Chief Elder Osiris : The Conteninent Of Afrika Is In Need Of A Revolution

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    The Conteinent Of Afrika Is In Need Of A Revolution

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In the Time referred to as 2010, such is the Time for Black so call Afrikans to get Serious about our Liberation and reclaiming Afrika.

    Away with all of this phony Afrikan States claiming to be separate countries on the Continent of Afrika, all Black Afrikans must begin to recondition ourselves to be recognized as a Afrika continental Black Afrikan People, using nothing that Lucifer has caused to be of Afrika, where we now give respect to, in identifying ourselves by, and our continent by, all being a successful plan by Lucifer to Divide the most powerful people upon this Earth, if were United, the Black Afrikans with the Land of Afrika I am sharing this information about.

    Beloved, it has become evident that the present structural systems now in action in Afrika is not what will cause the Black Afrikan Family Nation and the Land of Afrika to become One again, to the contrary, it prove to be the structural systems now used by the Afrikans to serve as the system of action to keep the Black Afrikan Family Nation Divided, and a Nation divided against itself will not stand to benefit the all of the Black Afrikan Family Nation.

    So you must come to see, in this false year of the Divine Time, referred to as 2010, as long as Black so call Afrikans keep referring to ourselves as Human Beings and identifying ourselves in according to the phony States created in Afrika by Lucifer themselves, the certain it will remain that Black so call Afrikan people will remain to be the weakest Black Family Nation on this Earth, and where there is weakness, there is the sign of unnatural Division, caused by the force that has caused the Division, so that they can remain Rulers and conquers of the Black Family World.

    Yes Beloved, all of the action that Lucifer take is designed to keep the once strongest Divine Black Beings Weak, and such weakness is maintained among the Black Family Nation by keeping the Black Family Nation from knowing who we are as a Universal Being, having a direct association to Infinity and that Infinity is the Eternal Infinite Dark Energy that cause all things physical and nonphysical To Be.

    There is no Natural difference in the Nigerian and the Ghanaian or the Ugandans and the Kenyan, Somalian and the Sudanese, and so on, in reference to the Luciferian made Tribal Stratum of the Black Family Nation, you being a Black Afrikan Family that was once united in your Divinity, causing you to be a Universal Divine Being and not a Ignorant Intelligent profane Human Being, which is a people with a personality that carry a spirit of wanting to be ruler of the Entire World that occupy this planet call Earth.

    Afrika will be no more, and the Divine Beings in Afrika will be no more, that is if we continue down the profane path that has been constructed for the Black Afrikan Family Nation to travel, a path that lead to the final destruction of a once Divine Family Nation, and a Land that provided only for the Divine Beings that first came to occupy that Land now referred to as Afrika, meaning Land of the Divine Dark Beings upon this Planet Earth, as Lucifer so named it to be.

    Beloved, all of our Body Life movement is dictated by the forces of Lucifer, the type of Life we envision for ourselves happen to be dictated by Lucifer, all because we have allowed Lucifer to conquer our Divine Mind action and replace our Mental activity with the Mind of the profane Human Being, and you wonder why Black people are in the predicament we are in today and call our condition a natural progression of the life of the Black Family Nation , a Nation that once was the Mightiest Nation upon this planet, all because we had control over the way we used our Divine Mind, and now our Mind is of such until we marvel with happiness in our oppression and depression, all being a sign of a people mind that has gone to become mental ill.

    Hell no, you can not understand that which come into your midst sharing Divine information, because Divinity beget Divinity and a profane Human Being Black so call Afrikan Mind will not be qualified to understand that which come from a Divine Mind, but the solution to such a Black Mental problem is not beyond being solved, all you need to do is to desire to reclaim your Divine Mind and the first step is by you reading the book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, the You that you no longer Know.

    The Alchemy Power that will play a part in saving Afrika and reclaiming your Divine Mind, is the performance that will come from the action of your original Mind, which was a Divine Mind in the know of what the Divine Essence Is, the meaning and purpose of Both Universe, and a Divine Knowledge of ourselves and how the Three in Divine Reality is One.

    Can You Understand That Beloved?

    There will be no peace to come to the Black Family Nation until there is a reunion of all Black Afrikan Family Members that reside on the continent of our Mother and Father Land and all else of us who are not there must return back there and that reunion is to come for the purpose of waging a Afrika continent Revolution, a Land now known as Afrika, there, there beloved, is where the strength of the Divine Family Nation reside, not in some Luciferian Social Construct of the Black Lives in Afrika, full of class division under some profane Tribal socialization, referring to yourselves as being by name a divided geographical Sub plotted regions across the Mother Land, Afrika!!!

    I do not share Divine information in an attempt to satisfy your profane wants, should I do that, I would be your enemy and will be an angle of Lucifer, but I share information that is qualified to awaken the Dormant DNA inside of you, that DNA that Lucifer has labeled as Junk DNA, all because they are not familiar with such a pattern sequence of your DNA.

    But you see, I am, it serve to prove that which I share with you concerning our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors and because you no longer know who you Black people are, you go scooting along trying to reference that which I share with you, through the conventional method use of research, you trying to locate the Divine information that I share with you, as if to say that you want Lucifer confirmation that what I am sharing with you is in accordance with what Lucifer has Miss-taught you about your Life and about the Divine Essence (GOD) and about the Universe, a sure sign of the Black Family Nation Mental illness, when conferring with Lucifer about something that is Divine.

    How sad and a pitiful people we once Mighty Mental people have become, now living at the bottom of Lucifer Social Stratum in the world of Lucifer.

    So yes, go, follow the Link below, that is if your profane ego will allow you to seek that which you need in order to be able to get to know once again who you Black people Truly and Really need to be again.

    Yes, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, such is not an easy read to the profane Mind, so is not that profane bible but you carry it with you every where you go, you even pray over it and meditate about it and so must you do with the book Divine Spirituality, the difference being in the two books are that the bible is full of profane lies and deception and Divine spirituality just reveal to you that which your life has experienced to be the Divine Truth.

    Beloved, your desire must be to reclaim your Divine Mind and that book Divine Spirituality will open you up to such a mind, and it is a book that require to be studied and should be just like you have taken to your bible, it should be in your possession as well, because it is the antithesis to that Bible, Divine Spirituality is Truly the Book about Life and need to be in everybody possession, not just Black people, but all people, and if studied, it will make the world to be a better place to live your body life.

    So Read the book, not for my sake, but for your sake and the sake of the world, it is a weapon against Lucifer and you will be able to see why I share with you the information that I do.

    A Revolution in Afrika is a Must, that is if we desire our Mind and Land back in our possession, beloved.

    Can You Understand This Which I Have Shared With You, Beloved?

    The Link:

    Make sure there is no space in the Link.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder