Black Spirituality Religion : THE DESCRIPTION OF YASHUA (JESUS)

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    Peace and may Benevolence be your guide... this is Bulletin # 105... to acquire the full comprehension of this profound knowledge, start with Bulletin # 2...Our True Origins
    This knowledge is not influenced by the view of a Christian, Muslim or Israelite, nor is this knowledge influenced by any secret society, cult or denomination. This knowledge is influenced by All of the Scriptures and related literature COMBINED, ABSENT of Religion.
    Continuing from Bulletin # 104; The death of Yashua... The great Prophet Dani'El recorded this way: In the book of Daniel, the seventh chapter and the ninth verse, gives a description of Yashua (Jesus)... " I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the Hair on His Head like PURE WOOL"... The description reveals that this great Being had 9 Ether hair texture Kinky or Kingly. Now, the Greeks are responsible for a great deception. They altered words from their places, as they translated from the Aramic (ancient Hebrew) to the Greek language, which gave you your mis-translation: In the Book of Revelation, the first chapter and the fourteenth through the fifteenth verse, you can see the difference... " His HEAD and his hairs were WHITE like wool, as WHITE as snow, and his eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet like unto fine BRASS, as if they burned in a furnace, and his voice as the sound of many waters". The implication here is that there was a white glow, that was around his head and his hair like white wool. However, wool coming from the sheep, can also be brown and black. Also The Revelation story was taken from Daniel's story. The Book of Revelation was revealed in Ninety-Six A.D., and the Book of Daniel was revealed in Five-thirty-six B.C.E., many thousands of years before.
    Without the intentionally alteration of the texture of his hair, the Book of Dani'El makes it plaie he had Wooly Hair. The rest of Revelation describes a person who has red eyes. Not the pupil but the SCLERA, common in Nubian people today. Again, it states that his feet were like fine BRASS, brass is a combination of fifty percent copper, which is reddish brown in color, and Zinc, a dullish grey, the combination of colors produce a brownish color. Revelation says these same brass colored feet had the appearance of being burned. That would mean, it was not a brass color any longer, but brass after it had been burned, this would produce a very dark hue.
    At this point, we have three clear descriptions of Yashua. He had wooly hair, the sclera of his eyes were red, his feet which is attached to the rest of his body, is burned to a dark complexion. Revelation continue to describe his voice, as having the sound of many waters. Which again describes a very common Nubian characteristic, a raspy voice. Yashua stood six feet in height, he was medium build and often appeared very thin, because of his strict fasting, and he grew a full beard. As he is described in Isaiah's book: " He hath no form nor comeliness and we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him". He was tall dark but not handsome. This is a description of Yashua son of Maryam, of two thousand years ago... to be continued... the next Bulletin: The Comforter, The One Yashua (Jesus) Sent... Peace