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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    I see more clearly each day why our Divine First Way Ancestors inform me to not become obsess with what Black People Believe and say about things that are not carefully thought about.

    Many if not most Black People attempt to mix arrogance with confusion and ignorance, and refer to such a behavior as being intelligent, coming from what we refer to as being educated, not realizing that an educated person can be educated with Lies and by action of deception, summing up such a Mental Flaw, as being normal, in and by our expression, and it is such a Mental behavior that Black People display and is guided by, that has the Black World in the condition it is in today and the sad part about it is, most black People can not see anything wrong with the way Black People behave today, nor with the condition of the Black World today.

    Such blindness is what cause the confusion that the Black World is experiencing today and when you are guided by confusion, you believe all that the author of confusion teach you about God, Universe, and our Black Selves, yet we label ourselves to be the True children of God and yet do not do the necessary things in Life to verify such a claim, as we allow the author of confusion Religion, to be our Guide, and when Religion is guiding Black People, ignorance become the direction we follow.

    The arrogance of Black People, with the evidence of our present condition bearing witness that we Black People are the most confused Black People on the face of this Earth, as we argue and debate the demerits of the Devil Religion, while we are claiming to be a devout follower of such confusion, having no shame in the way we allow religion to control our Lives, it not having any evidence that what it teach you is in the best interest of Black People lives.

    What well learned Black Being will fall victim of the Devil Religion and I do say, all Religion is of the devil, because Religion teach you nothing but Lies about God, Universe, and The Black World relationship to those two entities, causing Black People not to know who in he Hell we Black Folks are and we do not give one **** about who we Black People are, because we are Drunk off of the oppressors of Black People, Religion, a sure sign of the confusion of Black People.

    There is only One Divine True Messenger Of God and that Messenger can not be made to be confuse about what God Is and the Divine Messenger of God is the Universe, an Entity of action that our Divine First Way Ancestors did master the Knowledge of , qualifying them to be the Master Teachers of the Universe and having the knowledge of What God Is, using not such vain and profane religious terms as Belief, faith, hope, Love, irrational expression of emotion that keep Black People confused about God, Universe, and our Black Selves and we have the audacity to be arrogant in expressing our mental state of confusion, claiming such expression to be the sign of an educated intelligent Black religious believer, how pitiful and sad an attitude and behavior now expressed by a once Divine Black Being, as we debate the demerits of Lucifer Religion, claiming such to be our own.

    God is not in need of us giving it a Name and anthropomorphous attributes and character, It Is God, The Essence Of Eternal Infinity and It need no one to praise and worship it, such is extended toward the Universe and our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors, those Ancestors that the Black World no longer have knowledge of, yet we remain in our Present state of Being, because it is the First Way Ancestors Blood which we carry, flowing through our veins, representing the Gene Pool of our Divinity, yet we have been conditioned to deny and rebuke our Divine identity, in favor of a profane identity, the Human Being, they that be the author of our confusion in this World, as we strive to become a part of this evil World, which our First Way Ancestors warn us Black people not to become a member of this evil World, though we may be in it and we heeded not such Divine advice, and now, behold the confused condition of the Black World.

    It is a weak mind that choose Belief over Knowing, one require you not to Think while the other verify your Thoughts, a Fool is the Customer of Ignorance and confusion, wallowing in vain arrogance, being whipped with selfish Ego, Jealousy, and envy with malice, such happen to be the characteristics of a confuse Black World, a World incapable of being ashamed of the way we Black Folks have been played into becoming the tool of religion, referring to God by Name as if God has a Shelf Life as You and I.

    The Black World, as long as we are guided by the teaching of Lucifer Religion, such a World will remain steeped in Ignorance and Confusion, not to Know What God Is, yet looking for a Seat In God Religious Kingdom, how Foolishly Confused Black People have become over Lucifer Religion, as I state, All Religion Is Of The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, The Bearer Of The False Light. ( Information about God )

    As You See, I share not to get your approval, but for the edification of the Divine Truth, As It Remain Available To Those With A Mind Strong Enough To Recognize, Appreciate, And accept It To Be Your Life Guide.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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