Black Poetry : The Deal With Books

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    The Deal With Books

    Yo run up to fake crew, take a view rap thing again up in it
    Can’t say it all in ten minutes must write a book to win it
    Shook and groovy can’t judge a book by the movie never
    The exact same the facts remain even as a newbie and clever
    Rapping twisting hooks if kissing were a book have tongued
    Chapters and sprung rappers with cash ablazed somewhere among
    The last page, they’ll try carry a library of info in a limo to
    Record on a demo must avoid these limbo rock cats not true
    Spit vapor and facts for paperback books, even retards discover
    Crooks, using hardcover books even read about their lover
    Hardcover books soars to the top because they make
    Good doorstops can’t ignore their drop of knowledge it take
    Books in order to fill gaps and thrill the crap out of readers
    In my jalopy hooked on phonics and Ebonics helping leaders
    With a copy of my book in the backseat with the pages stuck
    Together can’t duck forever time to burn stages with my luck
    Turn pages, I catch static and friction for my written dramatic
    Composition, shook on location with a book of quotations had it
    With the glamour of grammar ready to hammer brains with a mallet
    And screwdriver can find that in chapter two because I’m a rapper true
    To the cause, sick and corrupt when I pick up a book out of the blue
    I intend to read then bend creed with its content pages become glue
    To my brains, flow mad aggression book writing not a bad profession
    If you succeed you get awards if you fail and prevail learn a lessen
    Then write another book like scatman Crothers be hooked on the twilight
    Zone and KICK THE CAN that’s proof of youth in the movie guy all right
    I take a stealth look at health books can die from a misprint can eat wrong
    Then meet your maker
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