Black Events : The Context of White Supremacy Radio Show w/ Molly Secours

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    Thursday, August 13th 7:00PM EASTERN/ 4:00PM PACIFIC

    One Woman Show Productions writer/filmmaker/speaker Molly Secours will share her views on the System of White Supremacy. Secours' latest work - Whispering Black - examines how White people maintain the System of White Supremacy by speaking in codes that fail to reveal truth. The Admitted White Supremacist known as Tim Wise said, "Molly Secours is an uncompromising fighter for racial equity and social justice, the type of person who is in too short a supply nowadays, but who we need more of. Her writing and speaking styles blend humor and passion in a way that few can match, and her ability to get white folks to examine our own internalized racism[White Supremacy] is second-to-none."

    As always, we will attempt to provide constructive information and look forward to taking calls from the listeners. Should be a most interesting program.

    The C.O.W.S. Radio Show
    Hosts: Gus T Renegade & Justice
    Guest: Molly Secours
    Phone: (347) 215-6071
    8/13/09 7:00PM Eastern