Black People : The Dark Ages

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    I only was able to watch alittle today and plan to come back to this.

    I'm so glad you posted this!--Because it is helping me understand and confirm some questions I had in my mind about this period!

    One of the major points I heard so far confirms what I had been thinking in that, like some are even saying today, one of the major factors that led to the fall of Rome actually happened due to an inside job!

    Today's White historians cover up so much about this period and make it so difficult to ge the fact, but finally I heard clearly that Valeric was actually fighting for the Romans before he decided to fight against them. I'm so trying to understand this period because it helps to kind of 'see in the future' as to human behavior as these civillizations today are comprimised and breaking down right now.

    In this film, it called Rome, 'the mother of the world', and it eventually became dependent on foreign defenders, but one trick in this historic description is that it is not explained to us that the so-called 'foreign defenders' they depended upon, [many of them anyway] were 'Whites' like the Romans. And when these White foreigners were getting the benefits they had gotten in the past, they turned on the Romans and were able to get on the inside of the system to tear it down.

    Valeric cut off trade from getting in Rome, and he was able to do this for specific reasons, one of which would be that he was White like them, and at one time trusted. He defended the Romans northern borders and was trained by the Roman military to be able to do this. In other words, he was 'a roman soldier' and 'a foreigner'. The system actually turned upon itself.

    Anyway, I'm learning something. Thanks for posting.