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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    If you refuse to self examine your own afflictions, then how are you going to provide a healing solution to your illness, as a matter of fact, such dishonesty will not allow you to be Truthful to your sickness, as you sit idly by watching Death visit you and the Death of a Black Nation is upon us, because we do not Want, not Desire, to acknowledge our need to act in our behalf in order to Cure us of our Sickness.

    Yet we Whine about why is it that we all Time center in on the unpleasantry about us and not the pleasant thing, so I ask, what is pleasant being in captivity, yet our Dishonesty will not allow us to face the fact of our America condition.

    The Dishonesty that run so rampart among the so call Afrikan American, is how we pretend that our Illness is not at a Level that it is, right yjere at the Afrikan Life Step, of it being Terminal, a point of no return, as the Dishonesty of the Afrikan American has up to this moment of our Life, deny the seriousness of Black Folks Physical and Mental Sickness.

    Beloved, when an illness is being treated Honestly, you do not apply the treatment that you want and expect, and to either get free of the ailment or to survive from such an illness, you beckon the treatment that you Need, that will Heal you completely, both Body and Mind.

    Yet, it is the Dishonesty of the Afrikan American that prolong the Black Nation Illness and it is all because of the way that the Afrikan American has been conditioned to become Individualized, when the fact remain that a Virus is upon the so call Afrikan Everywhere and it is that virus of self ignorance that require a Collective effort to recognize the action Needed to bring on a Collective Healing Process.

    The Afrikan American choose not to recognize the fact that Freedom has yet to knock on the so call Afrikan American Life Door, so when you are not equipped to recognize the fact that the Afrikan American is not Free, then there is nothing there to compel such an Afrikan to get up off of the Behind that is sitting down and do what is Necessary to do, in order to Free the Afrikan, and such an Afrikan ignorance concerning the Black Self condition in America, will maintain the Dishonesty that drive the Afrikan Americans from acknowledging the Divine Truth about the Afrikan American Condition and Status in America.

    There is no Gradual in Freedom, either you enjoy such an expressed opportunity or you do not, so the so call Emancipation was not about Freedom, it just provided a step toward Freedom. yet the Afrikan American wanted to accept that process to Freedom as being the end all to us Afrikan Americans being Free, and some Four Hundred Years Later, the Afrikan American is not Free.

    So, it stand as fact that the Emancipation was not designed to Free the Afrikans in America, Children Of Our Enslaved Ancestors, but No, the so call Afrikan American is to dishonest with Self, to acknowledge that Divine Truth, so what does the Afrikan Americans do, we choose being Dishonest over Honesty, concerning our condition in America, as we have Mastered the Art of Pretending about the Status of the Afrikan Americans Life in America, as we go hopping Merrily along, acting to be glad about the injustice we receive in America and such a Behavior is allowed to stand in the Life of the Afrikan American because the Afrikan American is a Dishonest American, in all phases of the Afrikan Life, in America.

    It is the Dishonesty of the Afrikan American that will not allow the Afrikan American to face the Divine Truth about this America Presidential Election, with Obama Candidacy, it is the Dishonesty that will not allow the Afrikan American to acknowledge the Divine Truth about the fact that the Afrikan Americans will never be given Sovereignty in America and to Function as an Independent State, not on any level, community or otherwise.

    Yet it is the Afrikan America in all of Dishonesty, that make believe that Civil Rights Privilege is tantamount to the Afrikan American Freedom, yet it is the Dishonesty of the Afrikan American that equate equality with White Folks, when given the opportunity to co-habitate / Assimilate with a certain Level of White folks, yet it is the Dishonesty of the Afrikan American when declaring that there is no difference in being of the Phenotype that we are and the Phenotype of all of those other Ethnic Groups that are different than we Afrikan are, Americans or not and the list of Dishonesty go on and on and on, as the Afrikan American Lie about the Parity of Black Folks with all of those other Folks, as the Afrikan American Dishonesty prompt the Afrikan American to state the Obvious to be not True, which is that there is no such a Thing as Race, yet it is the Human Being that Classify Everything upon this Planet and it is based upon what the Human Beings Declared a Racial Difference that gave the Cause for our Different Behind to be Hauled into Slavery and to be referred to as being no more than Chattel to the Human Being, they that started out telling us the Truth about our Selves, which was that, we are not Human Beings.

    Now, here we are today, the Human Being finding it to be to their advantage to retract themselves from the Divine Truth about us strange Appearing People and now has so declared that there is no such a Thing as Race and that there is no difference in us Strange appearing People and them, evil, Liars, Deceiving and Dishonest Human Beings that they are and now the Dishonest Ignorant of Self Afrikan, now say, Yassir Master, whatever you say about me I will accept, because I am to Lazy to Think for Myself, I Trust you Master, a Master with a History of Kicking the so call Afrikan Behind all over Afrika and into North America Diaspora, to vecome their Chattel Slave.

    What a Pitiful and Shameless People, a People Made to be Invisible, has become, with our Black Dishonest Selves.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    You been with all those folks since the 60s

    And you don't have a solution or a cadre of thousands of healers?
    what kind of chief is that?, In African culture, a chief was judged by his ability to solve problems, not beating up folks in a hospital.
    when a person has a mental illnes that is severe they do not know they are sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also elder usually denotes wisdom which usually denotes altruism not hate or a fault finding attitude
    Now Osiris took an ignorant people, and taught them arts and sciences, he didn't stand there and holler at them for being ignorant.
    He saw the cup half empty and he filled it himself!
    As for reperations, do you honestly believe the devil will pay a fine for being evil, is that logical thinking?