Black Poetry : The Devil is Everwhere

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    By Andre Austin

    As I rub the oil container of the Genie

    The lamp has light

    Iblis gets small teeny and weenie

    Lucifer isn’t now so bright

    From ..33 three times God said “Be”

    Creation of birth is in the domain of God’s decree

    But now I see how he crosses boundary lines

    And communication lines

    Trying to take all of the original from their proper times

    He can’t put us in his lying fetters

    As he snatches up our goodwill peaceful letters

    Like a dragon he sometimes roar

    Why fight him before we healed our own Civil War

    We on the same team liken to the football

    Avoiding all poison with the hyssop, the hook and Gall

    Hannibal didn’t do the devil what he should have

    Learn his history lesson and we shall save

    He didn’t throw salt on Rome’s ground

    The Pale Horse shall be crucified and bound

    Even though he intercepted the passenger envelope he found,

    From a potential touchdown (we make a comeback and turn around)

    He’s nothing but a tricky joker and clown

    He updates himself from the light of the tree

    Our eyes are open and we shall see

    Listening and talking and tapping from Telephone (tree) poles

    His rabbit ears are slain with his head, heels and even his soles

    Our solution:

    Reuniting with our Black Queen whose so so sweet

    Blackman get on your knees and kiss her feet

    Then strike the serpents Achilles heel

    Because he is a lover of money and he can’t feel.

    Malcolm the 7th child at the 7th temple made men buy women new footwear

    He was the Red badge of courage & like Noah we shall pair (777)

    We used to jump brooms now we lick her soles

    From the heel, to the corns and bunions to the hammer toes

    My grieving took more than three days but its now over for the dead

    Now you know my favorite color is symbolically Red

    Red for the martyrs and the revolution

    Mistakes not repeated cuz we got the solution

    Regretting the pen and the velvet touch wrath

    We moving on up to a timed-zoned path

    From Egypt Horus vs Set (Satan) light vs dark

    The time/hour from Hora (Horus) is where we get the spark

    From the calendar from the horoscope (Horus) we get the Time

    What we do is already done we are 5 minutes ahead of time

    The Hyksos and Hebrews in alliance took up with the Set cut his red hair and hand

    Seth is limited and enemy of boundaries nicknamed in Egypt trying to take land

    Hyksos royal names included Apophis, beloved of Set

    But Kadmose made them all wept

    Headquaters at Avaris (Rameses/Exodus 1:11) Hyksos made jews slaves and army men

    They started to worship Set an abandoned the Egyptian Amen

    And confess to the goats head

    Pledging to keep the blackman mentally dead

    Hajile came to me in my sleep I wanted to joyful holler

    At the table shook my hands and gave me five dollars

    Now the devil is everywhere

    Because I’m getting close to God’s angels on earth & in the air

    This is what I got

    I lie not