Black Poetry : The day bullets stand still


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Mar 19, 2001
when all the bullets freeze
become stoic lazy
still upon the wind not
making their ill fated destiny
will it be too late?
will the population dwindle to
zero before bullets
take lunch....for good
will trigger fingers cramp
up and bodies in eyesights
become things of the past
will we be able to do as the village
is supposed to do....
...before it's too late?

the air is putrid enough
dead stenches of broken
breached souls cold
from reality and
and I'm choking on this
of the inability to

(c)2001 blakverb
man BV

i done ordered 4 pairs of 20" high waterproof boots
2 helmets
18 survival packets
400 batteries
and my lucky charm

cause you for real soldier
you ain't nothing to be playing with
i am a true soldier
i don't care who leads
i just want to WIN
feel me

you know people ain't gonna snap out of this nonsense until a great catastrophe or when the
meteor hits

communication is something that we lack
i mean look at me people don't want to hear me cause i'm black from the inner city so they pre-judge before even i get a word in



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