Black Poetry : The Comedy of Irony

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    Always the first to find out bad news
    Always the first to be caught in the middle of drama trying to be a peacemaker
    Always trying to have somebody's back
    And my back ain't covered
    Like, how am I still standing here getting messed up when I was trying to help you out?
    If you're not careful LIFE will bite you right back in ya ***
    Always the last to find out the BIG TOP secret
    Being the only one not to know it and then see staring faces and people sittin back gettin their kicks out the whole stinking scene CUZ THEY KNOW YOU DON'T BE KNOWING IT.
    Trying to be helpful and not getting helped at all when I need help
    Trying to be a good listener and listen to hopes and dreams
    But when it comes to me, they've got better things to do
    Or when I try to look cute and decide I'm going to wear some make up and stylin or (at least decent enough for preschool. sometimes you have to spruce yaself up so you feel more confident.)
    That'll be the day my co-worker does an art project with paint that won't wash out and the kids mark up my clothes. Or a kids wipes his/hers bugars on me or spills something on me
    Or I'll just press my hair and go out during the kids recess and it's not rainy and then it starts to sprinkle and get my hair rained on
    Or when your boss catches you doing sumptin you're not suppossed to be doing and it just so happens this is the first time you just thought to yourself," that I'll do this one thing real quick" and then she walks in and your caught off guard
    Or when you're at somebody's house and you have to go to the bathroom real bad
    Or when ya gurls diggin the dude you diggin and you know she diggin on him and she knows ya diggin him and you can't be real about it.
    Or when the cutest guy you ever met starts flirtin real big wit you and saying hello, and then seeing him come pick up his kid at school and then finding out that he is the uncle of the student in your class and then coming to sign her out.
    Or when you thought you've met the guy of your dreams and find out everyone else thinks that they've met the same guy that you like of their dreams also.
    All I can do is laugh
    Or when you suddenly realize that your co-worker trying to get brownie points from the boss at your expense!
    Or when you were on food stamps back in the day
    And that'll be the day that someone you know comes while you're at the register.
    All I can do is laugh
    *note: don't act like i'm the only one who had to recieve government assistance once in a while growing up...
    Or when my dad made me where this BIG *** COAT in the middle of summer.
    I was so embarrassed, I was like, yo dad, it's not cold and windy, just chill, but he insisted
    Or when you're on a date and a bum asks for a ride
    Or when your man picks u up for your first date and then his baby momma whose sittin his kids, tells him to bring his *** home. Not only that but right now,
    Or when your dude tells you he wants to marry you and another girl too...
    Or when you think that you have all this money in the bank cuz nothings posted yet and then you get to Monday and find out it's all gone and you have like negative 300 dollars or something...LOL
    Or when you see any guy that you may like to know even at church and he actin like he don't have a gurl, and next thing you know she inching up right beside him TALKING ALL LOUD ABOUT THEY KIDS, I just can't stop laughing! Seems like it happens all the time
    Or even the ugly dudes they gurls be thinking you trying to get smoove or sumptin!, LIke I ain't stressin ya old man!
    The comedy of Irony goes on and lives on DAILY
    Sometimes seems like life pushes you back into a corner
    And you're doing your best not to step on anyones toes and be good and hold it in
    Like I didn't know, Walking around having not a single clue
    Or when one of your parents who picks up their kids at school is HELLA fine and flirtin with you and you know you think he's cute so you laugh it up then have to chum it up when mom comes around.
    That's when you realize you really need a man.
    Or when all your girlfriends are hooked up or talkin to somebody except for you
    Or when y'all are hangin out, they're all rubbin up on their dudes and your sittin there trying not to stare feeling AWKWARD and left out. ...
    Like why am i sitting here dealing with this scene
    Like trying not to reck their action.
    That's when you start feeling like am I even here right now?
    Is this shhhhhh really happening right now?
    Or when you're in a prayer meeting and the ladies start bringin up real beef during the group and you watching folks hash it out....LOL
    Or what about the day I came to work and I swear there must have been a little black cloud hovering over me because....
    There were like 5 or 6 real bad potty accidents, angry parents, bad kids all day long down to the very last second that it was time for me to go home... and crying,screaming,and crying children to keep me going in circles from them to trying to fill out reports and parents walking in to pick up kids
    When I wasn't able to get a wink of sleep the night before
    So I'm like running on E the whole day long without any breakfast
    Or when this BIG *** DAD comes in to pick up his kid and suddenly say in a deep firm voice, " WHERE'S MY BABY?" and you feeling a hot warm feeling and chilling sensation come over your body cuz you looking around and can't find his kid because his teacher floated him and didn't tell you.
    So you're not waistin time you speak up and say, Oh, he's in room "I", then call over there to make sure... LOL
    All I can do is laugh
    Or when a angry parents says her child was grabbed too hard and slapped by a teach(you know that's a lie)cuz it left a mark, and asked the kid, who the teacher was and it was somebody elses name but they thought it was you!
    I mean keepin it real
    Like CRYSTAL, (pulling back the curtins, goes GUY SMILY) and he says, " THIS IS YOUR LIFE!"
    Or when you grew up and couldn't even afford clothes from the THRIFT STORE
    It's not a coincedence, I'm not too materialistic to this day...
    Or when your aunt made you eat some of your cousins ice cream cone that he just licked off of cuz you can't have your own! LOL
    The COMEDY of Irony
    Or when you see what other people have making you feel like what you have ain't nothing....
    Yes, this is UNSENSORED
    There's the TRUF in it's rawest state not ashamed
    Just telling it the way it is or the way it was
    Or when you almost decided that you wanted to go to school in new york and then find out that the terrorist crashed the twin towers
    On second thought, I'll just stay my @$$ at home.
    Or when all of your co-workers are married except for you
    Walking around with their husbands, makes you feel like
    Where's my husband?, oh wait a minute... I don't have one LOL
    And people just walk up to you and say dumb stuff like, you should get married, it's great!
    Like I can just go order a husband or something,
    Nope, it doesn't work that way
    Or when people tell u stupid stuff like," don't worry your time will come ..."
    Like when?, when I'm almost 30? Sheez....
    Or when you start seeing white guys or asian guys in your dreams... just right out of the blue....
    Or when you have dreams of people and what's going to happen and you actually SEEN it come true in real life?
    Or when you keep seeing the same guy who was trying to hit on you everytime you go to the store...
    Or when you're wearing a skirt and realized you missed a spot with your shaver!
    OoOOOh, WELL! hee hee hee

    If, you have experience life comical irony feel free to share lol
    I guess life just keeps going y'all weather you like it or not...

    Desert Storm
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    it is kinda ironic when people ask you stupid questions all the time. like are you married to me. i quickly show them my hand no brothas. what its a fad now for married people not to wear their bands now. love the flow desert storm flow on.
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    Or when people tell u stupid stuff like," don't worry your time will come ..."
    Like when?, when I'm almost 30? Sheez....

    maybe maybe not

    all depends
    you sure had alot to say girl
    we got to talk

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    within N.Y. State of Mind
    hey Desert Storm...Indeed, this was a long read but I was really diggin' what u were saying...It made me smile so thanx 4 that...

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    very nicely done D.S