Black Relationships : The Complex Style of Relationships-Tips for a Brotha

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    The turn of the decade marked countless spin-off blogs/sites of both Brothers and Sisters ranting against each other,about each other and around each other. One side alleges inproprieties on the part of the other and the gender war has spawned new levels for Black men and women for four decades.

    As anything with white domination, Black men and women are forever the test subjects. A young Brother coming up in this system, your head has to be strong and your heart solid to weigh what’s betithed you.

    Relationships are an integral piece of a Brother’s life, for the woman that he’s with can either build or break the Kingdom he’s trying to establish.Samson, for his strength, was destroyed by the woman that he claimed. Solomon, for his infinite wisdom, couldn’t shield his weaknesses from the women he wifed up.

    Be incredibly careful young Brother, for the Amerikkkan framework is structured for your failure, and who better to help them in this plot than the female you have chosen? Be wise, be prudent and never second guess your instinct if you sense something amiss.

    Avoid white women all together. In the Amerikkan racial hierarchy, they are dangerous to engage yourself and your livelihood with.

    They hold the upper hand in the relationship whether you care to believe it or not. One false phone call to the police or public tear drop from them can place you behind bars and your career over.

    Stateside white women these days are under the erroneous assumption that since Zionist media broadcasts the “interracial paradise” image of Brothas and blondes, that all Brothas somehow are made to want them.

    Be careful when rejecting a blonde or brunettes advances in Amerikkka and be sure to have your documentation if they happen to call the white boys in Black and blue on you(be lawyered up).

    When dealing with whites period it’s usually best to keep a digital recorder on you to record transactions with them for the fact that they are prone to sabotaging a Brother, especially when you don’t fit white Amerikkka’s narrative of what or who you should be.

    Relationships with Black Women-Productive or Perilous?

    Ah yes, sisters. When seeking a serious relationship with a sister, you’ve got to realize that you are the#1 threat to white Amerikkka and sisters have been bred by this white environment to view you as the threat these white folks say you are.

    If you are too “gentlemanly”,mainstream sisters percieve you as weak. If you are too aggressive, you have justified white Amerikkka. To pursue sisters these days, many of whom lack that knowlegde of self and adore white men and homosexuals(courtesy of Scandal and that Tyler Perry rubbish), realize the categories of sisters, and the prerequisites to dealing with them.

    You are a Black man that is standing atop the globe. Your female should nicely compliment this.

    The sister you pursue should emanate from a two parent home and lack feminist tendencies. It’s tough, being that the greatest consumers of the material era are the women that look just like you.

    The categories of westerm sistas:

    #1Ms. I’m Too Hood

    You know her cuz you’ve dabbled in the streets here and there. She ain’t been past her block and knows how to get her hustle on. On your team, she’ll earn for you and when you need to do “dirt”, she’s down everytime.

    Be careful. She’s often too loud and the self-hatred(i.e., long fingernails, fake hair, eyelashes etc.), may jepoardize your overall mission. Be smart.

    #2 Ms. I Want my Man Perfect

    Young Brother, for your sanity and survival, avoid this type. She’s the type you date and acts like she’s Heaven on Earth, though she’s hell on wheels and in the sky. She’s demanding, has too much mouth and has to be checked or your lack of placing her in her place will be detriminental to you young Brother.

    She’s the type who has kids, but wants a man with no kids, or believes she’s entitled to a Brother that makes $150,000 a year. Or, she’s the town toilet that wants to judge you because you haven’t fully arrived in your career according to “her standards.”

    Or, better yet, she’s the type who terms herself a “successful woman”, but only works as a secretary making $30,000 annually, but belittles you because you don’t make over $50,000 as a Brother in these racist states.

    She wants you to be perfect while her imperfection is evident by the people she associates with and has been with.

    This is also your church going, white-Jesus loving sista who “found religion” after being turned out for twenty years like that old Whispers song says.

    The most honorable Elijah Muhammad already told you sistas these days,”Got too much mouth”, and the above type I mentioned is indicative. Sharzaad Ali identified this in her work,”The Black Man’s guide to understanding the Black Woman”.


    This is the type that demeans you because white Amerikkka has given her more economic opportunities than you. She makes good money, and the whole world must be reminded daily of how “independent she is,” or “how she don’t need a man”.

    However, this type usually ends up on some white folks show crying in front of audiences of aging white women about how “she can’t find a good Brother”. Remember, time is on your side young Brother. Your time to conquer the world willl come. Be patient and dilligent. Empire building isn’t for the weak.

    #4Ms. Saboteur

    Usually she and woman number two are synonymous. False paternity claims rise when dealing with this one and Brothers get framed up dealing with her, all because they mistook her character for her looks. Bel Biv Devoe already warned you about that.

    Sometimes, they are the so-called conscious sisters who are on that,”Black woman is god trip”, which has infiltrated the true African centered community and is why our liberation strides have had little progress for the past thirty years. Yeah, she wears Ankhs just like you, and she wears kentes just like you, but be warned, she’s no different than a white woman who will set you up, reveal your secrets to your enemies or infiltrate your empire for years pretending she cares for you.

    Don’t be surprised if she’s on the FBI’s payroll.

    Ms. Cooperation

    This is the type you ideally want to wife or puruse something serious with. Preferrably, you want her young, fertile, submissive and from a two parent household. If she’s from a stable household it decreases her chance of being a feminist vampire.

    She will help you build your empire and will have your back when your enemies come,because as a Brother at the top of your world, they will come, and most likely they are some of those close to you.

    Get her young and train her to be your strongest ally. She represents the true beauty of a Black woman and reflects the spirit of true revolutionary sistas(i.e. Queen Nzingha, Queen Tiye, Queen Neferusobek, Assata Shakur, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Mother Marimba Ani). This is the Black woman you praise, for she is praiseworthy.

    She is your queen, and you, her King.

    Ethiopian,Senegalese,Fulani, Malian,Moroccan, Honduran,Afro-Colombian and Panamanian sisters embody this type.

    Ms. Cooperation is African centered and sees, along with you, this Western matrix for its full value.

    Coming Up-Pt.II Types of Latinas

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    betwixt and between
    You're way too close to the edge of our ... no gender war fights policy.

    You've listed 5 type of Sisters, with 4 of them being some low-down dirty kinda descriptions.

    You've not listed any like characterizations of Brothers, in any of your posts here, lacking balance.

    It's not as if these male characterizations don't exist, you omitted them, not that i want to see them.

    For even no matter ... they are all our Sons and Daughters ... and i aint feel'n this general attack on either.

    Some sites welcome the pitting of one against the other, pointing out only one's ugliness, but we do not.

    Whatever our children are, they are ours, and we'll take them all just as they are ... at

    This is a warning. I caution you not to do more of this, as it will be met with a suspension.

    This thread is closed. If you have any questions or comments, please post in this thread.

    Much Love and Peace.


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