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    Andre Austin


    1. Lucifer (Light Bringer)…………………………………………………….

    2. The Red Donkey another Symbol of Satan……………………………….

    3. The Evolution of Satan…………………………………………………….

    4. The Two tree’s in the Bible………………………………………………..

    5. Who was the real Serpent in Genesis………………………………………

    6. Surely by the time Man is Lost ……………………………………………

    7. The donkey Christ & the Mule driver…………………………………….

    8. JUDAS (backbiter) Iscariot (Issachar/Jackass donkey)…………………

    9. Poem: “The Devil is Everywhere…………………………………………

    10. Bearing the Cross…………………………………………………………..

    LUCIFER =Venus the Morning star

    By Andre Austin

    “At that time when the dawn (Lucifer/morning star) star passes across earth, harbinger of Light” (The Iliad book 23:225 by homer 800BC).

    “The morning and evening star is of course Venus”-John Allegro quotes Pliny (23AD-79AD) in his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross p.111:

    Before the sun revolves, a very large star named Venus, which varies its course alternatively, and whose alternative names in themselves indicate its rivalry with the sun and moon-when in advance and rising before dawn it receives the name of Lucifer, and being another sun and bringing the dawn, whereas when it shines after sunset it is named Vesper, as prolonging the daylight…Consequently there is great competition to give it a name, some having called it Juno, other Isis…” (Natural History Book 2:38)

    On a side note Pliny dedicated his book Natural History to Titus (41AD-81AD) and in a coded manner praised him for the creation of Christianity. The 1623 edition of Shakespeare’s work picked up on this which can be read in Joe Atwill’s “Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah.

    Lucifer is not Satan in the Bible it was based on a Babylonian King who was hostile to the Jews (see Isiah 14:12-15). In reality , it would appear that the Isaiah passage regarding Lucifer was influenced by Greek mythology from Homer. The book of Revelations calls Jesus the Morning star (Rev 22:16). A star being made up of gas and other elements is harmless unless its falls and hit the earth like a meteorite did to the dinosaurs 63 million years ago. More likely at the writing of Revelations in the 90’s AD was talking about Emperor Domitian who was also a child-killer (Rev 2:22-23) being far removed from the pacifist tax paying Jesus messiah.

    Christians should concern themselves how/why the name Church comes from. “How many people know that the English word “Church” comes directly from the Scottish word “Kirk” comes to us from “Circe” ancient Greek female goddess who tricked and deceived men when they came in to her-and changed them into pigs! [See The Odyssey Book 10:375-465]

    Female Goddess (Circe) = Mother (CHURCH)”- Symbols, Sex, and the Stars Introduction by Jordan Maxwell. Maxwell inherited all of Manly P. Hall (A freemason) private writings and library and brought David Icke to America.

    Titus father was Vespasian and if he invoke a god to heal he could invoke a god/goddess to kill like Circe in the pig incident. Suetonius reports:

    “Apparently the god Serapis (Osiris) had promised them in a dream that if Vespasian would consent to spit in the blind man’s eye and touch the lame man’s leg with his heel, both would be made well” (The Twelve Caesars By Suetonius Vespasian had a dart in his foot shot by a Jewish rebel Book 3 of War of the Jews

    A parody of this incident is recorded in John 9:6 and Mark 8:22-24. It is well known Vespasian & Titus visited the Temple of Isis before they made their seize upon Jerusalem. A careful reading of Luke 8:31-33 of Jesus driving out a herd of pigs over a cliff is a direct parody of Vespasian and Titus driving 2,000 Jews over a cliff to their deaths in War of the Jews 4, 8 419-434. The only difference is that they are transformed into pigs just like the Goddess Circe (Church) did in ancient times.

    The Church nowadays is more concerned about feasting off the sheep and lambs of the church for their assets and tithes and pacifying them into paying taxes to the Federal Reserve/USA government & IRS. Religion Educational Institution, Hollywood, Media is all about training the masses of the people to work in some compartmentalized function for a small group of elite so that they can be millionaires and billionares. They make tokens out of a small group of people to be successful entrepreneurs to make it look like theirs not a fix in the system.

    So the media has made dupes of us looking for Lucifer in the entertainment industry and what parent left their baby to die in the heat of the day while keeping your minds off of the banks, the Intelligence community, Corporations and evil of the mafia church. We can’t wake up and smell the coffee because we waking up smelling the weed.


    The Jews claim that they were made slaves by the Egyptian kings to work at the Pithom and Rameses (Exodus 1:11). Before the city of Rameses it was called Avaris. The Egyptian historians placed the Jewish people involved in the Exodus in the city of Avaris rather than in Pi-Ramesse.

    Josephus who wrote about War of the Jews with the Romans and other matters thought the Hyksos were Arabs (see Against Apion Book 1:14-82). The Arabs also claim descent from Ishmael. Keep all of this in mind as the story unfolds.

    Dynasties 17 (1729-1550) First Asian invasion of Egypt by Hyksos (part Arabian people) “Rulers of foreign lands. Invasion begins period of widespread destruction. Abraham had a son (Ishmael) by an Egyptian maid/slave Hagar. Ishmael then married an Egyptian woman and had 12 sons who became tribes of the Arabian peninsula (Gen 25:12-18)


    “The Hyksos kings worshipped the Egyptian god Set as their chief deity, and one of the most important political events in Hyksos history was the dedication of the city of Avaris to this God. In the Genesis chronology Ishmael, the son of Abraham was born in 1729 virtually the same date for the founding of Avaris. Its no coincidence that Ishmael can be identified with the God Set.

    In Egyptian mythology Set was the god of the night sky/Air and considered or symbolized the downward motion of the sun in the lower hemisphere (Prince of the air Ephesians 2:2). Set was the Great Bear in the Northern sky as we see him in Rev having bears feet (Rev 13:2). The theory has been put forward now proven that the Hyksos invaders identified with Set and this led to the Egyptians kicking Set (now Satan) out of the family of their Gods by throwing an *** (donkey) down a steep cliff (this is where the Jews got the idea of Lucifer falling from the sky in the book of Isaiah 14:12) And use of the trumpets is symbolized as the braying (loud harsh sound of a donkey) of an Red *** (Donkey and serpent Aphophis) See Ancient Egyptian myths and legends By Lewis Spence p.100-101; 300. We see the use of trumpets before the devil and his legions are destroyed in Rev 8 and also from the book of Joshua). Rev 8 was talking about the war crimes of Emperor Domitian who was bald headed and killed anyone commenting on it. One description was that “Their hair was like women’s hair” (Rev 9:8) this was due to Domitian tearing the hair out of women in his bed of suffering (Rev 2:22 and also see Suetonius biography of Domitian). Domitian was also Ruddy Red like Set and was nicknamed the Red Dragon in Revelations. In Egypt all desert animals/humans and all with red hair or skin were considered the children of Set because of the abuse of the Hyksos and their worship of Set. All red heads were sacrificed in their temples or altars (Isis and Osiris by Plutarch p.73. Red also symbolizes fire from which iblis/satan is made from according to the Koran.

    The Egyptian Hagar had a baby by Abraham and called him Ishmael and the Jews predict that he will be a wild *** of a man and his hand will be against every man (Genesis 16:11-12). Ishmael as the wild *** corresponds to Set’s donkey image. Ishmael and Set also ruled over the same territory-the wilderness of Shur (desert), to where Horus banished Set and where Ishmael became a mighty nation. Recall Ishmael’s birth coincides with the founding date of Avaris, the city the Hyksos dedicated to Set( See The Bible myth by Gary Greenberg p.86-87; 247)

    When the Jews wrote about the Exodus they combined the Hyksos exodus with the Moses exodus and blamed all of their mistreatment on Egyptian Kings rather than on the Hyksos kings. If you read the bible carefully the Jews claim abuse from the Hyksos/Canaanites with whom they were strangers in Canaan not Egypt. The Hyksos were of Canaanite origin sometimes called Amorites. The Jews erroneously merged two exodus stories into one. Maybe the Jews should rewrite their curse story on Ham and be cursed with black skin into that of Red skin??

    For the Egyptians Satan didn’t become the devil until he joined forces with the Hyksos to take over their country.


    Jews being a stranger in the land of Cannan and being slaves to Amorites another name for Hyksos (Gen 15:13-16 also Gen 17:8 and Gen 37:1) The Jews confused Egypt with Cannan/Hyksos. Jews are original from Ethiopia and Egypt so they can’t be strangers where they are from.

    Judas Iscariot who was a temporary Satan in the NT until transferred to Peter last name is punned from Issachar a rawboned Donkey in genesis 49:14.

    Domitian was the Ruddy Red dragon of Revelations 12 that kills a women with child by inducing an abortion on her. Domitian was bald-headed and wrote a book called “Care of the Hair”. His bed wrestling (Bed of suffering Rev 2:22) consisted of pulling the hair out of women. Obviously a pun on Domitian in Revelations make him using women’s hair as a wig on himself in Rev 9:8. All of this can be matched up with the Roman historian Suetonius.

    From the ancient Egyptian myths stories of set we have The Contendings of Horus and Set Re declares in part “Let Seth( Satan), son of Nut, be delivered to me so that he may dwell with me, being in my company as a son, and he shall thunder in the sky and be feared”. This links up with Luke 10:18 “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven/Sky”


    In Egyptian mythology Set was a foreign Semitic God imported into Egypt. This ended when Set became the god and the representative of the white Asiatic Hyksos invaders who had conquered a large part of Egypt. Some of the Israelites had joined an alliance with them also.

    Various Egyptian names for Satan were:








    Apophis also called by historian Africanus “Staan”.

    From these names the Jews and Christians adopted the name Satan. Satan was the arch enemy of the Egyptian and Osiris and Horus. He was also identified as a pig from which the Egyptians didn’t eat. He was a prince of darkness who lies in order to steal the souls of the righteous. Satan is also a fox, wolf, snake, Owl etc.

    A teenager asks me if I believed in Satan. I told him I believed in God. He thought you had to believe in both. As we see Satan was based on the free will of a confederate of white who wanted power over blacks for their money, property, women and land. People have free will do to good or evil. Religious cult tries to make the white man innately a devil by bringing up the fact they held us as slaves. But any quick peek in the history of the globe we find the Arab Muslims had been the backbone of the slave trade along with the UK, Spain, Dutch, the Catholics and yes the Jews and our own brothers and sisters.

    I agree with the late Rev Albert Cleage of Detroit who said;

    “I do not believe that the white man is the devil. He does devilish things. To say that he is a devil is to say that he is more than human, and I don’t believe that…to believe that the white man is a devil is to attribute to him supernatural powers. That is a cult mystique”. (Coming from the Black Muslims).

    “He just acts like a devil because it suits his purpose, and he mistreats us, he oppresses us, he’s brutal to us, because it’s in his interest-not because he is a devil”.

    The Myth “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made (Genesis 3:1)

    The reality: Genesis modeled the clever serpent after the Egyptian God Set, who took the serpent form of Aphophis, enemy of Re (light/sun)

    The Egyptians based Satan on the Hyksos and Israelites who were in an alliance against Egypt. Set was then changed in Egypt from good to bad.

    In retaliation the Jews also under the influence of the Babylonians attempted to demonize Egyptian concept of Maat (truth) as the path to eternal life. In doing so the Israelites were also against the Ten Commandments from Moses because they were based on the 42 negative confessions of Maat.

    When the serpent said: “Ye shall not surely die, for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” (Gen 3:4-5). The serpent, who may have already eaten from the tree himself, obviously knows the secret of the fruit (Maat), that it represents the Egyptian concept of Maat, moral order. In Egyptian myth the serpent is in a tree. Re (sun) is represented by a Cat and the serpent Set/Aphophis, the enemy of re who tries to swallow the sun at the end of each day. [The Muslims pray on knees making an arch crescent sword to symbolized how the moon looks as it moves toward the sunlight.]The bruising of the serpents head incidentally represents exactly what God directed Adam to do to the serpent and its progeny after the expulsion from Eden. This also proves that the Garden of Eden was in the city of Heliopolis where Moses got his training. Editors and redactors later tried to place it in Sumerian territory.

    Proverbs 18:21

    “The Tongue has power of life and death

    And those who love it will eat its fruit” This proverbs like others is Egyptian influence because in Genesis the Fruit (Maat) had no life.


    “Josephus himself, speaking as a Jew, refers to the Hyksos as our ancestors, a curious half truth” (Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times by Donald Redford also Contra Apion 1.74,91)

    “The first time in the biblical text (1Chr 21:1) that we find a reference to Satan, and outside of the story of Job, the name appears only three more times, in connection with events in Persian Period (500BC)”- King David vs Israel:How a Hebrew Tyrant Hated by the Isralites became a Biblical hero By Gary Greenberg p.206


    In the bible in the Garden of Eden (city of On, Egypt) the Hebrew priests write about Two Trees. One was the Tree of life (Egyptian Shu) and The Tree of Good/Evil (Telfnut moral order Maat). Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat of Telfnut or the tree Good/Evil knowing right from wrong.

    Allow me to explain the genealogy of some of the Egyptian Gods before I go further about these two trees. The snake that talked with Eve was the serpent Aphophis who was later combined with Set (Satan) after some white Arabs known as Hyksos and Amorites in the Bible.

    After Nun ( cosmic ocean of water) gave birth Atum (Adam) then spat out twins of Shu & Tefnut.


    Shu Tefnut

    Geb Nut

    Osiris Isis Set Nebt-het

    Atum and nun carried on a conversation. Atum had told Nun to “Kiss (eat) your daughter Tefnut”(which was Maat or moral order)

    When The Hebrews wrote for man not to eat the law of moral order it was because they didn’t at that time want to be like the Egyptians who felt they could become one with God or be like a god. It’s a sophisticated attack on the Egyptian doctrine of moral order leading to eternal life. However, Moses Ten commandments is based on the 42 Admonitions of Maat and St. James said in the NT that the spirit is free being anchored in the Law.

    Its all the same story they just transformed life and Moral order from Egyptian deities into trees, eliminating the cannibalistic imagery suggested by Atum eating of his daughter. Adam was specifically forbidden to eat the fruit of moral order.

    Proverbs 18:21 says “The tongue has power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit”. We know that many of the Proverbs sayings come from the Egyptian Amenemope.

    Aphopis is a coiled serpent-a form of Set (Satan), representing the power of opposition to resurrection. Recall he castrated Osiris penis (symbolic of Resurrection) and feed it to a Nile pike fish. To overcome such opposition, the combined forces of Ra, Osiris and Horus unite to defeat Apopis/Satan.

    Notes: “As for the white Invaders: Hyksos…Egyptians always represented them as races apart and were never influenced by them” (African Origin of Civilization By Cheikh Anta Diop p.239. The only exception of Egyptians being influenced was their dropping Set with their company of Gods into an adversary after the Hyksos adopted Set and started to name themselves after Set and the serpent Aphopis from which even the Hebrews combined together. This is when the white man became known as Satan when they wanted to take other peoples land.

    Who was the real Serpent in Genesis

    The Myth: Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the lord God made (Genesis 3:1)

    The Reality: Genesis modeled the clever serpent after the Egyptian God Set (Satan), who took the serpent form of Aphophis, enemy of the Egyptian God Re.

    Adam and Eve were ordered not to eat from the tree of knowledge. Eve came upon the tree and found a serpent dwelling there. The Serpent won over Eve. The secret of the fruit of the tree represents the Egyptian concept of Maat (moral order law), which was reduce down to the ten commandments from the 42 negative confessions or admonitions of Maat from Osiris. Jesus repeated one of its proverbs of truth/Maat sets souls free. Eating Maat gives Souls eternal life in Egypt. Alongside the 42 negative confessions was The Egyptian Judgment of souls Obituary claim declaring in part they gave food to hungry, clothes to naked so was Jesus.

    Any way back to the tree. The Egyptians had a mythic image of the serpent in a tree. In pictures from this story , the Egyptian artist showed a Cat with a stick bruising the head of a serpent that dwells in a tree. The Cat in this myth is Re, the sun god, and the serpent is Aphophis, the enemy of Re who tries to swallow the sun at the end of each day. Whites who lack melanin would naturally not see the sun in whole as friendly to them. The original curse on Canaan was directed at Re who went by several different names. The curse evolve from religious to racial in later times. Re is pictured bruising the head of the serpent exactly like God directing Adam to bruise the serpent head and its progeny after the expulsion from Eden which is the City of On, helipolis where Moses was expelled as a Egyptian.

    The Egyptians often identified Aphophis with the God Set, a clever and ambitious deity who wanted to seize the Egyptian throne from his brother Osiris. Towards this purpose, he conspired with allies to assassinate his brother Osiris and usurp the monarchy. Set cut Osiris up into 14 parts put Isis put him back together except for the missing penis. Circumcision ritual comes from the missing penis of Osiris not from a covenant with Abraham. Osiris survived his death and became king of the afterworld.

    This brings us full circle with the serpent and the tree of knowledge. In the afterlife souls had to prove to Osiris they lived in maat (Truth/righteousness). This contradicted the religious principles of the Hebrew monotheism and the mythical images of Osiris had to be banned.

    With the serpent in the tree corresponding to Set (Satan), the killer of Osiris, we have an ironic denouement. As punishment for seeking immortality by worshiping an Egyptian Osiris, the sinner lost immortality through the actions of Osiris mortal enemy, the wily and subtle Set. Just like the Hyksos who militarily took over Lower Egypt and dedicated their headquarters to Set, the Jews who joined an alliance with the Hyksos embraced Set when it suited their purpose of attacking the Egyptian religion.

    SURELY BY THE TIME: Man Lost in Time & Place

    The Muslim wrote in the Koran that the Jews and Christians had distorted the Time & Place of events in their Old & New Testament. The Koran gave no specifics or details of what events they were referring to which leads to speculations.

    The Koran:

    “It be among the Jews…They change the words from their right times And places” (Koran 5:44 or 4:46).

    Looking at some of the most important events in the Bible I would have to cite:

    Old Testament

    A. Noah’s flood (originally an Egyptian creation story changed to a repopulation story)

    B. The Exodus of Moses (Two Exodus stories by hundreds of years combined in one)

    New Testament

    A. The Birth of Jesus 6BC or 6AD?

    B. The Crucifixion of Jesus in 33AD or 66-70AD (Killed by Herod Pilate or Titus?)

    Because the Jewish scribes used a literary technique of writing Typology the Koran was enabled to level the charges of distortion of Time & Place. Typology is basing one character upon another. Typology uses prior events to provide form and context to create a new character in literature by repeating names, locations or concepts from one time frame to another. In other words when Mario Puzo wrote The Godfather (1972) , he made Marlon Brando a composite of several Italian gangsters. Likewise, as the story is told in the New Testament of Jesus is a composite of several figures both fictional and non-fictional. The writers of the Koran correctly detected this but it ended up backfiring on themselves in their own writings.

    Harold Leidner who wrote The Fabrication of the Christ Myth explored a link with Joshua of the OT with Jesus of the NT. He examined a Muslim tradition in the Koran which places Jesus and Mary in the same era as Moses, In other words, the Arabs believed that Jesus was Joshua, the prophet and Mary was Miriam his mother. I read a similar story in The True Authorship of the New Testament By Abelard Reuchlin p.24: The Koran 19:28 makes Mary (Jesus mother also the sister of Aaron who in fact was Moses brother. This confusion which made Jesus mother also Moses sister, if not inner-circle hinting, obviously erroneous. However, there are indications that the founders of Islam too had inner circle knowledge”. The confusion was due to the writing style of typology. All of this Typology history can be read in Caesar’s Messiah By Joseph Atwill.

    The New Testament was written by Romans who hated Christians and Jesus. The real Jesus was for the violent overthrow of the Roman Empire. The real Jesus isn’t included in the NT. The fake Jesus was based on Typology of OT figures pagan Gods and the Emperor Titus military campaign is the bases for Jesus ministry as a parody. No one ever thought that the best way to hide the Anti-Christ was to hide him right in your face in the New Testament. The fact remains that Titus Caesar fooled the Jews into calling him Lord without their knowing it by simply switching his name to Jesus by Typology-The great secret of Christianity.The jokes on us.

    The Donkey Christ & The MULE DRIVER

    Evidence have already been documented by historians like Joe Atwill linking the Gospels as a parody of Josephus writings after the Jewish Temple was razed in 70AD. With that said I will jump immediately into my argument.

    In Josephus essay: “Against Apion Book 2.7 he states:

    Assess (Donkeys) are the same with us which they are with other wise men creatures that bear the burdens that we lay upon them; but if they come to our threshing floors and eat our corn, or do not perform what we impose upon them, we beat them with a great many stripes; because it is their business to minister to us in our husbandry affairs”.

    Josephus notes that the Romans beat their ***** with stripes , like the flogging of Jesus in the gospels. One important clue to recall from Josephus is calling Jesus a wise man in his other book The Antiquites of the Jews Book 18 chapter 3.3:

    “Now, there was about this time Jesus, a wise man”.

    We know that Jesus was flogged with many stripes and :

    “As soon as they led him away, they laid hold on one Simon (Peter/Rock), a Cyrenaean (Blackman), who was coming in from the country and on his shoulders they put the cross, for him to carry it behind Jesus” (Luke 23:26) this quote comes from Joe Atwill’s Caesar’s Messiah p.95. I don’t know what translation he uses that renders the word shoulders. I failed in my attempts to get an answer out of him.

    We know from past events that Judas Isscariot last name was a pun on Issachar a rawboned donkey lying between two saddle bags…he will bend his shoulder to the burden (Genesis 49). We know Judas kiss of death to Jesus was both a scorpion kiss and rawbone (frame of the mouth) of the donkey just like Samson killing with the rawbone donkey (Judges 15:16).

    Vespasian and Titus march Peter, Lazarus, & Jesus back to Rome in their Triumphal entry just like Jesus enters the gates of Jerusalem on donkeys in John chapter 12. And Jesus predicts his death by talking about the kernel of corn falling and dropping its seed. Recall the Romans and Egyptians used Donkeys threshing corn which Josephus alludes to. Only Peter goes to Rome in human form the others as Donkey heads. The Koran following the Gnostic doctrines of basilides (a contemporary with Titus), said one in the likeness of Jesus was crucified (Koran 4:157). Thus proving Christ was in part a composite of black mythological gods of Egypt and the white impostors of Vespassian, Titus & Domitian=the Catholic Trinity.

    To top it all off Suetonius, a Roman historian calls Vespasian by the nickname “Mule driver”. So when Jesus tells Simon Peter to get behind him Satan and follow with the cross (Matthew 16:22-25) its Vespasian using the alias of Christ. Vespasian other cameo appearance in the Gospel is the spiting in the eyes of a blind man and the seeing Vespasian as a grafted messianic false Tree.


    The ritual of riding on a mule and being anointed as king is based on Solomon going through this ceremony (1 Kings 1:28-52). Themes from Zechariah 9:9 came hundreds of years later. John 12 does a little bit of reversal. The ceremony in Solomon was about the King living long in Jesus it was about his life and death and Hair not falling to the ground symbolizing death was transferred to Corn falling to death. The palm tree associated with Phoenicia/Phoenix bird living long (Job 29:18 My age continue/ age can mean a different house of the Zodiac) was applied to Jesus marching in with crowds waving palms (John 12:13). Palm branch also symbolic of Astronomy see (Stolen Legacy by George GM James p.131) This is cool because Job 38:32 use of the Phoenician word Mazzaroth signs of the zodiac. The Koran embraces the zodiac 15:16. If zodiac is evil then why God uses it to help create heavens or Jesus tells you to follow a water man to a new house/age of Pisces to Aquarius (Luke 22:10). Recall in Jesus time only women went about to fetch water not men so we know its symbolic of something else. The palm leaf was symbolic of military victory (Vespasian/Titus victory over the Jews). Which was then turned into Gospel (Greek/Euaggelion=Good news of military victory. Who won? Rome over Jerusalem

    The head and feet of Lazarus was anointed with perfume used for the deceased. Follow the money with Mark 14 and the famine price of a donkeys head in (2 Kings 6:25) which is more than 300 denarii and we have a match. Lazarus/Elezar is another name for Christ who is made a supper (John 12:2-3) due famine of the War of the Jews 6,3,209-212) which becomes a mockery of the Eucharist which cannibalism of children was punishment for sin on the Jews Lev 26:29

    It gets complicated but you should read three books:

    Caesar messiah by Joe Atwill

    The Twelve Caesars By Suetonius

    Shakespeare’s secret messiah By Joe Atwill

    JUDAS (backbiter) Iscariot (Issachar/Jackass donkey).

    He will bind his foal to the vine

    And his ***’s colt to the choice vine…(see John 12:13-14 )

    Issachar is a rawboned donkey

    Lying down between two saddlebags (two Satan’s in between sign of cancer)

    When he sees how good is his resting place

    And how pleasant is his land

    He will bend his shoulder to the burden

    And submit to forced labor…”

    Genesis 49:14-15

    Many people recognized Issachar as a pun on Iscariot “Issachar of genesis 49 is the strong *** crouching down between two burdens (saddlebags) , which is to say the *** stars in the constellation of cancer/scorpion when the sun’s (Jesus) strength begins to weaken” (Suns of God By Acharya S/aka D.M. Murdock p.472) . Murdock also claims Jesus is fulfilling prophecies of Genesis 49 and Zech 9:9 by having Jesus march into Jerusalem on a *** (donkey) see Who was Jesus p.130-131. The goat isn’t the only image of Satan.

    So we see the signs of Two ***’s (Donkey/Satan’s) in the sign of cancer. It’s no coincidence that we have two Simons called Satan by Jesus and we have another Simon as the father of Judas Iscariot in the NT (John 6:71 & John 13:26).

    Many scholars believe that all the Simons in the NT are the same composite figure. “Supporting this conjecture was the fact that while Jesus gave instructions to Simon the Apostle to follow him with a cross, it was Simon the Cyrene who carried out the prophecy, indicating that these two Simons were lampoons of the same individual.

    Jesus tells Simon the Apostle Get behind me Satan (Matthew 16: 22-25)

    Jesus tells “Simon, a Cyrenaean, who was coming in from the country and on his shoulders they put the cross for him to carry it behind Jesus” (Luke 23:26) I don’t know what translation Josephus Atwill is using in his book Caesar’s Messiah because I’m not finding the word shoulders that match exactly right up with Genesis 49 use of the word shoulders

    Clearly these two donkeys one made to carry a cross and the other rides on are one and the same. When we get to history it’s Titus who takes a Simon/Peter to Rome to be killed falling upside head first, naked and gelded (castrated male donkey) in the same manner as a Satan. Yes Titus was cruel when he took Peter’s two nuts from his saddlebags.

    As we walk through the book of Judges 15:16:

    Then Samson said,

    “With a donkey’s jawbone
    I have made donkeys of them.
    With a donkey’s jawbone
    I have killed a thousand men.”

    Then in Luke 22:3-47 we connect the dots to Samson’s Donkey

    “Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve…47 While he was still speaking a crowd came up, and the man who was called Judas, one of the Twelve, was leading them. He approached Jesus to kiss him, 48 but Jesus asked him, “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”. Judas Iscariot plays the role of Samson’s donkey when his Jawbone, the frame of his mouth, is used to kiss Jesus so he could be killed.


    There is a Jesus in War of the Jews (Book 6 chapter 6:309) who is killed with a kiss of the scorpion stone from the catapult engine. We know in the Gospels stones are associated with the scorpion eggs/stones. The Roman’s nicknamed a Catupult that threw stones The Scorpion. After knowing the background and foundation its not too hard to pick up on the puns and metaphors. For example Peter crowing three times denying Jesus/Titus for peace during the War of the Jews. Cicero who wrote The nature of the Gods and on Divination stated cocks that crow was a sign of victory (see 33 on Divination). It was simply Peter deny 3 times peace to Titus who offered it.


    When Rome and Greece fought the Phoenicians in what Polybius called the “Punic wars” fought between 264BC-146BC.

    One of the weapons the Romans used during this war was called the Scorpion, Polybius wrote: “Behind each of these and inside the walls were stationed archers with rows of so-called scorpions, a small catapult which discharged iron darts”. (The Rise of the Roman Empire by Polybius p.366 Edited by Betty Radice

    By the time Titus and Vespasian would raze Jerusalem in 70AD the catapult was still nicknamed Scorpion however it ejected white stone balls resembling eggs. The Romans eventually painted them black because Jewish watchmen could see them coming. You can read this episode in Josephus (War of the Jews Book 5 chapter 6.3).

    After laying down the foundation you can understand Judas Iscariot’s Scorpion & Donkey kiss on Jesus mouth that leads to his assassination. A scorpion bite actually leaves a kiss mark. Judas last name relates to Issachar (Genesis 49:14) and killing with his Donkey’s Jawbone, frame of its mouth, used as a tool to kill (Judges 15:16). Jesus gets off of a donkey and relates his death to corn (John 12: 14-25) because he dies between two thieves of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

    However in military warfare we have in the gospels that directly relates to the above Titus and Vespasian. Read Luke 11: 5-12 of relating the scorpion eggs/stone and how when the stones cry out you can’t see them because they have been blacken (Luke 19:35-42). How could Jesus predict this specific warfare of Titus in 70Ad when we are told he was killed in 33AD? Because the gospels were back written 40 years to set up the coming of Titus and Vespasian who are the unnamed father and son. The third part of the unholy spirit would come later with Domitian who succeeds his brother Titus as Caesar of Rome.


    As I rub the oil container of the Genie

    The lamp has light

    Iblis gets small teeny and weenie

    Lucifer isn’t now so bright

    From ..33 three times God said “Be”

    Creation of birth is in the domain of God’s decree

    But now I see how he crosses boundary lines

    And communication lines

    Trying to take all of the original from their proper times

    He can’t put us in his lying fetters

    As he snatches up our goodwill peaceful letters

    Like a dragon he sometimes roar

    Why fight him before we healed our own Civil War

    We on the same team liken to the football

    Avoiding all poison with the hyssop, the hook and Gall

    Hannibal didn’t do the devil what he should have

    Learn his history lesson and we shall save

    He didn’t throw salt on Rome’s ground

    The Pale Horse shall be crucified and bound

    Even though he intercepted the passenger envelope he found,

    From a potential touchdown (we make a comeback and turn around)

    He’s nothing but a tricky joker and clown

    He updates himself from the light of the tree

    Our eyes are open and we shall see

    Listening and talking and tapping from Telephone (tree) poles

    His rabbit ears are slain with his head, heels and even his soles

    Our solution:

    Reuniting with our Black Queen whose so so sweet

    Blackman get on your knees and kiss her feet

    Then strike the serpents Achilles heel

    Because he is a lover of money and he can’t feel.

    Malcolm the 7th child at the 7th temple made men buy women new footwear

    He was the Red badge of courage & like Noah we shall pair (777)

    We used to jump brooms now we lick her soles

    From the heel, to the corns and bunions to the hammer toes

    My grieving took more than three days but its now over for the dead

    Now you know my favorite color is symbolically Red

    Red for the martyrs and the revolution

    Mistakes not repeated cuz we got the solution

    Regretting the pen and the velvet touch wrath

    We moving on up to a timed-zoned path

    From Egypt Horus vs Set (Satan) light vs dark

    The time/hour from Hora (Horus) is where we get the spark

    From the calendar from the horoscope (Horus) we get the Time

    What we do is already done we are 5 minutes ahead of time

    The Hyksos and Hebrews in alliance took up with the Set cut his red hair and hand

    Seth is limited and enemy of boundaries nicknamed in Egypt trying to take land

    Hyksos royal names included Apophis, beloved of Set

    But Kadmose made them all wept

    Headquaters at Avaris (Rameses/Exodus 1:11) Hyksos made jews slaves and army men

    They started to worship Set an abandoned the Egyptian Amen

    And confess to the goats head

    Pledging to keep the blackman mentally dead

    Hajile came to me in my sleep I wanted to joyful holler

    At the table shook my hands and gave me five dollars

    Why, cuz a politician will take all he can

    But men of God will give all that they can

    Now the devil is everywhere

    Because I’m getting close to God’s angels on earth & in the air

    This is what I got

    I lie


    Evil add a D to get D-evil

    Good subtract an O we get G-od

    BEARING THE CROSS: The Mule & The Mule driver


    First of all it needs to be understood that Simon, the son of Gioras was a Zealot/Sicarii, an offshoot of the Maccabees who rebelled against two Roman Generals Vespasian and Titus between 66-70AD in Israel by military means.

    This Simon, son of Gioras was lampooned and made into a parody character in the New Testatment. All the Simon’s in the NT are composite figures of the above Simon:

    1. Simon the Apostle. Jesus tells to follow with a cross called Satan.

    2. Simon of Cyrene carried the cross like a donkey/mule on shoulder. This shows they were lampoons of eachother. The Donkey was symbolic of Set (Satan)

    3. Simon father of Judas Iscariot a pun on Sicarri and Issachar a donkey shoulder a burden (Genesis 49:14-15)

    4. Simon Peter and all the rest.

    And all the other Simon’s in the bible. The Roman historian Suetonius wrote a biography on Vespasian who went into the mule trade “which gave him the Nickname “Mule (donkey)-driver”. Keep this as the story unfolds.

    In the book War of the Jews (WOJ) Book 7 it describes how Simon was captured and taken to Rome and executed. I will demonstrate that this was the same Simon in the New Testament told to get behind Jesus because he was Satan and to take the cross.

    “And Now Simon, thinking he might be able to astonish and delude the romans, put on a white frock, and buttoned upon him a purple cloak, and appeared out of the ground (Rock cave) in the place the temple had formerly been” (Book 7 Chapter 2).

    Now it’s a neat coincidence that Jesus says “Blessed are you, Simon…And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church (Temple)…whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven” (Matthew 16:17-19).

    Its not a coincidence as we proceed on with more from War of the Jews. “Now Simon would not tell them, but bade them call for their captain, and when they ran to call him Rufus.. came to Simon and kept him in bonds” (Book 7). In Mark 15:21 “A certain man from Cyrene, Simon, the father of Alexander and Rufus.. and they forced him to carry the cross”.

    Now back to War of the Jews “”Thus did God bring this man to be punished for what bitter and savage tyranny he exercised against his own countrymen [Sodomized fellow Jews with stakes up *** and plug up penus]..for wicked actions do not escape the divine anger…”. (WOJ Book 7 Chapter 2) In the NT Jesus calls Simon Satan but in WOJ they call him wicked. Now as we skip on to chapter 5 we read:

    “After these spoils passed by a great many men, carrying the images of Victory, whose structure was entirely of ivory or of gold. After which Vespasian marched in the first place and Titus followed him and Domitian (Red Dragon) also rode along with them. Now the last part of this pompous show was at the temple of Jupiter (Amen), whither when they were come stood still, for it was the romans ancient custom to stay , till somebody brought the news that the general of the enemy was slain. This general was Simon, the son of Gioras who had been led in this triumph” (Book 7 chapter 5)

    So we see how Vespasian and Titus (The Mule-driver) leads Peter (Satan) with a cross to be killed. The above statements are consistent with: Simon/Peter came behind Vespasian & Titus.

    “Jesus turned and said to Peter, Get behind me Satan…take up my cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:22-25). Then read about the other Simon/Peter who puts the cross on his shoulders (Luke 23:26). And plays the role of a donkey bearing a burden.

    When the early church father, Irenaeus started dogging the Gnostic-Christians he recounted the Samaritan belief that it was not Christ who died on the cross but Simon. The denial of Christ had came in the flesh was called Docetism. Gnostics came to be known as docetics from dokeo, appear. The Koran uses their same language when they said a substitute died on the cross that appeared like a Jesus but they also appeal to the Arians who called Jesus a mere man. The anti-Christ who wrote the New Testament knew that Titus was a parody of the composite Christ so they pushed the issue that he came in the flesh.

    The War of the Jews book is the puzzle to the other 4 gospels pieces. When all five are read together we see that the last 4 was just a satire skit of WOJ. Just like Saturday Night Live (SNL) do weekly parodies of some of the current political actions. The 4 gospels are just comedy acts of the real historical events outlined in WOJ. So was Peter the Dokeo (Donkey) who bore the burden of bearing the Cross?


    My speculation that Judas Iscariot last name is a pun on two things:

    (A).Sicariot/sicarii from Issachar rawboned donkey being a buden on shoulders (Genesis 49)

    (B). The Sicarii movement associated with assasinations Issachar is that both are associated with the Donkey in two ways of bearing budens and assassinations. The Sicarii movement carried curved daggers when the fought Rome. Also Roman secret police disguised themselves as sicarii to kill the Sicarri. As we read in Judges 15:16 about Samson using the jawbone of a donkey to kill a thousand men. I see a Judas Iscariot as similar to the donkey jawbone (i.e the frame of your mouth) but uses his mouth to give Jesus the kiss of death (Luke 22). Both Acharya S and Joseph Atwill were both right we just have to put them together in harmony.

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