Black People : The Danger of Knowledge and Truth

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    I've been thinking very deeply about the danger of knowledge and truth for quite a while now. In fact, there were even times when I seriously considered the idea of not even putting my book out. Many of you may be asking yourself why or why not...and here is the reality.

    The truth of the matter is this; If we examine the lives of those we have deemed as our leaders or the wise among our people, they were all faced with the same dilemma. In essence they were killed for what they knew and what they said. Our enemy understands so much better than we do what the power of words and truth has upon the human being, the mind and as such, the actions of the people. We don't REALLY UNDERSTAND this yet....not yet.

    Every cause has an effect. We say we live in a nation where we have freedom of speech, but we have got to know that it is a paradox. Sure, we are free to say what we choose (cause) as long as we're able to deal with the outcome of it (effect). In the Willie Lynch papers whether true or false, it stated a truth that can not be denied; "a ball in motion tends to stay in motion until something interferes with it".

    For our people, lack of knowledge and false religions is the ball that was put in motion, and as long as it can remain in motion everything is alright as far as the enemy is concerned. However, at this point in time as in the past, there are many of our own people who are part of the motion of the ball. In other words, there's so many of us today who are profiting from the ball spinning the way that it is. I am so sure of this, that if Malcome and Martin were alive today, they would die or be killed faster than they were back in the day...and I am also sure that our people would be behind it.

    Yes, we have become that cruddy since the sixties. Back in the day there were no abundance of African or black millionaires in America from the ages of 15 years old on up. Today that isn't the case. Back then, even the churches were helping the Black Panthers and Revolutionaries among that isn't the case. Back then, we still had extended family concepts and KNEW WHO OUR ENEMY WAS WITHOUT that isn't the case. There's so much more to this that can be said to prove my point.

    Some may ask, well why haven't they killed Farrakhan yet? Why haven't they killed Sharpton or Jackson yet? Well to put it in a nut shell...They are also part of the ball in motion, sad to say. Have you heard Farrakhan lately over the past few years? Sometimes it's hard to tell if he's a Muslim or a Christian...but then it really doesn't matter, cause regardless of which one he is, his doctrine is still part of the ball in motion and somebody's getting paid from it.

    So what then is the danger of Knowledge and Truth? The danger of it is in the liberation of the mind from the ball in motion and as such, our actions. The danger is in the destruction of those institutions that keep us deaf, dumb and blind that are found all in our communities. The danger is in the fact it has the potential to create and spread a world revolution and a unification of our people unlike anything the world has ever seen. The danger is in the idea that it can and will eliminate the division, the doubt and the illusion that presently keeps us all blind.

    The real danger to me isn't the white man per se, it's my own people. My own people who would rather cling to the ball in motion for fear of being made UNCOMFORTABLE, of being seen as a COMRADE or SYMPATHIZER or SUPPORTER. My own people who have been conditioned to believe that WE ARE ALL THE SAME, that THINGS HAVE CHANGED, that have the mindset of; I"M GETTIN PAID, LATER FOR THAT ! Have you ever been in a crowd of Black christians or Muslims who feel like their religion is being slammed? I have...knowledge helped me escape, but it wasn't too far from turning into a lynching if they thought they could have gotten away with it.

    I am aware of all this and was aware when I released my book. In essence, the whiteman or system of white supremacy has created a "safeguard or safety mechanism within our own people as it regards his safety". They have created many of us where as we will defend and uphold their system and people even without being told to do so or without them ever being around. This is the danger to me...but it's one I'm aware of. So I had a choice; either release the book with the love and concern for the future of our children and people...or be scurred for fear of my own life. I made my choice...WHAT'S YOURS !?