Black People : The Culture Of Homosexuality

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    The Culture Of Homosexuality

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    If the world can freely engage in Homosexuality then I most surly can share freely about Homosexuality, and the twain do not agree, to the specialty of one’s involvement and to the Divine Truth of its action.

    If there is a mother of all unnatural activity that is a practice by a society today, it is The United States Of America, the queen of hypocrisy, with a testimony of being the God loving country of this present world, receiving the sinful mantel from Grecian-Roman orgy practices, a part of Europe where the root origin of such vain and perverted sexual practices was conceived.

    There is an acquired behavior and there is a Biological behavior that determine the nature of the specie, whether it is to be Female or Male, terms we have adopted to draw a distinction between the two gender opposites.

    So, when dealing with the biological feminine gender in a cross nature development, you have one specie of a Biological sexual identification acting contrary to what the sex genital identify its gender to be.

    Therefore, it is logical to know in some case, when such an occurrence develop, it is because of nature over production of one type of hormone that deal with feminine or masculine development, it being a chemical that alter a natural gender personality presence in the feminine or Masculine gender, which cause the portraying of cross sex gender personality that does not coincide with the sex gender of which nature has prepared the Body life to be.

    So, if not corrected, you have a gender identification problem that in some cases become obvious on the topical level of your Biological identity, shown through character and personality conflicting with the biological sex gender identity.

    So, since science is in the business of transforming Women into men in appearance and sexual action, then it is obvious that science can correct an overproduction of Male Hormones being produced in the female gender, as well as the same for the Male having an over abundance of female Hormones being produced in the Male body.

    So there is a conscious effort to enter into combat with Nature, by defying Nature design, and if you carry the genital of a female or a male, then that is what you are, and the talk of a woman being in a male body is hormonal, and most time mental, and stand to be medically and psychologically corrected if society desire to do so.

    If you can change a man to appear to be a woman, then there are performances scientifically that can cause the man to remain a man.

    Therefore, what nature has designed and formed with the evidence of your sexual organs, and now America has caused you to put no importance of value to Nature design, and now influence you to chalk up Nature work to be a mistake in accordance to your feeble wants, in regard to the activity of Homosexuality, which is mostly mind over body, and not all time chemical related.

    Therefore, if it is, it can be corrected, as has been shown by the cross-gender body transformation.

    If Nature has designed you to be a man, then you need help in being transform to appear as a woman.

    There is a difference in mental cross gender performance, as opposed to surgical cross gender appearance, and America society has mastered the technique of both.

    So there is no natural biological need for Homosexual performance that can not be corrected to flow in the nature of your gender identity.

    A culture is developed and is not naturally created with the coming of the Body life, nature provide you with the tools of biological identification, with the authority over a group, proceeding to influence to develop a culture base, for the society in congregation, and the development of Mind become the tour guide of your Body activity.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Sure, it is expected for those who engage in cross gender activity to defend their action, and many are innocent in their defense, but not naturally endowed to biological prove the claim for their cross gender performance.

    There is a society that endorse the culture of Homosexuality and it is the United States Of America, and today, when America talk and perversely act, most everybody else listen and act accordingly to America dictate, and follow the sound of America culture drum, which is an influencing perverted sound.

    Now, it is open Homosexuality, being the signal and message of America action, totally and unequivocally accepted to be normal in the participation of such relationship, such Homosexual performance being today, the culture of America, United States.

    There is not one thing that is Divinely Right with Religion, and Black people is not its concern, so the Eddie Long claim of Homosexual involvement with some of his church members or outside of the membership, such an action is not uncommon activity in religion.

    So no, the church of Eddie Long will not condemn their pastor, because it is Religious Doctrine that has secured the acts of sexual perversion, and do indoctrinate its believers to be acceptance to all acts of evil, by having the believers in Religion to believe it is their God will that you judge not, and condemn not, and be forgiving to all committed evil, and justify such a wicked spirit by stating that none is perfect.

    What foolish people we Black people have become, as we adopt the Religion of Lucifer to be the religion of our own.

    We do so, because we without our Divine Mind, do not know who in this hellish world we have become, and we question not lies, and we seek not for the Divine Truth, today.

    Therefore, as they say, "Woe" is to the Black so call Afrikan, seeking for an everlasting Eternal Life in Heaven with Jesus, as Hell take up resident in our lives on this planet call earth.

    Most certainly what you believe affect those who do not believe, but know, but those who Divinely know do not have an effect upon those who believe, because the Mind Black people now wear, is immune to the Divine Truth, and it is ignorance that will, if not abandon such ignorant minds, be the physical death of us all.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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    choose words wisely

    "immune to Divine Truth"

    religion is nothing but a bunch of in the closet homosexuals

    the tragic part is the self hatred

    people think "dressing" means outer garmets

    the world mimics what is happening within the spiritual realm

    a vaccine of a disease is put into a person to fight that disease

    the conditioning of the human mind is the spiritual application of vaccinating

    ur entrance is ur exit, so it's no wonder my biological mother appeared to die on her own mother's earthday

    funny when hate has to spend eternity with each other

    either way eventually everyone has their day, and the day always meets up
    with the night time at some point

    c i'm not a homo sexual so i don't have the ability to be homo phobic