Black Spirituality Religion : The Difficulties Of the Scripture have been urged By skeptics as an argument

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    The Difficulties of Scripture have been urged by skeptics as an argument against the bible : but so far from this , they constitute a strong evidence of its divine insperation.If it contained no account of God but wich we could be grasped by finite minds ,Then the Bible would not bear the unmistakable credentials of divine authority.The verry granduer and mystery of the themes presented should inspire in it as the Word of God...

    The Bible unfolds truth with a simplicity and perfect adaption to the needs and longings of the human heart,that has astonished and charmed the most highly cultivated minds,while it enables the Humble and unculured to discern the way of salvation.And yet these simple stated truths lay upon subjects so elevated,so far-reaching ,so infinetly beyond the power of human comprehension,that we can accept them only because God has declared them.

    Thus :rolleyes: the plan of redemption :rolleyes: is layed open to us,so that every soul may see the steps he is to take in repentance towards God and faith towards or Lord jesus Christ in order to be saved in Gods apponted way: yet beneath these truths ,so easily understood ,lie mysteries that are hiding of His Glory, mysteries that overpower the mind in its research ,yet inspire the sincere seeker for truth with reverence and faith...

    The more he searches the bible ,the deeper is his conviction that it is the Word of the living GOD,and human reason bows before the majesty of Divine revelation...

    ""the secret things belong unto the lord our God ..those things wich are revealed belong unto us "" :jump: Deuternomery 29:29

    (i will continue next time )

    ( this comes out of the book steps to christ)
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    Pretty powerful words right there.

    As far as I see it, none can argue with the Holy Doctrine without arguing against their own life. Since it is the Word of the Father and teaches us the road to salvation, by the blood of the Holy Lamb who sacrificed His Body for our sins, any who are against it are against He who spoke it, and surely haven't a well end for themselves.

    I just think so many find it difficult to live by faith because they've let the world around them convince them hardness of heart was the only way to live, but it's contrary to that. Life only comes in faith and trust to the Father, and by believing in His works and the Son's resurrection, which showed as proof the eternal life we are all promised.

    With little wisdom man possesses, they should always keep in mind, things aren't always as they seem according to the sciences and knowledge and truths of men.