Chief Elder Osiris : The Divine Black Nationalist Warrior On The Art And Meaning Of Protest

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    The Divine Black Nationalist Warrior Perspective On The Art And Meaning Of Protest

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When one is a Divine original Thinker, One need not be guided by a deceiving criminal Mind, ingredients of the Human Being Mind.

    There are three major reasons for protesting, there is the protest for what is call Civil Justice, there is the Revolutionary form of protest for regime change of a injust government and there is a action Liberation form of protest, which demand Freedom and Independence from the governing hands of oppression whose objective is to exploit a specific segment of a governing society for purpose of securing and insuring the status and power of the oppressors government, whose foundation of reason is Racism, Prejudice and acts of discrimination.

    Civil Protest:

    Let us look at the deeper meaning, motivation and purpose of the act of civil protest, such action certainly is not Revolutionary, nor is it about Liberation, civil protest is about Social, Economic and Political inclusion, regardless of how virulent evil that governing society might be, such is not the concern of the civil protesters, it is all about being included and exposed to the so call civil rights of that society, Rights supported by enacted laws by known governing criminals, whoce hand drip with the stench of Racism, acts of injustice, prejudice and discrimination.

    For instance, the immigration protest is all about efforts to become included into america society, so any coalition formed with such protesting, represent support as well as a desire to be included into america society, no matter how Racist and injust it might be, unless those forming the coalition are fighters for Liberation, away from america and make such a position known to the civil rights protesters and there can be a mutal agreement between the faction with different objective.

    Civil protest is an act to appeal to the so call Moral conscious of a Lying and Deceiving Government, whose people in power is insensitive to the Rights of the Masses, thus Civil protest is about privilege and mercy, appealing to a evil force that has no conscious for Black and poor people, which is what give cause to protest in hope that some how Justice will serve the victims of injustice.

    Revolutionary Protest

    Revolution has all to do with change, it is a form of physical protest where Life and Death is at stake and the motivation is for Justice to win out over injustice.

    So, what trigger the action of a Revolution, the answer is the oppression and suppression that is akin to unjust Laws of a Society, Laws that favor those in power and those that Have a plenty as oppose to those that are exploited in order to secure the upper, upper class status of those that create and enact laws that govern the society.

    Revolution can only come about when the people of a governing society of which they are a National and original part of the Society and it become a difference of agreement among the people of National origin, regarding how that Society Government is to be conducted and by whom, so when the Laws of a Society cease to be of equal service to the original masses of that Society, the people have no alternative but to revolt against such Unjust Laws being enforced by the selected/elected governing body.


    The action of a True Liberator is to become free from the vices that hold you in a state of captivity, you being in a place or condition that was in no way of your freely consent.

    Liberation has to do with Freedom and Independence and the _expression of the Sovereignty of Life Living and Demand and it is derived by using action by any and all means neccessary to secure that freedom and not appealing to the conscious of those responsible for holding you in captivity with the shackles of oppression and acts of surpression.

    Liberation actual is not a form of protest but a physical act of defiance toward those forces that treat you unjustly and they having no respect for Universal Right of and to Life Natural Sovereignty, Freedom, Independence, and with such Freedom, gurantee the Freedom of Choice as to how your Life is to be Govern.

    The fight for Liberation confirm a state of life captivity and an _expression of a desire of not seeking to be included in someone else governing Society whereby you do not constitute the majority in that Society.

    Liberation may come nonviolently or by Life and Death confrontation, because the Liberator objective is Freedom and Independence and a Sovereign of Life.

    Liberation is the overall objective of the True Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist, with an understanding that there is a need for an Afrikan Reveloution in Afrika, that is if the Divine Being calling ourselves Afrikans, is to ever reclaim our place of beginning upon this Space Ship Planet call Earth, such is the overall objective of the True Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist in america, here by way of the Middle Passage.

    I come sharing the Truth not with arrogance, but with the Divine
    meekness so required of me by our Ancient Cosmic Dark ancestors.
    > The Truth is not to be claimed, it require that it be known and
    understood, relinquishing all irrational emotions, attributes of Lies
    and act of deception.
    > Such is why the up coming June 24-25 Gathering is so important
    to the True Warriors, the Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist, such
    a serious Gathering is not for any and everybody wearing a confused
    Black face and a Human Being Mind, ingredients for the making of
    nothing but confusion.
    > Quality Divine Black Minds are only welcome at this Gathering,
    not the quantity of a Gathering of confused hypocritical Human beings
    Minds, those rather to be known as anything but Black people.
    > For further Info. regarding the June 24 Gathering, Contact:
    [email protected] or [email protected]
    > I Will Present The Truth Wherever I Can Get Truth An Appearance,
    Even In The Midst Of Black Folks Division!!! -osiris
    > Here Is Loving the Black So Call Afrikan,Even In Spite Of
    > It Is Time to Elevate The Truth and Condemn The Lie!!!-osiris
    > It Is The Black Fool That say,I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!!-
    > It Is The Fool That Ignore The Truth In Favor Of a Fool!!!-osiris
    > Run! Run!, Run Black Woman And Man, Back Into The Safety Of Your
    > The Human Being Say God Command, The Divine Say God Reprimand
    > All Respect and Honor to That Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus
    > Hoteph
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