Black Muslims : The consonant system of The Qur'aan

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    The Gratitude is for Allaahu The Sustainer / Lord of The Universe The Peace on who follows The Guidance.
    The word for consonant in the arabiyyah of The Qur'aan is " Al Huruwf " the literal definition of this word is " edge, rim, border, brink, sharp edge, verge "..its applicable meaning is ' letter, consonant'
    The reason This word means ' rim, verge, edge.." is this:
    A consonant is built inside of the mouth. The formation of the tongue inside of the mouth as it is aligned against the teeth and or roof of mouth or , the way the tongue provides a certain shape to air as it passes through the mouth when one talks, is how the consonant is built. When one recites the Qur'aan, pronounces any 'letter' of it , the sound is pushed up into the nasal chamber where the vowel is attached. Inside of the nasal chamber an electromagnetic field is being generated from the temperature and the rattling of the bones in the nose. the moisture from the water and the electric current from the vibration of the bones, generates an electromagnetic field within the cavity of the nasal chamber, the nerve in the nose reading and distributing that vibration, the pattern of that vibration throughout the central and peripheral nervous system. This is how The sound of Qur'aan enters into the heart. The organs of the body feel your recitation of The Qur'aan just as clearly as one can hear another person humming to themselves. The Prophet Muhammad said: whoever does not speak through the nose by way of the qur'aan is not from us.
    This isn't a mean teacher barking an ultimatum. This statement simply, and eloquently points out the attention that must be paid in reciting The Qur'aan. push the sound of your voice through your nose so that your own body parts may be tattooed with the sound of Qur'aan all the way to nucleus of the molecular structures of the cell. Light upon Light. All of the organs and chemicals of the body radiate an electromagnetic field/halo... an electronic blueprint of its own structure and movement. when the sound of The Words of Allaah strike a thing, the essence of that thing yields and aligns itself smartly. This is why Allaah in Qur'aan instructs the reader 73:4.
    Recite it slow and measured. This pushes and channels the Light ( i.e.vibration - the sound frequency of qur'aan) throughout The nervous system.
    When your lips are properly formed and the consonant you are attempting to pronounce is properly arranged in the mouth. the tongue rises to push the voice into the nasal chamber. the temperature within the nasal chamber is applied to the voice, the vibrationwithin the nasal chamber is applied to the voice which binds the vowel to the consonant, giving it its integrity, clarity and weight. Why?
    remember the meaning of the consonant? edge, rim, verge. when the proper recitation of qur'aan is expressed, the sound "cuts into the space your on exhalation. the shape of your breath is an 'edge' a rim that is so fine it moves the weight of light that is present in the atmosphere that surrounds you. Moving things creates room. Moving light creates space. In any atmosphere. say it now while reading this. say the " Ta'awudh " or the " Tasmiyyah " as you normally say it. and then say it with full effort in saying it through your nose, by pushing the sound up into your nasal cavity. I assure you that YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE and after adherence and strict consciousness and mental attention there will be no doubt that none has generated this Scripture except Allaahu Dhul' Jalaali Wal' Ikraam.
    Ta'awudh - The phrase : A'uthu Billaahi Minash shaytaanir Rajiym
    A'uthu - I seek refuge
    Billaahi - By way of Allaahu
    Min - From
    Shaytaan - The 'thing' of clay
    Ar-Rajiymu - The cursed

    Tasmiyyah - The Phrase : Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Rahiymu
    Bismillaahi - By way of The Name of Allaahu
    Ar Rahmaani - The Merciful/Gracious/Yielder
    Ar Rahiymu - The Most Merciful
    In English we see and say ' In The Name of Allaah '. The word for 'IN' is pronounced "Fi" (i.e. feee )
    We leave off "englibic" which is arabiyyah spelled out in English letters. The Arabiyyah is too easy to learn to be fumbling aroung with trying to bring English with our learning. leave it. assume the audacity to learn another language. One That Allaah Says is Easy. Let The Most High prove that It is Easy and That He Is Light. Recite The Qur'aan through your nose and settle the doubt with Certainty, "Yaqiyn"... The entry way to Imaan. Faith. Faith is not a little thing. It is a software. The software of Reality. Allaah downloads it to whomever HE will. 10:100.
    and please understand: Faith (imaan) and Belief (taqliyd) are not synonymous in any way. they are NOT the same. One comes from peoples' rhetoric about what they think is a proper idea of Reality....The other from Allaah The Creator of Reality .
    One confirms the Truth (sidqa/Sadaqa- confirmation of truth) and the other can't explain it and carries doubt at its core.
    The Holy Qur'aan in Scripture is written on paper by way of ink. The Holy Qur'aan in Light is written on The voice by way of Intent. I seek refuge by way of Allaah from having written anything incorrectly. O you who are Faithful, please question anything that is not clear, or needs to made clear. I have attempted to be concise but also detail what is essential. which is no insurance on accuracy but it is assurance that I dont want to be misled nor mislead. As Salaamu Alaykum,