Black People : The Difficulty For Black People To Turn Loose The Oppressors Identity

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    If an apple was meant to be an orange then there would be no need for both, yet nature say that an apple is not an orange and it says so, by the way nature produce and present the two fruits to us and the difference is very obvious, by the way the two fruits difference in type and taste, type mean the fruity phenotype, yet they both are considered to be of the Fruit kingdom, meaning the one thing the two fruits have in common is the gene that cause the fruits to be sweet in taste, yet with a uniqueness in and of its own individual taste ans appearance.

    So it is, with the Anthropomorphous Being, the biology being the same but the phenotype being different, meaning that all grouping of Anthropomorphous Beings are not the same in term of phenotype, such a major natural difference is how the natural production has presented us to be, being that, our biology is the same but the inner body is not, meaning that there is a obvious discernible difference between Black people and all other people, they being of a different phylum than Black people, and vice versus.

    Therefore, since that is the Biological fact of our Anthropomorphous Matter, it is self defeating of Black people to attempt to make claim to be or can be both Divine and Human, the two carry two distinct identity, one is of a Melanin content with an inner body of a Mental function that is of a Harmonious, Orderly and Balance Nature of Attitude and Behavior, and while the other Anthropomorphous Biological Being is without the chemical quality of Melanin content, that which produce a Natural inner Mental function that is of the same attitude and behavior, identifying themselves as being Human Being, claiming to be born with an attitude and behavior that is the direct opposite to that being of a Divine inner Nature, meaning that the Human Being is a creature that is without Harmony, Order and Balance of attitude and behavior, as they confess to be of what they refer to as Sin and iniquity, which equal out to mean evil and deceiving.

    Yet, Black people, after having lost all knowledge of ourselves, full of confusion, because we now wear the Mentality of the Human Being, yet with our Divine Mentality now being suppressed by the Human Being Mentality, we Black folks end up claiming to be both Divine and Human Beings, not knowing that they are two distinct Beings and you can not be both, like the Apple can not be both Apple and Orange or vice versus.

    Any so call Black Afrikan, who has a problem of identifying the Black Self as it was originally produced, before the mental grafting begin to take place between the Divine Being and the Human Being, such serve to represent as proof evident, that Black people have been made to become a very confused and ignorant people, concerning whom we Black people are and that is why, as you observe the state of condition of the Black World today, you observe nothing but Human Being Black action and behavior of self destruction, the Modus Operandi of the Human Being and not a Divine Being.

    Black Woman and Man, you who once lived a Life of a goddess and gods, meaning that your life living was in fact done so in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Elemental faction and action of the Body Universe, an action that function in Harmony,Order, And Balance with each other.

    Do you not know that you can not be both Divine and Human at the same Time and that it is liken to attempt to serve two masters ( Mentalities ) at the same Time, not realizing that you will end up Loving one and despising the other, and now I ask you, which Mental behavior that now best describe the Black once Divine Being, we who have transformed to become as those with a history of abusing and oppressing Black People, they referring to themselves as Human Beings, an identity the Black World has opted to be identified as being, instead of being acceptance to our original identity, it being a Divine identity, and proceed to do all that is required for the Black World to do in order to reunite the Two Land of Afrika and Reunite the Black World once again, so that we may become qualified to begin to reclaim our Divine Mentality again, which mean that the Environment of such a Divine Mentality will be qualified to preserve the Life Living of Black People on the same level and scale of that which the Elemental Body Universe now is in a Divine Motion Spiritual Action.

    The Black World has been successfully transformed into becoming that of the Human Being World and now there is no apparent discernible difference in such an attitude and behavior that is one in their expression and that beloved, is why it is so difficult for Black People today, now dressed up in our Human Being Mind, find it difficult to turn loose of their New acquired identity, it being Human and not Divine.

    Yet there are some among us who now attempt to reclaim our Divine Mind by not identifying with the Human Being Mind and yet there are those among us, so steeped in the Human Being Mind, and because that Mind is the controlling Mentality of the Black Being that is possessed with a dominant Divine Mind, which is inactive, yet is still strong enough to inform the Black Being that it is still present, we end up with our weak minded Human Being self, attempting to make claim to both Mental inner Bodies, claiming to be both Divine and Human and it is such an effort of deception that cause such a bitter evil attitude and behavior to be exhibited by the Brand New Transformed Black Human Beings.

    Beloved, it is that Brand New Human Being who can not see any more, therefore the Black Human Being can see no wrong in the Human Being attitude and behavior, that which is used toward and against Black People and the reason why that is a fact, is because Evil see no wrong in Evil, and that is why Black People are in a Hurry to assimilate with those other people of the Human Being Nature, because you see, the transformed Black Being now wear the Mentality of the Human Being, as we attempt to straddle the Fence that separate the Divine from the Profane Human being.

    I am here to inform you that such acrobatics are not accepted in the Circle of Divinity, either we wear the identity of our Divinity and strive to become Divine again or we wear the identity of the Human Being and remain as Black Folks are today, now acting and behaving in the world today, with an attitude and Behavior that is hurrying on Death to the Black world, Death meaning the Newness of the Black Human Being Mentality, a Mentality that serve to the detriment of Afrika and the Black World.

    The Divine Truth, All Black Human Beings Despise The Divine Truth And Yet, They Are Those Among Us That We Elevate To High Esteem Among Us.

    The Black Human Being Is The Number One Enemy That attempt to prevent The Rising Black Divine Mind, Yet And Still, I Maintain, That The Children Of The Middle Passage, The Garveyites Among Us Will Receive Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation And We WillReturn to Afrika As The Next Established Independent Sovereign State, and That Afrika Two Land Will Be Reunited Again And The Black World Will Reclaim Our Divinity Once Again, Causing The Black World to Become A United Black World Again, Controlling Our Black Life Destiny, Such to Become A Divine Reality That The black human Being Mind Is Incapable Of Comprehending.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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