Chief Elder Osiris : The Defeat Of Black Nationalism Pan-Afrikanism In America

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Jan 3, 2002
The Defeat Of Black Nationalism Pan-Afrikanism In America

By Chief Elder Osiris

When You Speak Without Having A Covert Selfish Agenda, you Are At

Liberty With your Self to speak As You know The Divine Truth is,

you are Not Under Any One Else Influence To Speak As You Believe

that which you have been told The Truth Is.

The Honorable Marcus Garvey if it was such a possibility, is in an out rage in his Tomb, over the way the advocates of Black Nationalism and Pan-Afrikanism has allowed the Afrikan American Assimilationist America Patriot to rise, aiding and assisting the Racist America News Media in Lying and deceiving the so call Black Afrikan In America, the Afrikan American Elites rising, claiming to be the Leader of Black People in America, and they get no Fight from the so call Black Nationalist Pan - Afrikan, causing it to be no wonder, why it is that our children are so Confused and depressed and now having no respect for their

Elders, they that confess to be advocates of the Philosophical Ideas of Black Nationalism Pan - Afrikanism and does nothing but give such a

Goal and objective lip service.

I sit and I observe the White Media as they march their Negro Afrikan Americans, their Colored People of America over the TV

Screen, and they in all of their Arrogance, many proclaiming their Religious Affiliation to the Religious Doctrine of Jesus, affiliated with various Religious denominations, preaching to the Black World that Afrikan Americans have entered a New Era of Patriotic Americanism and that the Black Nationalist Radicalism is a action of the Past and has no place in the Mind of the present and Future

American Patriotic Arikan American,as if the action of us Sixties Rebellious Protesters, sometime even unto death, was no more than a Fad and a Fashionable Action to take at that Time.

I take such a suggestion to be an act of an attempt to insult the Brave Warriors of the Sixties, which is responsible for the Limited Privileges now being experienced by the so call Afrikan American Elites which prove that the Goal and Objective of the Activists of the Sixties was Flawed and should not have been about the illusion of Civil Rights But should have been about the Children of the Middle Passage Liberation, with Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation being the rallying Demand

The Afrikan American is proving to be the victor over Garveyism today in all of their Selfish arrogance, which is revealing that the Cultural Garveyites are no more than Afrikan Americans who have the same goal and desire that the Afrikan American Assimilationist has in

America, and that is to become the best America Patriot as can be to America, and that is why the so call Black Nationalist Garvey Pan- Afrikans, remain Silent, as the New Afrikan American Patroit set forth

the Afrikan American Agenda of the New Millennium for Black People in America, an agenda that call for full force Racial Assimilation and America Devotion, by the so call Black Afrikan Americans.

The Passive Silent of Black Radicalism reveal that the Afrikan American Patriot is in control of the Minds of Black People, with the aiding and abetting the White America News Media, slinging all sort of America and Afrikan American Propaganda to black People in America, and all that the so call Black Nationalist Garveyites will do is wait each Year to put on a Pomp and Show for the cultural Aspect of Garvetism, never with a desire to become a Black Nationalist Garvey Pragmatist in America.

Today under the Obama Craze, you have the so call Afrikan American

Intellectuals, the once Militant Poets, Civil Rights Advocates,

Entertainers, phony Black Militants, Black so call Nationalist, Pan - Afrikans, and Reverends, all now fallen under the spell of Obama, the Afrikan Americans non Racial Messiah of today Black World, delivering

the fatal blow to the Philosophy and Ideals of Garvey, “ Afrika is for the Afrikans,” the Goal and Objective which now is not the focus of the Modern Day Black Nationalist Pan- Afrikan, as Obama blame the so call Black Afrikan American, for the suffering we now experience in America and is the cause of our own Victimization which is caused by our own action and nobody else is to be blamed for the State of Mind and Condition of Afrika and the Afrikan Living Condition, but the Afrikans

themselves, and the Black Nationalist Garveyites are no where to be heard in opposition of such arrogance

coming from the Integrationist Assimilationist Obama style Afrikan American Patriot today.

Obama is laying the Grave Stone for Black Nationalist Garveyism and as the Ideology and Philosophy of Garvey goes to its Mental Grave, so goes the condition of Afrika and the Lives of the so call Black Afrikans and that journey, is taking Black so call Afrikans into the Melting Sea of Racial Identity annihilation, not just in America, but the

World in general.

Mark my word beloved, as the Afrikan in America, here by way of the Middle Passage Fall to Evil in disguise of Good, and such a deception will serve to be the continued Dissolving of Afrika from the way it once was and the continue Mental Decline of the so call Black Afrikans, as we now witness the falling of America, which the Delusional so call Black Nationalist Pan – Afrikan can not See today, because our Silence give consent to what the so call Racist News Media and the Arrogant Blind Want To Be Intelligent Elites, now participating in the Destruction of Afrika and the Lives of the so call Black Afrikans, they are made to be a Contributor to the crimes now being committed against Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan World, just to satisfy the Afrikan American Selfish Wants.

Can You understand That, Beloved.

Divine Once Beings you once were, I beseech you to know thy Enemy, and they are those that Look just like you, Beloved

The Afrikan America Obama disciples are Afrika and the so call Black

Afrikan World, Judas, as Obama plant the Kiss of Death to Black Radicalism, Black Nationalist Garveyism style, today.

Silence is the most dangerous of a Killer, while in need of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan Liberation, so beware of those that wear the badge of Black Nationalism Garveyism, but wear the Mental Garment of Obama.

Fear the opinion of the Black Masses, they move now under the spell of Obama, he who has been branded with the Hot Iron Of Lucifer, he being the bearer of the False Knowledge of Satan the Devil, it giving off the Aura of the Handsome Angelic Prince of Good, made to appear to be the Greater Good, not for Afrika and the Afrikan, but for the Luciferian World.

Can You Understand That, Beloved

Oh Well, Pay Me No Mind beloved, As Your Human Being Mind Tell You to do, As You Have Been Conditioned to Despise The Divine Truth, Which I Share With you, because I Love You and Mother Afrika to, because I know you better than you know Thyself, Beloved.

I Come And I Share, You Either Will Accept Or Reject, I Continue On, Sharing With you that Which Is Revealed To Me, beloved and is despised by you.

As The Ancestors Have Revealed to Me, so will they reveal to you when you are ready for such revelation, yet You Have The Freedom To Choose Or reject that You Do Not Know As you are Eager To Believe that which you have been told to have faith in, As You Now Understand Nothing About your Divine So Call Black Afrikan Self, Can You Understand That, Beloved.

Be Kind To your Selves, Beloved



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