Black Spirituality Religion : The Created "One"

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    "...In order to understand the historical origin of Christianity, one dominant fact must be understood. This fact is that, to this day, there is no historical data or biography in existence to substantiate the life and times of a Jesus the Christ. As John L. McKenzie, S.J., states in his book, Dictionary of the Bible, p. 432

    the writing of the life of Jesus has been the major problem of NT scholarship for more than a hundred years; after numerous shifts of opinion, the consensus of scholars is that the life of Jesus cannot be written. The reason is that the data for a historical biography does not exist...the only sources of the life and teachings of Jesus are the four gospels. The contents of the Apocryphal gospels are historically worthless.'

    The meaning of the word apocryphal is "fictitious books of uncertain authorship," such as the four apocryphal gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. But the main reason for not having historical data or a biography for a Jesus the Christ is because there has never been a man that ever walked the earth in human form of any race, creed or color, by the name Jesus Christ..."

    Page 2, The Historical Origin of Christianity by Walter Williams, copyright 1993


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    What you are describing is not unique to Jesus. Many of the events attributed to the Buddha, and Moses, are not confirmed by written history as well.

    In the case of KMT deities, there are many histories of them written on the walls of tombs/pyramids which are not consistent --- such as differences in the accounts of Atum aka Ra aka Atum-Ra. How much, if any, is real history and how much is myth?

    What is most important is the content of the message, not the historicity of these messengers. When the ears of the student are ready to hear, the Comforter will appear, revealing aspects of the One Truth which can be intuited from any/all of the aforementioned sages.