Black People : The Coming Apocalypse of The Unknown Race


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Apr 14, 2012
I am writing this to awaken and lay down the foundation and place the pillars

needed in order to erect and build a communal temple.

We have a lot of issues to solve, but no form of leadership.

We in the "African-American "????community has all kinds of radical, militant , and conscience organizations and groups, but produce so little success.

We march and keep marching, forgive, and pray but leave ourselves wide open to attacks internally and externally.

We side with oppressive, racist, and self-destructiveness instead of with each other.

As I have seen and observe in this world, we never was or ever will matter.

We are so quick to criticize and bring down one another for scrapings and the illusion of being wealthy but we not.

When others look at us and plot ways to profit, divide, conquer, and annihilate us both mentally, physically, and spiritually we are all in trouble.

If we are truly equals and “diversified” why other group of people are profiting while we still are suffering economically?

Why is it we are forced to work for others and trapped in a situation in which we have to depend on them to supply our needs instead of each other?

I understand and truly feel what people might think and say but truth to it all is regardless of class status we are still in the same boat one needs the other.


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Aug 27, 2010
The Third Plane of Existence
Civil Eng.
Yes, we have a problem with unity in our race. So lets agree that both leadership, and the race share the blame, all that is left is who bares the most.



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Aug 1, 2015
we may w
Yes, we have a problem with unity in our race. So lets agree that both leadership, and the race share the blame, all that is left is who bares the most.


yeah we may well not always make good choices

but sometimes good ones as well

just peep Africa and the black diaspora

once we emulated them

now they too are in awe of that black guy in the white house

don't be so negative posters



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Aug 1, 2015
we're just flawed human beings

new century

new issues

new options

and it ain't over yet

believe me

believe that too


Black Phoenix

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Jul 30, 2015
We need to silence the voices within our own community that spread divisive intraracism ....all the BS elevating Euroracist ideals of beauty while denigrating the SSA ones need to be met with the same enmity that would be shown to outsiders if they uttered those sentiments. Things like "your momma is so black".....should be finished with "she looks like an African queen"...and/or asking the offenders why they're agents of white supremacy that seek to destroy our self esteem.

We need to learn to"One Love" ourselves and build self esteem within our own people, not idolize those that want us to remain a permanent underclass to serve them.

I recently watch the Light Girls documentary and some young fool stated that having a LS woman was a trophy....FOREALLY???!!!!! People like that should be mocked....I personally look at it as having reverence for the rape of our ancestors and a sign of our defeat. I personally don't understand "pro Black" people who chose to follow the plantation hierarchy instead of eschewing that racist system and allowing it to fester like cancer in our midst. I personally cringe whenever I see some Black court jester with dyed blonde hair or wig on their head. Why agree with the racist idea that blonde is better? It's nauseating and they should just be clowned.

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