Chief Elder Osiris : The Devaluation Of The Black Life

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    Little do we know about our Black Life, yet the information is available for us to know about the life we lived before the coming of Evil into our House, ( Divine Mind ) there is much about our life we do not remember, so much so until we are unable to visualize Black people living A life whereby we did not have to depend on those other people that now control and dictate our Life, a Life, that is at this moment, of little and no value, not even to our Black selves, it is an evil Mind that have brought about the Devaluation of the Black Life in Afrika and the world in general, wherever we are, the devaluation of our Life is in effect.

    The issues being addressed on these Yahoo groups are not about what I say about them or what you say about them, it is about what is True and Real concerning them and those two Principles of Action has all to do with intelligence, Profound Reasoning, and the Use of Logic, capable of using deductive reasoning in establishing our claim about what subject matter we hold to be dear to our Mind, as we take the position that what we are conveying on each topic we speak about is True and Real.

    There is no My Truth or your Truth, there is only The Truth and The Reality about the topics we discuss here, and to make claim of what we say is True concerning any topic of discussion, then we must or shall I say, should be able to stand firm on that we say, using not vain Ego or Jealousy, or irrational emotion in defense of our claim, because The Truth and Reality of the Matter, is based on Profound Reasoning and Logical Thinking, each demanding that the user of such Mental ability must be able to take what ever position taken on an issue, to its most Profound Reasonable and Logical Conclusion, which establish The Profound Truth and Reality about the topic under discussion until a more profound reasing is presented, standing on the foundation of experience.

    Therefore, if our objective is not to get to the Truth and Reality concerning all of those events that have played a part in causing the so call Black Afrika to be in our present condition in the world today and with a purpose to present a Spirit that will be effective in changing our Black condition on this planet, then my question is, why are we here engaging in useless none meaningful conversation on this Inter Net ?

    As I said before, the so call Black Afrikan is the most self-despising and self - loathing people that now occupy this planet and again, it is not what I believe, but is what I know, because it is experience that verify that which is True and Real and the Truth and Reality of the Black Condition, behold the Black Afrikan Nation, a Nation Divided and move upon this planet having no self respect or a desire to become dignified again, yes Black Woman and Man, you once wore Dignity with Pride.

    Now, where am I going with this, well I will tell you, I am going to the Sudan, in its war torn region of western Sudan , there where Black people life mean nothing to the Buffoonery criminal nature of the ruling Government of Sudan, yet this display toward Black Folks Lives, are not just beholden to the people in Darfur, it is a state of fact that pertain to all Black Folks Lives, a Life that have seemly gone through a metamorphosis, experiencing a devaluation, compared to the Quality of Life once experienced on this planet by Black People now calling ourselves Afrikans, a Lofe which we now know nothing about.

    A Divided and confused Nation we have become, living a Life based upon belief instead of a life based upon Knowing and when Divine knowledge is not what we structure our Life by, then we place our Life in a position to become susceptible to any and everything someone other than ourselves tell us about God, Stars, and our Black selves, the end result that come from such a handicap, then go and run, fetch your mirror and observe the Truth and Reality of a Life that has been devalued in the world.

    There is not a State Sovereignty to be respected when the State is in the process of committing Class Tribal cleansing, committing the act of genocide against a people based on a warped notion that one class or Tribe is of a higher quality of Being than the other and the greater Sin to be committed while such an Evil act is being carried out, which reflect the evil spirit of those that are committing the act of genocide based on Class Tribal identity against such people, is for those so call Afrikan propped up States to sit idly by and allow such evil to take place against a member of their Kit and Kin, all because ignorance of whom we Black Folks are, out weigh the Knowledge of whom we are and it is that Evil of Omission that trump the evil of commission and as I speak, Black people in Afrika, referring to ourselves as Afrikans and in regard to what is being allowed to happen to our Kit and Kin in the Sudan, Darfur, are committing the greater evil of all, as we stand around doing nothing in defense of the Afrikan people in Dafur and such inaction, cause us to become enablers to the criminal government of Sudan, while such inaction serve to verify the devaluation of the so call Black Afrikan Life.

    Black people calling ourselves Afrikans are the most unintelligent and pitiful people on this planet and I say unIntelligent because Divine Intelligence will in no way allow the slaughtering of Black People to take place without the perpetrators having to pay a very costly price themselves, yet here Black so call Afrikans States are playing Country Sovereignty, peddling forgiveness at all cost of our enemy, yet here we are, referring to ourselves to be abiding by an international Law, laws so enacted by the Devil themselves, as they sit around doing nothing to silence the cry of Death in Afrika, Darfur in this case, yet at their choosing, they will go into any Country State and bomb them at their pleasure and will invade such a Country State at will, and yet will pretend that their hands are tied when it come to preventing Black Folks from acting a fool against each other, regardless of where it is we are killing each other and will only make a move when they feel that their property holdings are at a threat.

    Here are so call Black Afrikans in Afrika, attempting to play such an international game, a game on such a level where the deck is stacked against Black People playing Country States, created by the devil himself.

    Will somebody tell me what good for use is the Afrikan Union, when they look to our Natural Born Enemy for guidance and assistance in solving our Problems, problems that the oppressors created ? it is the Fool that do not abide by the saying, Europe may have, Asia may have, america may have, but Divine Intelligence is the Nation that have and can protect its own !!!

    Beloved Black so call Afrikans, A House Divided is a House under occupation by other than its owner and such a House will not stand, as the House it once was, when it was a House set upon the Foundation of Unity, operating in the Spirit of Harmony, Order, and Balance, enjoying the Blissfulness of the Black Life.

    Wherever Black Folks are today, we now live a life that has been devalued, having no mind power to make decision that will bring a Divine Value back to the Black Life and until such become the Fact of the Matter concerning our Black Lives, we remain in a state of Mental Slavery pretending to be Free and that is the Divine Truth.

    The Divine Information when known and understood, cause you to become the Knower of the Divine Truth and will qualify us to be able to understand the summon bonnum ( greater good ) of Life Mental Action, which will not allow us to stand idlly by when situations such as what is going on in the Sudan is taking place, as we claim to be the pusuer of Divine Justice for all.

    As long as there is one so call Afrikan is not free, experiencing Justice, then all Afrikans remain in the state of that one Afrikan, serving to be an enabler to the devaluation of the Afrikan Life.

    Woe unto You That Know Not the Value Of Divine Knowledge, Which Prevent You From Breaking The Code Of The Black Life, An Ignorance We Posses, Caused by the Human Being, whom We Now Proudly Confess To Be, As Our Present Condition Verify The Error Of Such a Mind Inaction.-osiris

    Let Those Of Us That Is Wise and Can See, Understand What Has Just Been Shared With You. -Osiris

    When We Are Unaware Of The Truth, Then A Lie Appear To Be The Truth, And we Do Not and Will Not Know the Difference, Because We Are Mentally Locked Into Believing, The Level Where Lies Reside and Truth do not.-osiris

    We Can Believe That We Do not Know to be truth, But it is required for Us To Know That Which is True, to do other wise is the action of a Fool, caught up in the activity of the Human Being Mind, A Mind Full Of Mischief, Lies and Deception.-osiris

    The Truth, Black Folks Despise The Truth and we now suffer for being so dis piteous before the World.-osiris

    A Fool can only be convinced by a Fool, but a wise man is aware of them both.-osiris

    The greatest enemy facing black people today is religion and the Satanic Media of america and the western world and running a close third is Black People, an enemy to ourselves.-osiris

    In life there is an internal door way to Truth and Reality and in such an environment, there reside the revelation of the answers truly desired about God, Universe, and the divine Self, the True healer of the Body Life organs.-osiris

    Visit our Web sight at:

    www.fwiamsrm. com and voice your concerns as well.

    The Code, Divine Being, Know Thyself !!!

    How Pitiful And Shameless We Black Folks Have Become In The World Today, Not Knowing Which Way Is And Which Way Is Not, What Is Going and What Is Coming.-osiris

    Let Those Who are Wise Understand What has Just Been Shared With You.-osiris

    In america it should be, it must be for the Black Minds in america, Freedom and not a perpetuation of endless acts of survival, the Divine First Way Nature of Black folks, happen to be Freedom.-osiris

    So It Is, And so It shall Be!!!-osiris

    The Truth, The Negro Despise The Truth And Serve to Be a Traitor to The Black Race!!!-osiris

    Beloved, Only The Devil Is Displeased Concerning This Revelation, As I Share With you The Truth, Having No Concern With What Your Behavior Will Be Toward Me, Because I Follow The Path So Charted For Me By Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors, As I Have Only Love For You Who Know, and Know Not.-osiris

    Date, Time And Place can be assigned to Truth and Lies, but Sound Profound Reasoning and Logic, Bed Down only with Truth-osiris

    Remain strong and always be alert, taking no one for granted.-osiris

    Free your Mind and conquer Fear and the Black Divinity will return, bringing the Liberation of the Divine Black so call Afrikan Nation, which is now divided and fearful of God in this life, because of the devil religion.-osiris

    The Truth, Black folks Despise The Truth, Thus serve as a sign of how hateful we are toward the You of ourselves and how well programmed we Black Folks are.-osiris

    I come sharing the Truth not with arrogance, but with the Divine
    meekness so required of me by our Ancient Cosmic Dark ancestors.-osiris
    > The Truth is not to be claimed, it require that it be known and
    understood, relinquishing all irrational emotions, attributes of Lies
    and act of deception.-osiris

    I Will Present The Truth Wherever I Can Get Truth An Appearance,
    Even In The Midst Of Black Folks Fears and Divisiveness! !! -osiris
    > Here Is Loving the Black So Call Afrikan,Even In Spite Of
    Yourselves!! !-osiris
    > It Is Time to Elevate The Truth and Condemn The Lie!!!-osiris
    > It Is The Black Fool That say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!!-
    > It Is The Fool That Ignore The Truth In Favor Of a Fool!!!-osOsiris

    > Run! Run!, Run Black Woman And Man, Back Into The Safety Of Your
    Divinity!!!- Osiris

    > The Human Being Say God Command, The Divine Say God Reprimand
    > All Respect and Honor to That Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus
    > Hoteph
    > Chief Elder
    > Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    > Hierophant,Teacher Of Ancient Black Theology
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