Black Events : The Context of White Supremacy Radio Show w/ Professor Martin Kevorkian

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    University of Texas(Austin) professor Martin Kevorkian will share his views on the System of White Supremacy. Professor Kevorkian is author of the book Color Monitors: The Black Face of Technology in America. Professor Kevorkian analyzes the evolution and refinement of Racism(White Supremacy), which continues to saturate films such as Die Hard, Outbreak and Mission Impossible. His thoery is that machines/robots represent non-white people in films such as The Terminator & The Matrix.

    A Victim of White Supremacy has been blogging about this most interesting work. See what he said: here & here. This Victim is in the area of the world known as Europe; he too may be present for this program. International counter Racism!!

    Mr. Josh Wickett - a non-white male - authored an extraordinary film review on The Matrix which also asserts that the machines represent non-white people.(Click here to check it out.) Mr. Wickett may also join us to share his views.

    As always, we will attempt to provide constructive information and suggestions on how to counter Racism(White Supremacy). Should be a most interesting program.

    LINK FOR THE SHOW(As always the programs are archived, so you can catch the presentation even if you miss it live).