Black Short Stories : The Coming Part4

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    The drive home was a breeze and she was glad for she felt more tired than she usually does, moving into her spot with ease and glancing at her door she couldnt believe her eyes, there proped against the pillar next to her door was the brother with the white teeth, feeling her insides heave a heavy sigh of disgust she grabbed the dress from the back and walked with her head up high and eyes straight ahead to her door, careful not to look again at the bug on thewall, and as soon as she got to the door and was about to put the key in, she heard the breath get ready to speak and she said boldly and quickly in her deepest voice" Don't Bug Me and entered her apartment and closed the door with a silent click, putting the dress in the closet, she wanted to look it over but the bed was calling her and she knew she had to shower first, so she peeled her clothes off and stumbled into the shower and felt all the strength leave her body as the water submerged her body into a serene and euphoric feeling and she didnt know when it started but all of a sudden she was laughing uncontrollably her tears mixing with the shower water and she was trying to turn off the taps when she knew she was wrong, Did she really say Don't Bug Me, and she could swear that as she was closing her door she heard someone say" that's Bol, and she started laughing all over again, walking to the kitchen to get some papaya juice, she knew she was wrong, she must tired, oh well maybe that will stop any conversation he was trying to start, she thought to herself and pulled the white sheets over her bare naked behind and took another sip of juice and layed in the dark and mentally prepared herself for Mr.Bryon St. James.
    District Attorney and all that and some more, with his cocky ***, but he couldnt flip me and he knows it, thats why he wants me so bad, come all this way just to play on his wife, the son of a ***** knows he has to have the moolah, for me to tapdance on his ***.
    She loved this, breaking him down, oh how he tryed to get the best of her and hey she couldnt deny that he made the money seem like she was robbing instead of riding, thats what he liked for her to do "ride him until he would almost bust a blood vessel, and she had strong thighs just for this kind of kick, she liked to look in his face and see the defeat on his sweaty brow, gigling to herself and not even feeling at all sexual she went to sleep.
    She knew she was awake when the familar sounds of spring brought the chirping of birds singing played upon her head and she layed there and listened to the beauty of it and thought about her childhood, it was all so easy when she was little, remembering when she was about eight sleeping in a room with 5 of her other sisters, cramped but happy, jumping on the bed until momma would come in and beg us to stop, with a baby in her arms and one on the way, smiling through all her pain, scared that the "aggravation" would wake up in drunken stupor and spank us, uh she pulled back the sheets and said not today, no going down crazy memory lane and turned on the cd player to the sounds of kym, "just a matter of time" and knew her day was going to be alright.
    Pulling back the blinds to really let in the morning sunshine, she grabbed her robe and stepped out onto the back balcony, It is defintely going to be a hot one she thought as she inside to investigate her fridge for any sign of easy to do breakfast and was glad that she had accepted the bagels from nat, she had forgot all about them, she had to look to make sure they were still eatable and bit right into one when the smell made her stomach growl and slipped a couple in the wave for a minute, and sat down with some strawberry jam and was savoring the last bite when the phone rang and she thought i know its byron, that brother always calls and he knows i am not going to cancel, not when the money is that good, She said her most pleasant hello and grimaced when she heard him say hello beautiful all ready for me, and she said" oh is that today, she just wanted to **** with him, since he was being a pain, and he said: Dont play with me Mia, i have come to far and i have to be back in washington bye tommorow, what time you coming baby, same place, same room, **** baby i cant wait to see you.
    She hated when he called her baby and he knew it, but she played along. :nono:
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    heavy hitting she knew the score and he had the game plan
    nice indeed thankz for sharing this series