Black Poetry : The Dating Diaries Part Three

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    We are a little less formal , months have gone
    by, since I decided to give this brother a serious
    try. I miss him when he is gone. But, sometimes
    when he is here , he gets on my nerves.
    But, he still touches a sista at every curve.
    Still doing date night, the gambling creeps
    in now and again. But, I caution him lovingly
    for I am not just his lover, I am his friend.

    Tonight he is cooking and we are watching a game.
    He is in the kitchen listening to "what's his name?"
    One of his favorite Rappers , I have learned to tune
    out, thats what sharing space is all about. If he can
    listen as I sing Gerswhin in the shower. I can listen
    to DMX or JayZ for a hour. What is he cooking, I have
    no idea. The fact that he is cooking is what I find dear.

    It can be peanut butter and jelly , or grilled cheese
    or just eggs. I love to rub that mans hairy legs.
    Oh, yeah there I go rambling, he has that affect.....
    My girls say I am selfish for having so much good
    sex! I don't have to tell them they can see it on my
    face.....I haven't frowned for more than a minute
    since brotha man first stepped into my space.

    I got a little something in store for him to.....
    After all that fussing in the kitchen what's a girl
    to do. But, lay it down hard and heavy with
    some slow jams and such........I promise I won't
    hurt least not that much!
    Oh here comes my King he is dancing his way to
    me. What is on the table, I can't even see.
    It's just the baby cooked dinner for me!