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Jan 30, 2001
This morning I wore a suit, shirt, and tie
Flawlessly coordinated
Conservatively fashionable
Fresh cut
Shined shoes
Strong, handsome black man
Blessed and prosperous

Moving through the mid-morning crowd
We found each other
Two heat-seeking missiles
"Hello my love"
Our day has begun

Off to quiet places
Our own, the only faces
So beautiful
Can't take my eyes off you
Can't take my mind off all I know of you
Respect in you
Love all you do
Have me
I'm here for you

Soon the suit became too many clothes
With sensual and expert recklessness
You removed everything from me
Stripping me of life itself
Suspended in the air of each other's heat
There is no life
Only our love
Soul deep
Free and shameless
So **** good

hold me tightly
I can't believe my heart
so afraid you will disappear
if I open my eyes
I cannot trust my mind
as I feel your strength
press against my body
I want you want you want you
there is a place
reserved for our love
quickly quickly
take me
can we become one
right here my love?
the heat
the scent of love
familiar and long awaited
fills our nostrils
and we hold our breath
to sustain that 'high'...

hold my hand
beautiful one
love me far
beyond the sky...




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