Black Short Stories : The Day the Sun Went Black - PART 1

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    The Day the Sun Went Black - PART 1
    © 2011 B. Walden

    As I lie in my bed, eyes still shut, I dreaded the fact that I had to go to work. I hadn't even had a full nights rest. The snooze was blaring at me reminding me that it was time to get my rear outta bed, and I had already been lying here 15 minutes after my alarm went off. After hitting the off button I sat up, then threw my legs off the side of the bed.
    Rubbing my eyes, I shuffled to the kitchen and started the regular morning coffee. That's when I noticed that there wasn't any morning sunlight coming threw my curtains. And it should have been, it was the middle of July. I looked at my microwave clock and it said 7:41 am.
    What the...?
    I yanked open the curtains and it was still night, no sun. I heard some voices below down on the street and noticed people standing in the street, pointing towards the sky. I tried looking up but I couldn't see what they were pointing at. Maybe they realized that the sun wasn't up also.
    This was too weird.
    I grabbed my cell phone to check the time, but it was only one minute past the last time I checked.
    Maybe the news says something. Turning to the local news the reporter was going on about the sun not rising.
    An eclipse maybe?
    It was time to go check it out for myself.
    Not even bothering to put on my house slippers I stepped out into the hallway and noticed Ms. Henry standing in her robe holding her pet rat, well chihuahua.
    "Hey Ms. H, do you know what's going on?" I asked her.
    She gave me a blank stare and shook her head.
    Forget it, that old woman wasn't going to be any help. So I started towards the elevator.
    "Something bad is happening." She said as I walked off. I turned back and walked back to her.
    "What are you talking?" I questioned. "Bad? What do you mean? Outside?"
    She just shook her head at me and went back into her apartment and shut the the door.
    "Thanks!" I shouted and gave a good bang on her door.
    I ran and got into the elevator and stepped outside into darkness.
    "It's 10 minutes till 8 am and it's still night out," said a man's voice behind me.
    I turned to notice my apartment's manager Julio staring up at the sky.
    I still hadn't seen what everyone was looking up at, so I tilted my head back and scanned the sky. The stars were still out, but there wasn't any moon either.
    "This isn't a good sign," Julio went on.
    "What the hell is going on?" I asked. "Is this some kinda joke?"
    He redirected his look towards me. "Joke? This ain't no joke. This is the end of times."
    "The end of..."
    "Times, man!" He said interrupting me. "I read, well I heard from mi madre, that in the end of times the sun was going to go out."
    "Where you get that from?"
    "My mama."
    "I know that! But where did she get that from?"
    "La Biblia."
    "The Bible?" I asked. I was a very reluctant to hear this. "Well I don't believe in that Julio."
    Juilo didn't say anything but just stared back up into the sky. So I left. Staring up at the sky wasn't going to make the sun come out.
    Getting back into my apartment I sat down on the couch and continued to watching every news broadcast, but it all said the same thing.
    The Sun has gone out. Scientists are trying to find an answer to why this has occured
    I took a deep sigh and looked back at the time on the microwave, 8:11 am.
    D--n! I'm late.
    Wait a minute!
    Do I still have to go to work if the sun went out?

    To be continued.....

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    I really like this one had to read it for the third time
    funny this was said to happen the world will cover in darkness in 2060
    when it stop turning ......

    I want more more more sister pt.2 please more !!!!!!!
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    Somewhere between Earth and Heaven
    Great part 1, can't wait to read the next part! This is such a different type of story from others I have read.