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May 7, 2009


What would be the favorite hobby, the favorite food, the favorite drink, the favorite flavor, the favorite time of the year, the favorite movie or the favorite color describes the uniqueness of a person and today many applications and questionnaires ask these questions for security purposes. If someone forgets a password sometimes a question asked would be to restate a favorite pet or a favorite type of music or etc. that had earlier been registered by the person. So therefore, in the case of colors, most people express a favorite color and the topic becomes a great fascination for me due to more reasons that one.

I love to think about colors because it makes me feel good and puts me in a positive mood. So therefore, I have done some research on this subject and however, I have also found that there are some people that do not like certain colors. To some extent, there have been a few accounts of a certain color that triggers a negative reaction from a person who might have been traumatized and associate a certain color to that experience, and I can definitely relate to this, but for the most part, I have come to love all colors and regard colors in a positive aspect. When I am feeling down, I sometimes reminisce on a good time in my past and bring to mind a colorful image and pleasant aromas to compliment. And because I also love science and history, I have done more research with a focus that brings together many subject areas with regards to colors. Unfortunately, there happens to be a very dark side to the history of how color has been used to harm and in a negative sense and with a more complete acknowledgement of this truth, I don’t believe the full reality of the concept of vision and color can be appreciated and completely beneficial to humankind.

So while I share some positive aspects of color, however, I will also add the downside of how certain past events in history have caused color to be used in a negative aspect. This subject has a vast scope, so therefore, I will only share the little that I research and will hopefully be able to add more by and by as I learn. For the most part, I will concentrate on the colors of GEMSTONES. The first color that interest me today would be THE COLOR YELLOW. In ancient script, there are other words used and associated with this color and in another forum on the ancient scripts of the Bible, I will share more from that perspective. When I think about this color though, I have learned to block out the negative aspect that I sometimes think about recently and go back farther to a time when all was so well with the color of yellow. I immediately dream about the 1970s, and the ‘flower power’ days! I think about bright colored clothes with flowers, striped colored buildings with bright colors and even buses with wonderful pastel colors of pink, orange, white and yellow. Ah! Those were the days, the wonderful days of my youth when I associated these colors with awesome music like Earth, Wind & Fire [ie. The group], the Beatles, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Elton John, the Jackson Five, and more. Those were the wonderful days that I saw the colorful balloons in children shows like Winnie-the-Pooh and Sesame Street and a yellow balloon would be amongst the bouquet. And then there were the yellow and golden colored plastic beads that some people would buy and hang strings of beads as a partition in their homes. That was a time too, that I began to plant flowers like Zinias and I love the yellow marigolds.

TOPAZ & November

The Gemstone, TOPAZ would be one of the easiest stones for me to highlight in its’ association with the color of yellow. Initially, when I began to research precious stones it was a confusion because most of the information stated that just about every gemstone could be expressed in just about every color! Even when it came to BIRTHSTONES for each month of the year, while certain gemstones have been designated, however, it would still be stated that the stones could also come in many other colors. But after research I came to realize the uniqueness of every precious stone in association with certain colors that give a more complete definition. For instance, the first mention of A DIAMOND brings a common definition to mind and an image of a brilliantly clear stone, but when you read further and more in depth, other colors of the diamond stone becomes presented such as ‘a blue diamond’. Nevertheless, the clear diamond marks the uniqueness of this stone and so it would be more complete though, to understand this distinction as to 0why a diamond would be considered to be mostly thought of as a clear, colorless stone for the most part. Likewise, it would be more complete to understand the uniqueness about other jewels and earth substances and what makes them so highly prized. What makes TOPAZ defined more as a yellow colored gemstone [ie yellowish-brown] when indeed, scientist report that it too can come in other colors as well. Hopefully, more information will be presented in other context to get a better understanding.


The yellow stone was selected at some point in times past to mark the month of NOVEMBER. Originally, it was the CITRINE stone and later, TOPAZ. Some topaz stones are said to be more orange and this was the stone that originally replaced the less valued citrine stone. But today as in the past, the color yellow becomes the common description of a topaz stone.



An Imperial orange topaz

A Citrine stone


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