Black Poetry : The Definition Of A Terrorist Will The Real Devils Stand Up?

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    The Definition Of A Terrorist
    Will The Real Devils Stand Up?
    It Dose Not Discriminate

    Idiots that judge a helpless man,
    who feels the pain of his brother,
    and the world blames him ,
    because he is a Muslim,
    we are all brothers and sister.
    Who gives man the power to judge a brother,
    who have lived in America all his life,
    to be turned on by ignorance,
    and humiliated by a fool who has no ties,
    with the other side.

    Judging a brother because he wears,
    a wrap on his head, and the women body,
    is covered that no man could see.
    Dictators that are poor and have nothing,
    better to do than to create hate.
    Reminds me of the lynch man ,
    who hides behind the tree,
    kill that nigg that was his favorite words,
    To live in a land Ego bigger than which it stands,
    to hold on to a power, that belongs to no man.

    If you bomb my cities and kill my children,
    who am I to judge, when it hits close to home,
    when you separate love and create hate,
    And hide behind the codes of Gods laws,
    No man have power over the devils children,
    who lead, Only God,
    satin your kingdom will come down,
    no matter who are what color you might wear.
    Who is the terrorist that lives abroad.
    When you judge a man by his color,
    country for which it stands.

    A power of a color who has no jurisdictions,
    over a land. Living in a illusion,
    to break down the little man.
    Who is the terrorist that walk upon Gods land.
    A life is a life, a man is man,
    a heart is a heart, for which it stands.
    Watch some fool jump at my words,
    for the price of ignorance is death.

    Its not the power of a man,
    who lives upon the earth.
    The virus snake that runs foe to foe,
    unclean thoughts that plagues nations ,
    taunted by un- forgive able love,
    without human kindness he’s destructive to self.
    Crime against humanities,
    wars that plaque the earth.
    The taste of bitter brimmed by curse.
    The thoughts that shivers the summonsed of calm.
    Visioning mans voices of love,
    pleadings of peace be still.
    Sins of human birth, past down ,
    the evolution of murder that grows ,
    within the blood streams of generations,
    that cursed the holy grounds.

    Where is the respect for Gods Holy grounds,
    for all that trample on Gods creations.

    I cried in the name of thy blood,
    I screamed freedom and peace to thy God.
    I cry from the holy hill no accommodations,
    now pleading my case to the almighty God.
    Thousands of voice cries the songs ,
    of humanities may peace be restore upon the earth.
    To still my soul man awaits.
    The ancient dust that exhales,
    the devil in his clutch.

    The almighty God shall cage the beast.
    Humanities sings, oh glory to thee.
    The fountains that cry blood,
    title of conformity thy cross ,
    survey the words of love.
    Oh thy brothers hand thou shall confess,
    their pride of hate, when justices sets,
    a place for thee when sinners fall,
    the righteous shall stand.

    Integrity , society, program intercity,
    fear of slave mentality, exterminations,
    of a reproduction, hate me be me,
    see an self deceptions .
    The belly of the well darkness,
    continues to breed darkness,
    death a release, better to be dead,
    than a slave within self.

    Stop The War”
    I give to thee the life line,
    that you may grow in the Universe.
    Your tribes shall carry your name,
    and the seed shall live on.
    I give to thee the jewels women,
    that you shall breed.
    Many nations which your legacy shall live on.
    I the father and the son of prophesies,
    hear me as I speak.
    Let not vanity kill your roots,
    as the lynching of your brothers
    shall repeat until you my son come together as one.

    Damnation shall be your legacy to come.

    The darkness that hide behind walls,
    consignment of death closed in walls.
    Harvesting the darkness of self.
    The windows are foggy cannot see the light.
    The sparrows are closing in,
    hidden in a box find thy soul,
    what goes on in space?
    Justifying the wrongs for the rights.

    Toxins that filled blood, sipping on death ,
    oppressor of self,
    surrounding hate,
    pollutions has no fate.


    Dark as the tunnel which I dwell,
    the light that brings life.
    Thy travels from heavens to earth,
    the love that embrace.
    The past has return to life,
    the scars of a past continues to repeat,
    the same mistakes.

    Resurrection of a soul that lives,
    to complete the missions of the pass life.
    Indoctrinations of the rules which must be held.
    The decay of a world that awaits my growth.
    Sins of the fathers that reigns within its on curse

    My color is black, white, red, green,
    am I terrorist that lives upon this land?
    Ask your self to thy own self be true
    Humanities for all that breeds,
    from the seed of the father thy God,
    who created thee.
    The devils that walk upon the land,
    the devils children have no color ,
    those also who look like me,
    and all the creations that God has given to thee.

    To divide and conquer in any species,
    which it might be. To kill a harmless person,
    to dictate his fate by his color,
    truth shall not be silence, is anyone listening.
    Run and hide behind the covers.

    This is not a color thing it’s a righteous man,
    who can seek beneath,
    the covered coated bull shi=t
    oh I am holy than thee.

    Let A Black Man Speak
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    very well said.....this was very much on point
    thank u sistah

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    blessings thank you
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    Hypocrites "r" Us... I support this poet!