Black People : The Dilemna of top NYC Black politicians

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    The dilemna of the two top Black politicians in the news today is that unlike the protests that folks had in 3 out of 5 boroughs in support of Adam Clayton Powell being accused of doing the same things white politicians had done for years,
    folks in the community are finding a hard time trying to in point, or even generalize what benefits had Govenor Patterson , or Conressman Charles Rangel,
    povided the Black community that they should show as much outrage now as they had done then.
    Harlem was left drug ridden, until enough , Black business and middle class homeowners opted to sell and move out in frustration, despite constant letters, and petitions of outrage, to Rangel.
    This allowed regentrification to occur as well as eminent domian around and adjacent to the City College area, of Black owned properties not in default of mortgage.
    The call for a draft did not sit well for many in the community, knowing full well that it would not as assumed create a level induction of rich and poor young men and women but the same caste system allowing the wealthy to get non-combat positions.
    Also folks become seriously aware of the senselessness o the wars when they see their loved ones called to duty to fight for corporate gain, under the guise of national defense.
    The first action governor Patterson took in Albany where sweeping cuts in all basic services in the Black community.

    There are issues and concerns presented in the corporate media, but there are also the issues and concerns of everday Black folks, in the community, taking their children to school in the morning, going to and coming home from work on the subway, in the barber shops, laundromats, beauty parlors and supermarkets.