Black People : The Dead And You

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
On Saturday, May 2, 2020, 12:32:31 AM EDT, goddess IsIs <> wrote:

The Dead And You.

Chief Elder osiris Akkebala

Beloved, There Is Nothing About The Greater Good- God that is beyond innerstanding or is pass founding out about, with a Freedom of mind you have that opportunity to be with an awareness of the Greater Good-God.

It is the Mind that summons and dissipates the presence of the dead and any activity about the dead occurs in and flows from the mind activity making such activity to be surreal and not in association with Divine Truth and Physical Reality, the change to come to Afrika and Black Afrikans to be in Afrika depend on Black Afrikans use of Common Sense about everything to confront Black Afrikan people collectively we must be to act in the Divine interest of the Greater Good to Afrika and Black Afrikan people, So Think And Not Believe for your collective self, Black Afrikan people.

Anybody who is telling you that you can and/or how to get in contact with the Dead but must be beloved ones is telling you no more than about your self and the dead that is dear to you, so it is not complicated in accepting that it is possible for you to get in touch/Communication with the Dead because all of the doing is done by you and you call that self psychointeraction ( self-hypnosis ) an act on memory transformation, now allow me to inform you that some of the terms being used here are my creation because it is my Mind self-interaction that is tapping into the deep state of my intuitive self which is the Divine conscious state of the physical self, a state of awareness that is beyond the Conscious state of the Mind activity.

You see, I can do this because I am in total awareness of the different self dimension that the Brain allows the Mind to take you to if you are in total submission to learning the Divine Truth about God, Life, Living, and Death and Death being curtain call to Living Life in the physical and life is only associated to living and living to death after which there be no more physical contact with love ones that have entered the abyss of death, death being the transforming of the physical living to become energy everlasting existence and there is a reason why there is no claim of the dead making contact with the living, all the time it is the living making claim to be in contact with the dead because the living with a mind can make claim to be able to do anything in relationship with the living, mind memory is infinite and the mind can be trained to bring a memory back to being in a translucent state of presence but not being because being is in association to the physical and not the dead.

You see I have a reason for all that I share with Black Afrikan people and given the state of our living condition and me knowing how Black Afrikans been conditioned to ignore the Divine Truth and Reality make us be susceptible to all that is irrational by our own initiative, and all about the dead takes place in the mental memory of the living.

So I ask, why is it that the ghost phenomena is always about evil, is there no Divine ghost action of experience and where is the spirit of Jesus why isn't he confronting the evil spirits in possession of the soul of Mankind?

So what should be a priority to Black Afrikan people living, is Freedom, Justice, and Independence, once in presence of such an environment then all that you bring back to memory to think about can be transformed to become an experienced reality to you but not without being in an environment that continual claims being told about the Dead and Living when in fact it is the living acting to be with the spirit of the dead and it is the dead that knows not, separate from the living because any claimed action between the dead and living all of the action is taking place in the mind of the living and not the dead.

So, why not experience freedom again and all you wonder about will be rational and logical innerstood, free the mind and Infinity become your Mental travel to a playground that is of the Greater Good, God presence being the Divine Essence in perpetuity.

My point is this, with a well-disciplined Soul, the Spirit can't be tricked to believe with irrational loss of Logic, beloved.

Divine Respect.

On Friday, May 1, 2020, 09:49:41 PM EDT, goddess IsIs <> wrote:
( self-hyptnosis

The Ancient Greek Psychomanteums ORACLE OF THE DEAD.
Necromanteion translates to “oracle of the dead,” with the Temple of Ephyra being the most recognized.


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