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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Well what do we mean when we say Conscious Black Folks. I know what I mean but that is not necessary what other Black Folks Mean, so I can just only share with you what I mean when I make reference to conscious Black Folks.

My definition of Conscious Black Folks are those Black People that know what it mean to get up and not knowing where the days meal will come from, they are Black Folks that do not have a Job that pay them a respectful wage, they are Black Folks who know what the Feeling is to be Profiled twenty four seven, having no need to have done anything so call illegal, they are Black People that know what it feel to be serving Time for no other reason than for being Black, they are people who know that all of this America Dream Bull Do' Do is not meant for them and they know that they are to far down the Social Economic Line to get a Slice of the American Pie, they are people that know what it mean to be Black in America and the Wider World and they are people that have no problem with their Blackness and do not embrace the socialization of Integration / Assimilation, and they have no desire to be nothing else but whom they are, Black and Pride, demonstrating that such a slogan was more than a fad with them and did not leave their Mind with the Sixties.

The Black Conscious is where I refer to as the Streets, there is where you will find real Black People and we walk right by them every day, some of us even turn up our Nose at them, because of their Natural born realness.

Whenever the so call Afrikan American get ready to send a convincing message to their Bosses, they do not go to the Internet nor to Professionals of Black so call Afrikans strutting their Flawed Education, they take their behind right down there to the Street and have someone from the street to Recruit those Black Real conscious People, they who have no Job to Loose and / or is not trying to convince the oppressors to promote them to some administration position, or win Tenure in the Education System, they are the closer to being in touch with their Divine Self than those other Black Folks who have to speak the correct English, be aware of their style of Hair, knowing when to show a Happy Face and recite everything that the oppressors say regarding Race and the Relationship we must have with them.

No beloved, you will not find Conscious Black Folks on the Internet, they will not support anything that is claiming to be about Black People and they most certainly will not embrace the issue of Reparation or contribute to the Freedom for Black People and they will not do so because they do not identify with anything Black, meaning that there is no Black Conscious people on this Internet that has a Blackness that will agitate them to act in behalf of Black People Freedom, of coutse there are few exceptions but not to have compelling influence on this internet.

Everybody that is not Black take advantage of this Internet to further their cause with the exception of Black Internet users, a people without a Black Conscious and when someone come alone identifying our Behavior, we take it to mean that someone is out to get everybody to Think that way, yet that way is doing nothing but citing the Divine Truth about the Hypocrisy of Black people faking to be Black Conscious on this Internet and you can take it or leave it.

The Real Conscious of Black People are on the Ground and we today are reluctant to go down there where they are, Hell most of you are afraid to go to the streets where the Divine Black Conscious reside, so any appeal to this Internet Black folks, that go beyond the self stroking of each other and we attempting to show how much of the white folks Information we have taken to Memory, will get you only the ignorance of Black Folks on this Internet concerning the Conscious of whom we Black People are and what we should be doing to save the Black Life of the Black Nation.

Here is Lovingly Thinking Of you

Chief Elder
Our Beloved Chief Elder Osiris,

I hear you and understand what you are saying.

All i can say, hope for, is that you remain forever encouraged.

Sometimes we don't know who is reading our words, who is being moved, who's heart is being opened and/or changed. Yes, the pace is slow, but if we stop, there will be no hope. There will be no where the words of the conscious can be found on the Internet at all, if others have their way.

Remain Forever Encouraged Beloved.


that is one thing that i have experienced both back in 84-86 and today as i am out here; this is where one will find real. being cold will make one get real. being hungry will make one get real. seeing babies out here struggling will make one get real. sadly, however, we be much too busy trying to stay alive to much sweat how to do something collectively constructive; it pretty much takes all of our energies to survive.

these are some good folks in a harsh place. sitting here in the library looking around to see what we are doing i see quite a few of us messing with our laptops and helping others to get there boxen working. but to try to pull something together? much too busy for that, eh?

on the other hand, i still opine that when we decide to get over this "black thang" and get back to being Africans, we'll turn this world on it's ear!!

essentially, those of us that have the stuff are much too comfortable to make the changes that are needed to get up out of this mess. (not the "homeless/street people" mess but the mess that ensnares our people.) i don't think it's gonna come from the ranks of the "working class" with fine houses, jobs and gq styling ...
My beloved destee, to you do I bow and I hear you very clearly, so let us keep doing what is Divinely in Order for us to do.

To beloved An afrikan, All You say I am in Harmony With, with the exception of you putting us as being Afrikan above our blackness, are you aware of the fact that you were Black way before the oppressors identifued us as Afrikans ?

Yes Beloved, we must reclaim our Blackness Mind Conscious, because within that Blackness lies the Divine Mind we inherited from our Ancient First Way Ancestors, Black that they were, which give us the naturalness to be.

Be Strong Beloved and always protect your Blackness, the stuff no one else is qualified to copy.

Here is Lovingly Thinking Of You and My Dear Beloved Destee

Chief Elder


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