Black Poetry : The Dating Diaries Part two

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    Well we made through date 2,3,4, now 5 and I am so happy
    to be alive.
    I think he is a keeper, one thing he is no love making sleeper.
    He is too good to be true, now what do I do.
    Tonight it's at my place I am fixing him dinner.
    Since he's been dating me the brother looks thinner.
    So the champagne is chilling , the Roast in the oven.
    My pie crust is rolled out and my peaches are cooking.
    Potatoes I am peeling while my head is still reeling.
    What a wonderful feeling . I think....

    It's close to the time for me to shower and powder and
    slip into something real nice, a bottle of wine for the dinner
    is red........I hope all this wine doesn't go to my head.
    I am putting on lipstick I hear his feet on the steps.
    But , they pause for a moment as though there is something
    he forgets.
    I peep out the window and I see him, head bowed as if in
    prayer........I think to myself "Oh Lord , lets not go there!"
    I get tired of waiting and I go to the door, and he seems
    to be surprised to even see me standing there.

    After one month of dating he is still bringing flowers, something
    I insist that he not. He is looking at me wistfully and blissfully
    and suddenly I feel all hot.
    Come in I say, you will catch a chill, and I wouldn't want you
    to get sick. And then as if something snapped in his mind
    he ran through my house real quick.
    The smoke from the kitchen had gone unnoticed by me, so
    enthralled with this man, I couldn't hardly see.
    We salvaged what we could and it was still all good.
    And relaxed by a nice crackling fire.

    The champagne had loosened my lips quite a bit and I was
    sharing my day and rambling. I asked him why he looked so
    disturbed and then he confessed to the gambling. The flowers, the dinners the trips out of town, the way he was standing
    tonight with his head hanging down. I thought you wouldn't
    want me if you knew how much I made so I gambled a bit
    and tried to save. Sometimes I won, but sometimes I lost.
    And today I really lost big. I leaned forward and whispered
    that it didn't matter, how much money he made, I appreciated
    his honesty and told him quite bravely that I thought he was
    about to break up with me!

    No, no, never that he replied, you are the reason I wake up
    each day and go to a job that I hate. I want to make more
    money so I can spoil you my sweet, and now it seems I am
    suffering defeat. Spoil me I say, why you already have, you
    spoiled me with each little treat! But,now let's get real and
    down to the thrill, you have impressed me my brotha don't
    sweat, and most of all, don't make another bet.

    Hand in hand we rose together, me feeling as light as a feather
    lips touching lips exploring teeth and gums, hands roaming
    bodies, mind shouting "**** I AM ABOUT TO GET SOME"!
    From the soles of my feet to the scalp of my head I felt nothing
    but pure body heat. Yep, this man was about to sweep me off my
    feet. Off into the bedroom we went, trembling like newborn lambs, and all I could think of was how much could I love a man
    who would lay all on the line, just for some of my time.......
    Don't you mind! We both did fine...........:kiss: :kiss:
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    Mz B.

    I like this.....
    Communication and understanding is key
    and the love of that man....:toast: .....

    Epiphany :heart:
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    understanding lovin touchies
    gurl u write dem words hea!;)