Black People : The Con Game Continues

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    The Con Game Continues

    "Five months after the United States was forced by lack of support to drop a U.N. resolution seeking authority to attack Iraq, administration officials say they do not want a repeat of that battle. They say they expect the United States to engage in quiet, behind-the-scenes negotiations on the text of the resolution, to ensure it would be agreeable to the veto-wielding permanent members and the rest of the Security Council, and to project a unanimous, internationally backed stand on what happens next in Iraq. The effort to secure international assistance is "a tacit admission that we don't have the forces there to get the job done," Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Wednesday on ABC's "Good Morning America." "If we don't turn things around in the next few months, we are facing a very serious long-term, problem." Diplomats say placing reconstruction under U.N. auspices would make it easier to garner contributions from nations that opposed the war, notably France and Germany. Belgium also said last week that it may be willing to donate money if the United Nations was "playing a central role" in reconstruction"- Associated Press report date Sept. 3, 2003

    The Bush administration in a shameless about face is scrambling to garner UN participation in what for them is becoming an increasingly embarrassing debacle in Iraq. After calling the UN irrelevant because it did not rubber stamp his aggression and planned pillage of Iraq, Bush now finds himself in deep do-do militarily facing stiffening Iraqi resistence, mounting US casualties, domestic fall out from the war's increasing costs, internal strife which is threatening to turn Iraq into full blown guerrilla war and a major PR and propaganda headache to put a positive spin on an obviously poorly planned occupational strategy. Bush and Co. are preparing to bribe the UN and any nation willing to risk partnering in his quagmire in Iraq. Seeing his re-election chances sinking as the occupation costs and casualties escalate, Bush is forced to eat crow and persuade France and Germany to back his new plan for UN inclusion in the "reconstruction" of Iraq. For their part "Old Europe" has been cool towards Bush's overtures preferring to make him sweat and squirm as they parley theirs votes as veto wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council while they press for an even wider role for the UN in Iraq. For public consumption Bush talks about "giving the UN a role in the reconstruction of Iraq.". Behind the scenes Bush and Co are desperately seeking ways to minimize their costs of the Iraqi occupation and extricate themselves from the folly and deepening negative consequences of their "go it alone, winner take all" policies.

    Foolishly listening to their own trumped up intelligence and exiled Iraqi dissidents who told them what they wanted to hear in return for promises of power and support once Saddam Hussein was overthrown Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Co now find themselves having to face the reality that imperialism and nation molding on a grand scale are not the same as doing little stuff like undermining the economy of country or covert regime change like they are attempting in Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Most of the media focus has been on Iraq because their lies came unraveled immediately not finding any WMD, but the media has yet to address the situation in Afghanistan where the country has deteriorated to the point the only turf the US forces control is the capital and that is precarious. The US media keeps the AmeriKKKan public asleep and ignorant of what is really going on in Afghanistan and is doing the best it can to minimize the travesty in Iraq. Unfortunately for Bush the world is watching and they see how inept his plan is. Ahmed Chalabi the wanna be president of Iraq and his Iraqi National Congress, a creation of an AmeriKKKan PR firm, sold Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz on the idea US troops would be warmly welcomed and greeted with rose peddles. Instead the Iraqis resent their presence and want them out. The US hand picked the ruling Iraqi Council but the inter and intra factional intrigue Saddam Hussein ruthlessly kept in check is erupting in the puppet council selected by the US. Tensions are mounting, resistence is growing despite of or perhaps because of the conspicuous shows of force by the US invaders (like the displaying of Hussein's sons bodies in blatant disrespect of Muslim tradition) and because vital services and a sense of normalcy have not returned to the country. Anger and chaos abound and the resistence forces are astutely taking advantage of the situation.

    Bush and Co are committed to occupying and permanently controlling Iraq. They never developed an exit scenario (remember the US has kept troops in Europe and Japan for fifty years!). However they were stunned by the level and effectiveness of the resistence which is growing daily. The only way to save face and still accomplish their objectives of expropriating Iraqi oil and establishing US hegemony in the region is to persuade the UN to join their imperialistic quicksand party.