Chief Elder Osiris : The Divine Being Need not To Seek Sub Tribal Identity

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    The Divine Being Need not To Seek Sub Tribal Identity

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The lost of an inability to have Divine Thoughts about our Black selves, will have us believing what we have been told about ourselves and to believe no more than your eyes can look at, yet the saying is, looking can be deceiving, that is when it is without the support of Divine Mind Thoughts.

    There is a faddish Fashion going around among people calling themselves Black and Afrikan, a people who have lost all connection with who they are and because we do not know of the DNA aspect of the Black Divine Being, we become subjective to all sorts of claim pertaining the the self of Black People.

    There is no self respecting Black Divine Being who will allow an acquired Human Being conscious to mislead a Universal Being to begin to believe of ourselves as being multiple diverse Tribes and to believe that it is something biological expedient that require for Black people to chase a false perception about our Divine selves, which is to believe that the Divine Black Being is not Monolithic in Nature, carrying a Universal DNA that verify the identity of One Divine Being, and that Black People is a Universal scientific verification of One Universal Homogeneity Divine Colorless Being, with a DNA that lose not the Cellular Power to identify the Oneness of the Divine Black Being.

    When Black people fall victim to the false notion that Tribalism supersede Unitary Universalism and that when it come to a People whose biological appearance is a verification of being the off-spring from the Perfect Night, a people that came not with a diversity in their DNA cellular structure but came with a Oneness that condemn any insinuation that the Divine DNA that molded Black People comes verifying a Tribal differentiation of a Universal Divine Being that come from One Specific Universal DNA Action, producing not Tribes but the Universal Unitary Oneness of a Biological colorless Divine Being.

    So any Time you see or hear of Black Folks chasing a Tribal Identity of themselves, that within such action verify that there are people upon this Planet calling themselves Black and Afrikan who do not know who they really are and they need someone to falsely imply that they can Map the DNA of the Black Universal Divine Being to show what we have become, which is a people seeking a profane identity of Tribal association with each other and not seeking a Unitary Universal Black Being which is not Tribal, and what we need to be doing is seeking who we Naturally are, within the Universal scope of our Divine DNA, which carry the building block of not a Diverse Tribal Divine Black Being but reveal the construct of a Universal Unitary Divine Being with a deep shaded colorless Shade with a phenotype that verify our oneness as One People, which we today refer to as being Black.

    The modern day Black Human Being, always seeking the substitute of themselves in order to be something that we natural are not, we rather to identify with the Branch instead of the Trunk of the Tree, our DNA does not verify a Tribal identity but does verify the Trunk, the Universal Natural Organ that cause you to be, and as long as we continue to chase a Tribal Belief about ourselves, the more it verifies that Black so call Afrikans do not know the Origin of the DNA that formed the Universal Unitary Divine Black Being, we being One Being, here by the infinite action that is the cause of our Universal Infinite Appearance.

    There is a certain amount of DNA that we carry that has been label to be Junk DNA, that by its labeling should tell you that your Tribal Lust for identity is flawed, because the Divine Essence in Its Divine Action does not produce Junk and anything considered to be Junk is taken to be not of a worthy value and if there is Junk DNA within Black People , then it is because of our doing and maybe that is the Tribal identity that some Human Being Black People are seeking after, so that they can verify a connection to our oppressors, Tribal identity.

    There is only One Universal Being of Black Divine People and to attempt to tribalize our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancestors, is to verify that Black People have lost all knowledge of ourselves and it is a Tribal Mind that Seek not a Relationship of Oneness United.

    Black People will not and can not begin to learn the Divine Truth about who we are while living in a profane Environment, because it is such an Environment that affect the actuality of your DNA and now has condition the Human Being Mind of Black People to glorify Tribalism over Homogeneity Divine Oneness of the Divine Black Universal being.

    That place we call Afrika is the only place upon this Earth where we will be able to reconstruct the Oneness of our Divine DNA Black Selves, a DNA that is the cause for Black People Homogeneity Oneness, which has nothing to do with the diversity of Tribalism among Black People which is no more than a Social construct and such is an acquired DNA construct through the process of Racial Assimilation.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    the title ALONE said it all for me

    great job chief