Black People : The Dangers of Cell Phones with Nick Begich

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Feb 9, 2007
The Dangers of Cell Phones with Nick Begich
http://www.consciou smedianetwork. com/members/ nbegich.htm

What your cellphone provider isn't telling you
(Running time = 29 mins)

Have you ever noticed how different your ear or head feels after talking on your cell phone? Dr. Nick Begich reveals the findings of studies the cell phone companies don't want you to know about and they aren't good. Johhny Cochran, the high profile lawyer for O.J. Simpson, died in 2005 from brain cancer and he was notorious for spending hours on his cellphone. It is interesting to note that his tumor was on the same side he used his cellphone.

There is a lot of disinformation out there about this topic so hopefully this will give you a credible resource to draw from. Nick says that you should never allow children to use cellphones until their brain has fully developed.

Nick has also done extensive research on HAARP, a controversial system of antenna arrays that propose to modify the weather and even influence behaviour. See Nick's other interview for more on this subject and check out his web site for his Hemi-Sync products that help balance the brain.

Goddess Auset333

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Feb 9, 2007
We are made up of Cells
Atoms, energy...and then some.

When we do not understand/over stand our inner makeup we will be destroyed from the inside which will cause our Blackout.

I Am not in possession of a cell phone, and I am am eliminating all that I need to eliminate in my home that also cause just as many problems as the cell phone.

Basic training is not easy for some, but when you know what is ahead after the Basic training you will strive to make it through starting now.

Black Basic Training. We have many rivers, bridges, oceans, seas, of knowledge, understanding/over standing, yet to get. The less Junk/baggage (Lack of Knowledge/ignorance we are carrying in our mind-thoughts now, the lighter the load.

It is time to simplify our lives free from any technology that will trace our tracks, because we are faced with a Grave Wilderness, that eyes haven't seen and ears haven't heard. Believe It or Not. Don't forget to KNOW IT or NOT. If we haven't graduated from the Belief/Believe (EGO) based mind thoughts full of doubts, waivers, ifs, ands, buts, maybes, we are going to be LEFT BEHIND (consciously/Subconsciously), and our children will die, and we will be the terrorist/murders, because we failed to prepare Consciously/Subconsciously).

A Black Divine righteous kingdom is not built on belief/believe (Ego based), confusion. A black divine righteous kingdom is built with people who KNOW (Harmony, Order, Balance).

Our five senses will play tricks on us and fool us. The EGO will not permit the five sensory thinkers to know more. It is time to go beyond the five sense.Nine levels of Divine Consciousness.(O) Infinity 1,2,3 (Close to Infinity), 3,4,5, (the fall mentality most of us are in now,our lowest level of existence, lies and deception (evil)) 7,8,9, (back to being close to (O) Divine Infinity). Divine Infinity Time (Truth and reality).

Black womb genders (females) and Black man. What Time is it? If we do not know, our lives and children lives is in Grave jeopardy. To be consciously/subconsciously poor is a CRIME.
It is Time for us to Be Divine Infinite Thinkers/travelers (consciously/subconsciously)

It Is TIME for us to Clean House (conscious/subconscious).

The dangers of not knowing. DEATH
The dangers of not understanding/overstanding. DEATH
The dangers of not having Wisdom. DEATH

A people who do not hunger and thirst like a deer panting for water, thirst and hunger for knowledge, understanding/over standing and wisdom is a dangerous CARE-Less non Thinking renegade people who have no set path in life, and they will go up against Truth and reality, and will cause the destruction of their own lives, and all those around them waiting for them to feed them Truth and reality, that they should have. BE AWARE of these people. They are some of the diseases and infections on Space Ship planet earth. To be Unconscious by choice, and if it is not due to some illness that prevents us from using our Miracle mental Servants (conscious/subconscious), is a disease/infection, Full Blown Ignorance, SIN-Self Inflicted Nonsense.

What are we willing to sacrifice to gain knowledge, understanding/over standing and Wisdom? How bad do we desire it? Are we fearful of the price it will cost to know, understand/over stand and have wisdom? Are we afraid of the Big Bad EGO (Evil Going On) that prevents us from knowing that which we need to know so that we can keep growing and knowing? if it is the EGO that prevents us from knowing, then we do not know and over stand the EGO, because if we did, we would know that We are better and Bigger than the EGO.


It is evil to not tell the Truth. I hate evil with a Passion (Auset)

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