Chief Elder Osiris : The Divine Law And Holy Scripture Of Nature

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Look my beloved, look at the amazement of the world and how we react toward
    things that are beyond our control and comprehension and need I say, I am
    speaking about the incredible massive tsunami that recently happen in Asia.

    I am being moved to speak on this matter from a knowledge of Truth and not
    make believe and what I am about to say in this regard may not set to well
    with some of you, but then that will not be anything new will it?

    The Ancestors are disturbed within our soul over the lies we are using in
    order to advance the lies that are told about God, in matters that soar
    beyond the understanding of the believer, whose roots are based in Religion.

    When studying God, Universe and Being, I use only the Scripture that I know
    that is originated in Truth and that is the Scripture of Nature, for such
    action does not Lie and it has no respect of person to please or adhere to.

    What we are experiencing in the way of this tsunami is an act of Nature and
    not God, because God does not interfere with the action of its creation and
    each entity of that creation move by the laws that govern the Universe,
    taking not in account of its action just obeying the laws that cause the

    The Rule Of Law of the Universe teach us by the action there from, that
    there is not one thing that happen that is New Under The Stars. ( Sun )

    Therefore based on that reality, if the Scriptures of Nature ( action of
    Nature )is fully understood, then we will be able to predict nature action
    of events.

    This tsunami happen based on certain laws that govern the four elements of
    the Universe and when there is a need for those elements to adjust itself,
    such become the possibility or shall I say the probability that things of a
    dynamic action will happen.

    The Universe is as a giant camera projector and within the confine of the
    universe it is divided into frames, some refer to each frame as dispensation
    of Time and within each dispensation of Time there are events that take
    place and as the Universe move in its cyclical motion, those events become
    repeatable, as they become the capture events of happening, which then make
    it to become predictable to that dispensation of Time that those events
    occurred in.

    Thus come the saying, what goes around come around and just as it was in the
    beginning so shall it be again, so what we saw happen and is happening
    beloved, such events have happen before, within the frame of this
    dispensation of Time we now are experiencing.

    So, what we need to do Black Afrikan is to take note of the information
    pertaining to the universe and nature action which our Ancient Ancestors did
    leave us but it is now so perverted and misinterpreted by those who have
    come to power in this world for a moment, until the only way we may be able
    to accurately read the Scripture of Nature is to become able to listen to
    the instruction that come from our Ancient Ancestors within the Soul Gene of
    our inner-self, you know the self the Ancestors refer to as the body-double?

    Within the Universe, for every action there is bound to be a reaction, the
    Karma of the Universe, and God is not interfering with that process, its as
    if the Universe, Nature and Beings, we all have choices and separate path we
    each travel along its own sphere and the rule of the universal law say
    maintain each separate, the course that has been so prescribe for us to
    travel, as we interact with each other without violating each other space.

    So, when one element sneeze in order to adjust itself and it is intimate
    with another element that is different in its action, we are bound to get a
    strong reaction, thus causing a devastating after affect and this has
    nothing to do with God controlling intervention or serving as a sign of
    somebody religious, soon coming out of the sky.

    There is so much more to this but I am being moved to stop now.

    Only those of you who are of a higher Soul ascension is able to see the true
    message embodied in this message!!!

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation.



    Chief Elder

    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist