine Energy Intelligence, Divine it all Be, which is without a Beginning or an Ending.

    Yet you Black People remain not to be Qualified to see The Need Of you To Engage With Each Other at a Divine Spiritual Retreat, which has nothing to do with me, but all to do with each of you and the preservation of this planet world, but you see, Black people have been made to believe so low about ourselves, so we no longer place a Divine value upon ourselves.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    hey hey hey Chief

    we Spirit Beings have a whole different vision

    ur time is up in 2012

    like I said it's a leap year and frogs can leap (not callin u a frog speaking hypothetically)

    but they have no where to go