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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Have you ever seen a people that marvel in their oppression, so much so until those people grow to Love unquestionable those that do the oppressing of the Afrikans ?

    Well you have today been given the opportunity to be a witness of a people that boldly indicate a disappointment in the way those that serve as their oppressors treat and disrespect them, and today those people that claim a disappointment of the way America is treating them, happen to be those people referring to themselves as Afrikans and it is not only the Afrikan Americans that voice disappointment in America, it is the Afrikan in general that show disappointment in the way that those people with a history of treating and disrespect the Afrikan, yet we hold the highest of love, Trust, and Respect for them, which is why the Afrikan show disappointment in the way America and those other oppressors treat the Afrikan..

    So the question, what about Afrika to the Afrikan is a self explanatory question with the answer being, Afrika no longer belong to the Afrikan and that Truth is that which verify that the Afrikan is a defeated People, a people by having disappointment in those that oppress Afrikan People, indicate the Trust and respect that the Afrikan has in those people that distrust and disrespect the Afrikan people, and such a Spirit of an oppressed people that no longer has control of their Land and now is able to proudly admit disappointment in those people that oppress Afrikan People, serve as evidence that the Afrikans are a defeated people, a people that have been made not to have Trust and Respect for themselves, a People now defeated and refer to themselves as Afrikan Human beings.

    The state of condition of Afrika and the Spirit of the Afrikan People is what defy any so call want to be intelligent Afrikan to defy the Truth about the Afrikan People, a people now talking about the want to create their own contemporary Afrikan religion, a sure sign and display of the ignorance of the Afrikan, not having the intellect enough to know the main cause of our defeat, yet we want to mimic the Afrikan oppressors by creating the most evil and potent weapon, Religion, it being the weapon used to defeat a once Divine Being, who now has become a defeated so call Afrikan.

    How can a people that claim to be so successfully intelligent, be so undeniable ignorant about what has caused the present condition of Afrika and the Afrikan People, and it be those same Afrikan people that be making claim to be in a want for change and such a change is what serve to disqualify the Afrikan People from being whom the Afrikan People are, a change that will cause the requirement for the Afrikan to be willing to jump gleefully into the Melting pot of a World with a History of distrusting, disrespecting, and oppressing Afrikan People, a people now defeated, yet claiming to be a patriotic disappointed Afrikan American, over the way that America still is disrespecting and oppressing the Defeated Afrikan today.

    Have you ever notice the Spirit of the defeated Afrikan, always seeking an excuse to justify the Afrikan oppression, always in a hurry to bring charges of condemnation against the victimized Afrikan for the reason that the oppressors are victimizing the Afrikan, again, a sure sign of the Afrikan Defeat in Life of the Afrikan.

    The Life of the defeated Afrikan has no patriotism for Afrika and has no Self respect for the Afrikan self, so if you want to know about what is to happen to Afrika, then I suggest that you open your Mind Eye and observe the True condition of Afrika and see who is in control of Afrika today and see the Afrikan in the Defeated state of Mind that now guide the Afrikan People, do that, and you no longer will be in wonderment over the present condition of Afrika and the Change the Afrikan is now submitting to, that is assuring the continue defeat of the Afrikan people, which is Afrikan Assimilation into the World Racial Melting pot, a sure act that is causing the Afrikan to care nothing about Afrika and the Afrikan to Melt into the Afrikan Demise as an Afrikan.

    The Afrikan today is a defeated Afrikan that proudly wander around upon this planet wearing the garment of disguise of being an Afrikan, guided by the spirit of hypocrisy, pretending to be what the Afrikan is not, which is a Proud self aware Afrikan, and it is the lack of that Afrikan Spirit which is proving the Afrikan to be a defeated Afrikan, verified by the quality of Spirit the Afrikan now express toward each other, it being the Spirit of the Defeated Afrikan, emulating the Afrikan oppressors, in deed and in Action, and the evidence of what I am sharing today, is the state of condition of Afrika and the Confused state of Self ignorance the Afrikan has of self today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved.


    Chief Elder