Black Spirituality Religion : The cycle between Hell , Earth , Heaven and Abode of God

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    The cycle between Hell , Earth , Heaven and Abode of God

    The present devotees and the present spiritual preachers are concentrating on happiness in this life which is heaven on the earth. They are concentrating on avoiding the misery (disturbance-causing factors) which is the hell on the earth. The justice gives temporary happiness and injustice gives temporary misery. Thus, this cycle is between hell, earth and heaven only (Pravrutti) and the abode of God (Nivrutti) is above this cycle.

    The self realization is only a sedative drug which leads to the birth of inert stones in the future, provided one stops there only. The happiness in the present life and avoiding disturbance to protect the peace of the life is only a temporary goal. The soul cannot protect itself in the upper world as the savior from the hell. Only God can protect you after this life and not your soul which is yourself only. The technique of peaceful living on this earth is certainly desirable. But it should be only an intermediate step and should not be the final goal of the life.

    The path of self realization gives utmost importance to the intermediate step only but is not stressing on the final goal. The comforts during the train journey are certainly important for the candidate who is attending the interview in the next station. The peaceful journey gives mental freshness which is supposed to help the performance of the candidate in the interview. But the comforts in the journey should not be the final goal. He should concentrate on the material concerned to the subject of interview while traveling in the train. He should allot a little time for looking to the comforts in the journey. But he should not spend all the time of journey in looking for the comforts only. He should not sit leisurely or sleep in the train after getting the comforts.

    He should concentrate on the material. Similarly after getting the peace by self realization, one should concentrate on God. You cannot do anything in the upper world to avoid the disturbance from the hell. The upper world is strictly meant for enjoying the results only (Bhoga Loka). The present human life is only chance on this earth (Karma Loka). The effort you put on this earth in this human life gives the peace here and protection in the upper world. The effort is limited only to this earth. If you follow Nivrutti directly without the self realization, it gives peace in this life and also protection in the upper world. Instead, you can follow the self realization and get peace in this life and the subsequent Nivrutti followed here will give the protection in the upper world.

    Whatever may be the way, the effort is limited to this life on this earth only and therefore this earth is called as Karma Loka. If you limit to self realization only, the peace in this life is certainly achieved. But what about the fruit of protection in the upper world, since no effort for it can be done in the upper world? The present preachers are drowning you in the upper world.

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    You can't focus on avoiding misery, in the faith, but simply living life as set before you by the Father, I know. And when pain and tribulation does come your way, rejoice, for the Father is with you and there to test you faith in its strength, that you might have a chance to prove yourself worthy of His KINGDOM. That's a thing to be happy in, especially knowing the Son went through great tribulation for us all when He was beaten, insulted, and was hung up on the tree to be sacrificed for our sins, and the resurrected back to life eternal. This was to show what come of faith and believing in His Word and trusting in the Most High while holding onto the Father's strength to overcome ones trials.

    So, don't worry on bad things happening to yourself, but that when they do happen, it's counted to you, in faith, toward your justification of the Son.