Chief Elder Osiris : The Divide Between The Afrikan Slave American And The Colonized Afrikan In America

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    The Divide Between The Afrikan Slave American And The Colonized Afrikan In America

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When you do not know the Truth, then you set yourself up to believe anything told to you and when it come to the Divine Truth, experience become the only verifier of the Divine Truth.

    Now, I have said that to say this about the Black Divide, not only in america but wherever Black folks are, be it by travel of the Middle passage or by Land, Air or Sea, with your Passport / Visa.

    I choose to narrow my observation to the happenings in america, between the so call Afrikans in america here because of the Slave trade and those Afrikans that come to america with their Green Card or a Passport / Visa and if you would observe the attitude and behavior of each of those self described people based on their State origin, you will see a group polarization, each congregating in accordance not by the permanent sign of their pigment but by government geography, meaning the Afrikan that come to america from Haiti refer to themselves not as being Black Afrikans, but as Haitian, Jamaicans, Guyana's, etc; the same apply to the Afrikan coming from Afrika, we rather identify ourselves by the Afrikan State we come from and not by our Genetic permanence, which mean if we would, regardless of where it is we come from to america and vice versus, we remain the same people genetically, the one common factor about us Black people that does not change, even when we become the victim of miscegenation, becoming the goods of Sexual Assimilation.

    Yet, as they say, the DNA does not Lie and there is not anyone of an Anthropomorphous Nature that carry a Gene that is more powerful than the Gene that cause the pigment to be none transparent, in other word the Melanin is the more aggressive Chemical than all others that is related to the DNA that cause pigment Transparency.

    In the physical world, we classify such action as Black, White, Mongoloid, ( Yellow ) the primary action that reflex the Anthropomorphous Difference, all others become a part of the substratum of what we call Race manifestation by pigment appearance.

    So, when Black folks come into each other presence here in America United states, we already carry a certain kind of prejudice toward each other and it is that prejudice that manifest itself by the spirit of our attitude and behavior which we act out toward and to each other, thus you have in america, Black so call Afrikan americans having problem with all of the other Black folks that did not get to these america States either by way of the middle passage or not being a victim of these america united states Slave action, so we end up acting a fool toward each other, still carrying our Slave Mind, which cause us to be envious, and jealous of each other, and it come with a fear and dislike of the Black so call Afrikan american of those other black Folks that come here to these united so call states of america, believing with our slave mind that we have exclusive rights to the White american slave master and the little Civil Rights they afford to us Black so call Afrikan americans and it is that mentality we reveal toward each other, each group coming to these so call united states come with a prejudice toward the america united states Black Slave andallelse that is a part of us Black Folks.

    So what you get is a negative without a positive connection and we lash out at each other, not realizing that we are prisoners in the same cage of white Racism and unjustified prejudices.

    Now, who do we hold to be the Blame for the way we behave toward each other, is it the white present slave master, and oh yes, we are still a slave, if you do not control and serve in a capacity of having authority over the environment you are exposed to, then you are slaves, and those that must carry this heavy burden of being responsible for the physical and mental condition we still exhibit toward each other, must be laid at the feet of those calling themselves our Black Leaders, yet you do nothing to change your attitude toward those Black leaders that sit around and allow you to act a fool toward each other.

    Apology, we do not need to apologize for the way we act toward each other, we need to be and is justified to be Mad as Hell toward those so call Black Leaders, they that claim to have a more strong Mind than we do, causing them to claim that they sense things more accurately than us rank and File Black folks.

    The Divide that is so prevalent among the Afrikan in Afrika and those that eventually come to these so call united states and the so call Afrikan american, is because we have yet to learn to Think with our own Divine Mind and we will not be able to do such, until we reclaim our Divine Mind and then will you be able to see clearly the evil that reside in the none action of your so call Black Leaders.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks despise the Divine truth, while we pretend to take comfort in the Lies and act of deception that come to us by our so call Black Leaders.

    So tell me, why do Black people find it to be so fascinating to get the verification that somewhere in our past lineage we will come to know that white folks enslaved us by families and individually and really become amazed if we happen to have had contact with those of such ancestors background or able to observe the off-spring of those that held our Mothers and Fathers to be their Slave property, tell me, what is fascinating about that, and especially if it happen to be one of those of us that claim to be our Leader.

    Sorry, I did not intended to stray away from the Subject but I think that needed to be said at this moment.

    So tell me, is a regret the same as an apology and tell me, has there been a State of america to apologize for the construction of the institution of Chattel Slavery and the action taken against our Mothers and Fathers by the enforcers of that institution ?

    Again, the Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The divine Truth, as we now pretend to be Free, proof that we remain in the possession of a Slave acceptance Mind, call the Human Being Mind.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder