Chief Elder Osiris : THE DEATH OF A BLACK NATIOn, The Great Divide

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In the Black world where Elders and experience is disrespected and shrugged off as being old fashion and out dated and do not conform to the Time of today's youthfulness of the Black World, those of us who have the ability to know and understand, by having the privilege of the Master teacher, which is experience, its elder students have just about died away and now you have only the youthfulness of the Black world who have been given not a Black Divine Spiritual education about life and about how the world operate, but they have been programmed to believed as told how the world should operate by the oppressors of Black people, and with such an educating of our Black Youth and they being given the recipe for the Black World New transformation order, they being taught and programmed by a force whose objective is to establish a New World order, meaning a centralized order of dictatorial world governing and our youth is now taught to disrespect the experience of their elders, and because of that fact, you now are observing the great divide .between the black youth and their elders

    The Afrikan youth today know nothing about the evil that lurks in the world and has no respect for the life of the less fortunate which the power of the white world has caused to be, the youth of today know nothing about empirical factual evidential recognition of the cause and effect of events that is effective in affecting our lives.

    The youth know nothing about the sociological behavior of the world society and it being the conduct of a society that create a class society that can only afford a small percentage of that society to make claim to be wealthy and supreme, as if it is a God given right to be controlling over the majority of the world lower class.

    It is our youth that is programmed to believe that all life is about, is out dueling each other for the less quality of all that the ruling class has to offer them and they know nothing about their past life, and our youth is being made to be confuse about their present life situation, because of the inadequate education that they are receiving in a failed education system for the poor in America.

    The wise elders amongst us is a fast dying breed, and those that are still with us, the youth has been made to disrespect the wisdom they have to share with them, by having the youth to believe that they now know more about life than their elders, the youth which breed only disrespect for the elders of the Black Race coming from our youth.

    A race without the wisdom of its elders is a race condemned to die a miserable mental death and at this Time, we Black People are witnessing the Death Of The Black Nation and that is why Afrika is no longer Afrika and the Afrikan Nation is a Dying Nation, because of the loss of respect by our youth for their Elders and that they are fast becoming extinct in the Black Race.


    You tell me, that is not a Black Life recipe for the Black Life disaster ?

    Beloved, it is experience that is our wise Master Teacher and to be an educated student of experience, you must have lived a long life with a Wise Elder Life degree.

    The Elders that do not have a Wise Experienced Degree in Life, serve to become a disaster to the Youth of our Black Lives, thus becoming an added cause to the great divide, that is what is causing the Death Of The Black Nation.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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    Good Morning Brother O!!!

    Yes sir I understand the urgency of the messagae you are trying to relay! As a matter of fact it gives me an idea about some raps I was in the mist of.

    Our youth are strong brother Osiris...but if we don't do anything about this drug and percription/X-pill won't matter....alll the talking and informing of is out the the wind!......NOW THAT'S SOME WISDOM FOR YA!...........COMMING FROM I !!!!!!!!!!

    I have to say even tho it might not seem that way ... I like your writings...when I go off never take it personal.

    You gots info you feel I need to know put it out there...plz do! How ever I process it is not no ones concern long as you didn't keep vital info from the ones you love.:bus:

    Peace and Bless