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Jun 8, 2004
nevar said:
no isiah that strip or piece that was posted was to a song by the franchize boys they the one who rap white tee. i was quoting a piece from them to let you know who i'm down with. sorry baby if you thought i was lashing at cha thats not the case. i sho luv and not try to scrub you to the ground. that's not my style. a true southerner dont tho it up in your face we try to extend our hand to pick u up. so im extending not my hands but my arms around ya!!!!!!!!!! sorry for the misunderstanding ba!!!:kiss1: :kiss1:

Y'ight, Sistawoman, aint no thang... I apolgize just the same...(smile!)



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Feb 28, 2009
Not long ago I witnessed in a bodega, a young Dominican cat asking an elder African American man from Georgia, why the south was called "dirty???" He asked ignorantly, "Is there garbage all over the streets? "Y'all aint got no sanitation department, or suntin?" - LOL! The elder, not being familiar with all this young folks stuff, looked at me with an expression of 'what is this fool talkin' about?', and I just laughed. I explained to him, as best I could, that it was a young folks thang, and not really important...

Fact is, the elder was a bit annoyed by the young man's query, and I could see that... Their signals were all messed up by the difference in their ages, and the kid didn't have sense to back up off the elder, and leave things alone... Nevertheless, it made me think, how many African Americans down south actually accept this terminology... I know the elders don't accept it north or south, their home towns being called "dirty." But what of the younger generations, what is their perception of this terminology... Is there any debate about it, the imagery of the south being a "dirty" place socially, politically, literally??? Black Southerners the flo is yo's...


Yeah, I can relate to the Elder's reaction.

Plus, the youngun was being disrespectful anyway. He knew that old man didn't know what "Dutty Souf" was when he asked him. :court:

But, young, middle age (like me) or old, communication can be hampered by the idioms of different geographic regions, sub-cultures and ages.

Matta fack (lol), this made me laugh a little remembering one of my own misunderstanding with a young woman from NJ/NY.

She said to me, "Yo, B."

And I thought she was calling me the "B-word." So, I asked my friend-girl who lives in the Shaolin and she told me what it meant.

And good thing, cuz I was 'bout to show her some "Dutty Souf!" :lol:


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Dec 18, 2009
Yep , Red was right earlier, it came from an old school Goodie Mob song but the whole division of American blacks into this grouping of us into different catogories by region is stupid. We all share the same problems and struggles even though some of our upper East Coast and a few of our West Coast bros think they a lil smarter or in some way got it better, even though Sean Bell and Rodney King were from LA and NY. Its also reflected in Spike Lee's ignorance of Tyler Perry characters in his silly sitcoms and movies. But at the end of the day, its all good, the term "dirty" is just more black ebonix from the Southeast.


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Aug 6, 2008
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Yep , Red was right earlier, it came from an old school Goodie Mob song but the whole division of American blacks into this grouping of us into different catogories by region is stupid.

Double Co-Sign!
I was conceived in Mississippi, Born & Raised in Milwaukee, WI, and jsut returned there after spending a lil' over 6 years in MS. I still recall the 1st time I heard that term, 1995, the song was "Dirty South", #4 in the Soul Food cd...what i gathered from it then, and from my experience there (along with many summer vacations), was a reference to the fact that the South has more of a rural setting than the cities that they knew their music would reach...All in All though, people are people no matter where you go...different cultures & customs, yet we're all still ONE people...the divisions are tools used to divide & conquer (e.g. blame the south for hip-hop's degradation instead of corporate america), same tatics used on Us for years & some still don't get it...Oh Well...Peace...Au

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