Computers - Software Hardware : The Coming War on General Purpose Computation

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    Cory Doctorow (Author, Journalist, Activist) gave a pretty good talk last December about the war on general purpose computation. A lot of the content leans towards copyright and intellectual property, a particular interest of Doctorow who has released a lot of his content with copyleft-eqsue licenses, and its overall impact on intersections between freedom and computing. There's mention of things like U-EFI and signed operating systems/approved code.

    It doesn't really talk about the police state beyond the scope of copyright, but I think it does well to hint at copyright as a gateway to things that would like to be achieved in the name of "security".

    The Coming War on General Purpose Computation

    Here’s the video of my keynote last night at the 28C3, the Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin, entitled “The coming war on general computation.” The last 20 years of Internet polic…

    The website has a video and transcript available.