Chief Elder Osiris : The Deception Of The American Dream

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The instigators of the American Dream tell you that in America you can be anything in America that you want to be and that you can dream the impossible dream, and make it become possible in America, because in America your dream can come true, so you go and you dream of having that house on the hill with the white picket fence and two cars in the garage and a chicken in every dreamer pot, to use an America phrase.

    Beloved, over the last few weeks you have been witnessing the falling of the America economic system, which has a injuring effect on the international Economic financial markets of the major governments in the world, so as they say, what you see happening on wall street is affecting international streets and it is the lower class that is the major cause for the economic down turn in America, which now is being said that the major reason for the economic failure happen to be poor people and it is based upon the sub prime mortgage loans made to them, meaning loans given to the America Dreamer who was not in a financial position to support the Dream and the lending institutions are at fault for advancing such a false notion that give a false indication that everybody in America can afford to own a Home, hell, is it not the America dream to do so?

    In a capitalist economic system, it is not meant for there to be economic parity in such a society, that is why there is created a class-caste system, there must be a lower class if the middle and upper class is to survive and maintain their financial liquidity and property asset.

    So in a capitalist society and their prime society practice, is Racism and Prejudice toward the lower class, whose primary racist practice is based upon the pigment of those that occupy the lower class, then it is that class that strive every day to realize the American dream, because they have been brain washed to believe that they to are included in having the privilege to have and pursue the American dream, even when the racism, prejudice, and discrimination in the job market does not say so, causing the dream not meant to be for the lower class in a capitalist system, a system that need a lower class in order to survive and to remain economic solvent.

    So what do I hear when I see the Economist gurus discussing one of the major cause for America economic mess it is in today, well it is about the lending institutions making bad loans and what cause those loans to go bad, is because the people receiving the loans were not in the sustainable income bracket to justify the loan at the Time the American Dreamers were in pursuit of the American Dream that were and is not meant to be for the lower class in America, and the lender knew so at the Time of making the loan, but that was ok with the lender, because it was the money to be earned that served as the lender motivation for overburdening the borrower with a loan package that the borrower could not sustain, based upon the income the borrower was making at the Time of the loan being received.

    So in a capitalist economic system, it is not a privilege for the lower class to embrace the American dream and succeed, they are just meant to work hard and serve those who can afford the American dream, and the majority Black folks who work hard in America, they are not meant to be able to enjoy the American dream, as the present state of the America economy reveal to be the case, concerning Black Folks and the poor lower lower middle class in America.

    The American Dream is the carrot that hang down in the face of the so call Black Afrikan American, never in a majority, so you are not to be able to live the American Dream, just chase after it, and to some Black Folks, that is alright, in America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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    washing my hands of the sleeping dreamers

    i'd imagine that if they could understand it, they wouldn't still be chasing it. or being so adamant as to castigate those that suggest that they shouldn't keep supporting the politrickal processes that keeps them dreaming.

    perhaps if they were to wake up, they might realize that that coffee that they think they are smelling is really arsenic laden kool-aid ... but they prolly won't until it all crashes down.

    like george carlin once said "i can't wait till it all breaks and Mother Nature shakes them off like a bad case of fleas"!

    let 'em keep sleeping; when it comes back around, maybe they won't be in the way of rebuilding the Life of this Divine Planet! ... well, one can dream, can't one? :-\