Black People : The Cost of Living

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Destee, Sep 7, 2007.

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    Peace and Blessings Family,

    Isn't it strange that it costs so much, just to live?

    I mean ... seems like ... if a person was willing to do without all of the luxurious trappings of life, they could live, at a very minimal cost ... but such is not the case.

    Even if you don't have nuth'n and you're poor ... it costs a lot to live.

    At the very minimum, to have shelter, electricity, water, heat, etc., it's going to cost you considerably.

    It makes me wonder, if we should not be trying to reduce our cost of living.

    Otherwise, we're all caught up in the trap of paying high costs, just to live.

    Am i making any sense?

    I guess my point is ... i'm broke ... :look:

    But somehow, even with this being the case, i feel more blessed because i'm not as caught up ... ya know?

    It's kinda like when the stock market crashes, and white folk are jumping from buildings ... Black Folk are chillax'n.

    It's as though, the poorer you are, the less dependent on the trappings, the better off you are ??

    I don't know ... this is some weird stuff going through my mind right now, and i can't articulate it clearly.


    i love yall ... :grouphug:


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    Good morning,

    Yes it does cost increasingly more to live. For example:(real life example) just years ago gas prices were under a dollar.

    At the same time though I see an increase in income. Example (real life example) An associate of mine recently spent a few hours maybe about a full 8hrs working on a project at her own pace from the comfort of her own home and single handedly made over $500. The same pace maintained for 30days is 15,000. (the single project ends at 30k) So this is not a forever solution but it does provide cushion and options.

    I think the soultion is to being broke is simple. BE BUSY. Regardless of your cost of living the soultion seems to be the same. Gain by entergetic efforts.