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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris:

When we do not Know, then we set up ourselves to Believe anything that we want to believe about all and everything.

A Thinking Mind will not be confused about GOD and will Know Exactly WHAT GOD IS and I am here to share with you that Our Ancient First Way Ancestors GOD is not what we now base all of our Belief in, it be the Human Being God and and " HE " being the God of Punishment, the God that Punish, Lie, and Deceive Black People, the God that has declared all that He has created, is of Sin and shaped in iniquity, meaning prone to Lie and Deceive, Command, and Demand, giving the expectation, if disobedient to " His " Rule Of Law, we can expect harsh punishment to come to a special and odd class of Beings in this Evil World, and I ask, who is asking the question, does God Punish or is God Punishing Black so call Afrikan Human Beings ? and the answer is, observe the present state of the Black World.

Beloved, we Black people have been made to abandon the God of our Ancient First Way Ancestors, the God of Eternal Infinity, in exchange for the God of those that has a History of oppressing, Lying, and Deceiving the Black World, and they continue to do so, and the evidence that we not yet Know whom we Black People are, is the fact we now ask questions about a God that does not apply to the GOD of our Ancient First Way Divine Ancestors, because That GOD Punish Not!!!

IT IS Not A GOD OF Emotional Attachment To That IT HAS Productively REVEALED, that is of and in the UNIVERSE.

Beloved, where there is Punishment, a Lack of Blessing, you will find that such Life Harshness come from us having a Lack of Knowledge of WHAT GOD IS and without such Knowledge it prevent us from Knowing Whom We Black People Are, and with such a lack of Divine Knowledge, it now have a once Divine Black Being Compitulating to a Religious Doctrine that now have us questioning God Behavior toward Black People.

Beloved, all such Mental action take place only on the Human Being Level, a Being we now have adopted to be, Human and Flawed, so yes, dealing with the God we now Embrace, "HE " does and is Punishing our Black Behind and not only that, the Present God we have adopted has also told you that there is nothing we Black People can do to gain " HIS " Respect, so what we do? all full of our Human Being Religious Doctrine ? we now ask questions about that Human Being GOD behavior toward Black People because in our Human Being Mind we are prohibited to Think about the GOD Of Our Ancient First Way Ancestors, The GOD That Punish Not nor Command or Demand Nothing from that which IT Has Productively Revealed To You and We Black People being Evidence of that Process of Divine Revelation.

Let Those Of You Who Are Of A Divine Thinking Mind, Know And Understand That Which I have Just Shared With You About The GOD of Our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, the only gods that communicate with you and the only gods whose Life out of which you Black People come, serving as evidence that the gods, our Ancient First Way Divine Black Ancestors were and is Divinely Real, they that verify the Divine Truth and Realness of The GOD that Be The Essence Of All and Everything That Is and Always Has Been, yet Bless, Forgive, influence, nor Punish You Not.

Beloved, when we do not know what God Is, then we will Live our Life Based upon what somebody other than yourselves have told us about GOD, Universe, and our Black Selves, meaning that all that we Want and Believe that we know is prefaced on and by what we have been indoctrinated to Religiously Believe about our Life and the Universe, and this Human Being World Dynamics.

Beloved, with the Mind we now use, it prevent us from getting Divinely in communication with our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, your Parents which you have been made to long forget about, and because of that fact, here you are asking questions about a God that most certainly show disfavor toward our Black Behind and I ask of you, do you "Want" Proof Of What I say Here Is True Divinely So ? then I Beseech You To Observe The Mentality Of The Black World Today, About GOD, Which Translate To The Evidence Being The Present Life Condition Of The Black World Today, A World That Once Symbolized The Divinity Of The Universe And The Glowing Energy Disk Of This Solar System.

So I ask, where are those people that did in fact come forth out of the Divine Loin of those Divine Beings, they that first appeared upon this Ball Of Elements, which the Human Being Refer To As Planet Earth, verifying the fact that it is Lucifer that now Codify, Categorize and Classify Everything we now identify with, upon this so call Earth, in the Human Being World, and has become a Victim of our own ignorance about our Divine First Way Ancient Divine Ancestors.

Evidence of what I share with you is Divinely True ? well there it is, with the evidence of our ignorance, which is revealed by us Black People, revealing that we do not Know What GOD IS, therefore the evidence is in fact the questions we now ask about a God that does not Hear your Cry, " He " just cause you to cry, and the question we Black Folks now ask about the Human Being God is, Does and Is God Punishing Black People ? and again I say, Yes, and not only is it the Human Being God that Punish Black People, but most of all, it is Black People Ignorance about The Divine Essence Of God, that now is Punishing the Black World, as we are held in the Mental Prison of the Human Being Religion, you want evidence of your wretched confinement ? then observe the state of condition of the Black World, its Children in particulay, today, yesterday, and Many Yesterdays before, serving as a sign of our Fall From Knowing The Divine Knowledge About The Divine GOD and Our Divine Black Selves, a sure sign of our ignorance, which reveal the Weakness of a once Strong Black Nation.

I am not come to share with you what you Want to Hear, I must Share With you What You Need To Hear, which is what you have long forgotten and only Those among Us with a Divine Mine To Hear, Will Appreciate The Divine Harmonic Sound That Come Forth From The Divine Truth.

Therefore In Your Effort To Reject Whom I Am, You End Up Rejecting Whom You Need To Become again, The Divine Being That Was Once In The Know Of What GOD Is, Which Qualified You To Know Whom You Are, Black goddess and gods you once were.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of Us Black People.

Chief Elder
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