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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Who in their Divine Black Mind can not see what is unfolding here in America, or shall I say appear to be unfolding in a different and changing Mentality toward Black so call Afrikan Americans, the unfolding I am referring to is the likelihood of the Democratic Party appointing a Afrikan American to be its standard bearer for the Highest Office of Politics in the American Land.

When you profess to be Black and Afrikan and yet you can not distinguish between the meaning of the two terms, then you automatically take the both to be synonymous to each other and only a Black Being that has been made to become an Afrikan Human Being will do such a thing that represent disrespect to your Blackness, an appearance that represent your Divinity and define you to not be a Human Being but a Divine Being, the difference between the two, well they use their Mind differently and you see, you are what you Think, which bring me to respond to a point an Afrikan attempted to make to me in response to my Missive stating that America Will never select a Black Afrikan for President of these United States Of America, they went on to sight to me several Afrikans that has held either International Office such as President of the United Nation and in the United states, they whipped Colin Powell and Condoliecee on me, and Kofi Annan, well that will not do it for me, because any and all so call Afrikans that have been allowed to hold High White folks positions in the World, has done so without bringing significant change in the condition of Black Folks Livelihood in Afrika, and throughout the World, so all of those positions White folks have allowed Afrikans to occupy, was done so because they knew that they were not Black where they need to be Black and that is in the way that a Black Afrikan Think.

With all of the Afrikans high positions held in the World, including Afrika, there has yet to be, with the exception of a very few, a Black Afrikans to occupy a position of power that is powerful enough to reclaim Afrika and to reunite the Black nation, as a matter of fact, such is not a desired goal of Afrikan Americans and Afrikan In Afrika so call leadership today, again I say, the United Nation has never had a Black Afrikan to hold the office of President of the United Nation and America has never had a Black Afrikan to occupy High political office in America, and I still say, that America will never select a Black Afrikan for President of these United states and it is the Afrikan American and the Afrikan in Afrika Human Being that is incapable of understanding that which I have stated about the Black Afrikan.

Those other Worlds are aware of the Black Afrikans and that is why they spend so much Time and Money keeping the Black Nation Divided and it is the Afrikan American and the Afrikan in Afrika Human Being that are so dishonest and love to be deceived by white folks when it come to speaking and acting the Divine Truth of what need to be done to bring about Divine Constructive Change, not for Afrikan Americans, not for the Afrikan in Afrika Human Being, but for the Black Nation.

Every time the oppressors allow an Afrikan, absent of the Blackness once carried, to give off the appearance of them having a change of Mind toward the Black Afrikan, they give themselves away when they do not allow whom they have chosen to hold up before Black People to be Black and Proud, they always have to be in control of the way we must conduct ourselves before the White World and you are a hypocrite playing their game as long as you capitulate to their requirement of us so call Afrikan black People and that is only when in fact, it is only the Afrikan American and the Afrikan Human Being that White Folks will give off the appearance of giving consideration to the dishonest Afrikan, when choosing which Afrikan is to hold high position within the confine of their Social, Economic, Religious, and political Stratum, making sure not to ever choose a Black Afrikan, because they know that the Divine Blackness come is in the way you Black Folks Think.

The dishonest afrikan is attempting to justify and redefine the action of Obama and what he did on national Television when he Denounced and Rejected The Honorable Minister Farrakhan.

Further more allow me to say this to you Afrikans Americans, when I have chosen to hold someone up to high esteem and someone come along and disrespect whom I give much Honor and Respect to, then I do not need whomever I hold up to my high level of respect to dictate to me when I am to allow some one disrespect that I hold to High esteem for myself, not for the person I respect but for the Honor and Respect I hold for myself in choosing who and what it is I choose to Respect with high Honor.

So what Obama did in reference to Farrakhan is not for Farrakhan to judge for me, I determine when my choice to Honor and Respect has been violated and no one else, and I say, Obama went to far in his act to please the Jewish and White world.

Therefore, when ambition trump self respect then you have a personal problem with yourself.

The Dishonest Afrikan say that Obama did not denounce nor did he reject the Man Farrakhan, just his politics and a Man Politics reflect the Man Mind and the Man is no more than what the Mind project of the Being, in this case, the the Black Afrikan, now, if anybody know whether Farrakhan has abandon his Blackness, then let me know, because if so, then my view of him will change, because it is the Black Afrikan that need to rise and Maintain ourselves, before Divine change is to come to a very mental sick Afrikan People, a People no longer Proud of the Divine Coat that they wear, colorless and Divine that it is, but the Mind that is of it today, is a dishonest colorful and deceiving Mind, a Transformation that has taken away the Blackness of the Afrikan and now the Afrikan is only a shell of the Black Self, how pitiful and sad we Afrikans have become in our pursuit to please White folks, they that forbid you to be Black, that is if you expect to gain something from them.

Black Divine Beings, you are what you Think, and it is Farrakhan Thoughts that Obama rejected and denounced, such is the Soul of the Being, and you tell me here, that you Afrikans are attempting to justify what Obama has done in exchange for favor from the Jewish Caucasian World ?

How dishonest and how you love to be deceived by White folks, in your pursuit for a Change that will serve to be only an Illusion of that you Want, taking not into consideration of what the Black Afrikan World is in Need of, which is our Divine Mind, a Mind that settle for nothing less that the reclaiming Afrika and the reuniting the Black Nation.

You May Take It Or Leave It Alone, The Divine Truth, Independently Maintain Its Own action.

How Sad and Pitiful we afrikans Have Become In The Face Of Those With A History Of Lying And Deceiving The black World !!!

Again, My Support Is For Obama, My Blackness will not Allow It to Be No Other way, But My Support For Obama is Not Set In A Caste Of Irrational Emotions nor With Hope, Faith Or Wishful Wanting For A Change Embedded in Illusions, My Support Is for Other Reasons.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
First way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation


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